Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Official Trailer
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Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Official Trailer

September 8, 2019

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  1. Hey dice where is my farquhar hill i got 25 kills with the 1907 trench and i got 10 revives in one round in operations so pls give it to me

  2. When he mentioned Greeks and Trojans…. bro SHOOOK. where's that clever use of history in the BFV trailer????

  3. If england and the anzac forces won golipali thay wold have a hard time keeping it also it would have been hard to take Istanbul(Constantinople) thay just can't spread there forces that much and the ottamans won't let them take it without a fight

  4. The battle that created the Australian legend for America it was the war of independence for the Aussies a horrific unorganised defeat with great heroes and respect for each front. Also the Turkish nation was founded because of this battle whent the Ottoman Empire collapsed

  5. damn this looks good, maybe I did miss out on the fun I could've had with the DLC for this game lmao. It was just so boringgggggggggg that I didn't want to play. BF3 was the first but best BF hands down. Everything about it was so raw and real and balanced.

  6. Battlefield oyunun da Türklere de yer verdiğiniz için Teşekkür ederiz umarım modern bir savaş oyunu yaptığınızda Türklerde bulunsun lütfen

  7. So many hackers now…I played really a lot more than a year ago and every now and then there was a hacker, now that I am back playing I notice EXTREME hacks (placing down mobile respawn points, calling in artillery fire and other crazy stuff – wtf?) in almost all matches! Dice, come one!

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