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August 27, 2019

Are you sure that you don’t need any protection?! Our manned quadrocoter finally is finished! We always had this dream – to build a manned flying machine! Now we changed a few things Friends welded everything, we stabilised it and got a new controler! This is the moment, we waited for so long! This is the first manned flight, I am really nervous! Everything is okay! It really is awesome to fly this thing! You really should be able to control it by yourself! The problem was that the batteries got to cold So it didn’t have enough power – maybe a hexacopter would be better! The center of gravity is very low to – the controler can’t handle this The regulation seems to be to slow to. Now we thought a lot about improving it I think the perfect salution is a bathtub as always! Alex and Valli from EXABOTIX invited us to Niedersachsen They told us, we could test it in their own gym! They programed a special controler for the flight! Decide what is cooler in our survey – the flying bathtub or the jetpack drone? You can find the survey in the right corner! It is two o’clock already! We are flying the bathtub for the first time now – unmanned This looked like the same mistake we had with our “potatodrone” Alex found out the reason – the controllers are all programed for a different standart. We are changing everything now, than it should work! We are now using 70kg tilings as weight. The batteries need about 3h to get charged Now it is 3:30 already We worked on the drone till now We are sleeping in the gym today and are going to continue tomorrow! I think that this it the first flight in a bathtub worldwide! It really feels safe! Awesome! Maybe we should remove the mats I already was afraid that they lift of! Yes it really is safe! Are you sure that you don’t need any protection? Ready? Batteries are empty! How did you feel? Amazing! You really can fly with it! May be we should make it possible, that the pilot is sitting inside the bathtub That would make it even better! So this is our next goal! And we are going to fly outside next time! I never thought that this would really work that fast! Big thanks to Alex and Valli from EXABOTIX for helping us with the controlers! Also thanks for supporting us on patreon! This whole project would not have been possible without you! We are going to test is outdoors next time! Do you have any ideas, where we could fly or what we could do with it? Let us now in the comments! The LBA told us we don’t need a permission to fly below 30m We just have to make sure that it is not possible to fly higher! So this is our goal for the next video! Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next flight! See you in the next video!

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  1. Habt ihr Ideen, was wir als nächstes mit unserer Badewanne machen können? Oder wie wir sie nennen können?
    Wir hoffen, dass euch unser neues Fluggerät gefällt! 😉
    Wenn ihr noch Verbesserungsvorschläge habt, freuen wir uns über eure Ideen!

  2. I can be your manager guys 😀 Its creative and funny, keep making things like this!!!)
    Best regards from Ukraine 😉

  3. Так каждый дурак сможет! (хотя наши в сколково не смогли)) Вы попробуйте с водой полетать!)

  4. its not a drone if a human is on board… drones are solely remote operated vehicles. once you add a human its a single passenger aircraft and falls under far103 regulations for such aircraft.
    i have made my own set of plans for one that is wildly different from anyone else's attempt. one day i hope to build it. i been working up to it by learning new skills that I'll need to make it.

  5. u shouldve put a roll bar on it during early testing, if either side of motors cut out you woulda done a 180 upside down

  6. HAbt ihr nachgemacht 😛 aber macht nichs… ich mache euch das nach… und bald fliegen wir alle zur Arbeit TOP! Die Bergrettung wird bald auch einfacher 🙂

  7. Ở phương Tây trò hề này đéo ai để ý
    Ở VN thì báo chí giật tít vỡ òa tự hào dân tộc rồi ?

  8. জাৰমান জাতিটো সচাকৈয়ে মেধাৱী জাতি👍👌👌👌

  9. Ihr stellt die Physikalischen Gesetze KOMPLETT auf den Kopf. Zeppelin hätte im vergleich zu euch einpacken können!!

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  11. Glück gibts nicht. Und es gibt keinen Gott außer Allah den einzigen Gott beschäftigt euch mit dem Islam

  12. cooles Video und Kanal. Über Sie erfuhr von den Jungs aus Russland, mit dem Kanal "Garage 54". Jetzt abonniert und Ihren Kanal.))

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