Bell Leads The Way for On-Demand Mobility
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Bell Leads The Way for On-Demand Mobility

August 9, 2019

You know we’ve gotten a great response
we’re gonna great media response a great technology response. We do believe
that air taxi has a big role in in the smart cities of the future we’re here at
the CES 2019 and behind me is the Bell Nexus. Say hello to the Bell Nexus
air taxi. Everything was leading to Bell to be perfectly honest I was amazed at
so fast my expectation though Nexus is our entry into on-demand air mobility.
Ladies and gentlemen introducing the future of on-demand mobility, the Bell
Nexus. It’s the convergence of transportation,
technology, comfort, and convenience. Nexus captures the vision of quick air travel with unique in-flight experiences. I cannot imagine I will walk into a
helicopter anymore I mean the next thing I want to fly in is a Nexus. Want to arrive in style? This hybrid is not only efficient incredibly quiet it you carry
up to four passengers with one pilot 150 mile range 150 miles per hour fully
autonomous as well if it sounds very Jetsons and futuristic brace yourself
because this baby could be here by 2025. Bell’s being accepted as a technology
company leading in the vertical lift and autonomy spaces and the Bell Nexus is a
big part of that vertical lift aircraft powered lift aircraft takes off
vertically converts from helicopter mode to airplane mode which we at Bell know how to do extremely well that twice as far twice as fast comes alive in these
different forms as you transfer form helicopter mode or VTOL mode into cruise
mode as an airplane being able to move people and goods about cities quietly
affordably efficiently you’ll see a hybrid electric distributed propulsion
aircraft safe quiet and efficient. Safety’s job one at Bell. From the
beginning safety has been designed in you see the six ducted rotors that gives
you built-in redundancy in the propulsion system allowing you to
accommodate failures and still land in a very powered situation but as you can
see behind me the Nexus is drawing huge crowds at CES and drumming up real
interest in what could become the next revolutionary phase of moving people
around our future urban sprawl allowing people to make trips and make
connections that they otherwise couldn’t make in today’s congested cities I’ll
personalize this a little bit one of my daughter’s is blind she will never drive
a car across the city no matter how little traffic there is but as we move
into the world of autonomy the ability for her to make that trip across town
particularly through an autonomous air vehicle opens a new world for her that
she wouldn’t otherwise have team Nexus we work together in brand new ways now
we are a team that are capable believers so if you want to be a part of this
market and do a complex aircraft like that with new technologies you’ve got to
be capable and all the folks up here are supremely capable Safran, Moog, Garmin, Thales, Electric Power Systems collectively these technologies form a
new breed of aircraft as you can see with the Nexus and a new breed of
mobility operations it’s just incredible to think about flying in this vehicle
through the cityscapes as you see. What’s good about Bell Nexus it’s not
only a technological vehicle it also addresses the congestion of our cities
so it has a social feel and technological appeal you have to when
you take these strides into the future have that kind of innovative vision that
gives you not only the capability to move forward but the courage to move
forward because it takes courage to move into this bright future if you’re an
aviation historian geek like me take a look back at the history of Bell over
the last 80 years because every time they have been at the forefront of
pioneering new vertical flight solutions. Bell is the first their the leader in
this space.

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  1. I truly hope the Nexus effort succeeds and others in this class from aircraft manufacturers across the globe as well – but – I'm uncertain that this claim of eliminating the congestion faced by ground travelers is remotely accurate. It seems like a self-defeating premise. If they fill the skies with these aircraft (market success) – operations into/out of the pads will be very congested. People waiting for flights – aircraft waiting to take off. Aircraft waiting to land. And low altitude operations overhead cities that will literally darken the skies. This all before the FAA and local government regulatory approval process. Again, I love this tech and vision. I produced the first hour long documentary on tiltrotors all the way back in 1987. But realism is required and expectations should be set accordingly. Nonetheless, good luck and cool industrial design! Nexus also is proof positive that this revolution can thank the radio controlled (RC) hobby community for the early adoption of these core technologies (electric propulsion, multicopters, etc.)

  2. Love this but security is another matter.
    Some lunatic can be an extremist in this.
    As long as religion and cult rebel groups are around , I see them flying into buildings and public.

  3. Yes I'll never get into another helicopter ever again I'll use this form of travel , who is this shit marketed for ,? Why is it in my feed ? Does YouTube realize I drive a Honda Civic and can't afford a new computer? Why am I watching this when will I ever use this douchebag product

  4. AOC said that in 10 years that the world would get rid of all car’s and airplanes and motorcycle’s
    No gasoline engines no cows and no other animals that when they fart they send gases into the atmosphere witch hunts our world.
    She also said that everyone will get free health care and insurance and free college for everyone and free houses for everyone and if you don’t want to work the government will give everyone free money even if they don’t want to work.
    And if someone was caught with a car or truck or a airplane or a cow that they would be arrested and thrown in prison for the rest of their lives. And that’s just what she said in the first page of things the Democrats are going to change.

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