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August 25, 2019

Hey guys! Dan here, and welcome back to another video, were today… I’ve got a big surprise for you. There’s a new bendy game out! Well, it’s not quite out yet. It’s coming out in wait When is it five days August 15th, and it’s a brand new bendy game! That’s right. A brand new bendy game is out It’s not a new chapter. It’s actually something completely different. And this is it! Bendy in Nightmare run! Now I think this has like, cuphead vibes. I know that’s one of my like favorite games of all time It’s one of your guys’s favorite ones as well and it has those kind of vibes, but it’s also an endless runner I’ve only seen a few screenshots and a few little clips But um.. Thank you to Joey Drew Studios for giving me access to the app early. Massively appreciate it and we’re gonna go ahead and just tap to begin There’s something I need to show you your best pal. Joey Drew. That’s never a good sign. Is it Joey Drew? You saw me some weird stuff over the years to be honest, including a man that’s transformed himself into a carousel So I’m gonna continue but I’m not gonna trust you. Here we go. Swipe left and right to make bendy move Easy enough swipe up to jump. Okay swipe up in the air to do a double jump That’s nice swipe down in the air to stomp on minions Collect weapons. Oh Jeez. We’ve got axes and stuff as well tap anywhere to throw them at bosses and Minions, okay collect bacon soup to purchase new abilities collect health packs to heal I think you can also unlock like new outfits and stuff as well. And here we go. Daily rewards give me that soup Thank you. So this is like a classic app game where you can watch ads to get bonuses and all that good stuff So these are the levels as you can see they’re all kind of made out to be I don’t know like movie posters the first one being bendy walks the plank and then I need 5,000 soup to unlock the next one and 15,000 to the top Lets say ability and see what happens. We get one four five hundreds and it goes all the way up to 10k And here’s my level one Bendy. We can also preview Boris as well which we can purchase Look how cute he is. So cute and play Alys angel as well. That’s cool. And then there’s all the different costumes as well Let’s not ruin them all. Let’s go in and play a game and see What on earth this is about? Oh They’re separated into acts That’s cool. So there’s five acts in total. It looks like there’s three challenges as well, we got defeat the boss Collect 600 soups and take no damage. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. But let’s go. Anyway, let’s see I didn’t expect to have any access to this But it’s cool. I love the aesthetics of it as well. It looks Awesome. Oh jeez Okay That guy is it’s a treasure chest With you know just old jeans. I’m really not concentrating right now completely forgot I could jump he’s firing stuff at me So yeah, this is kinda like a cup head endless-runner. I like this already and I just got smacked. Whoops I missed the axe as well. What am I doing? And he’s got 28 out of Did he just kill me? oh no! NO! Don’t eat me!! Noo! I’ve lost already! I wasn’t paying attention the nightmare continues Let’s try that again shall we? we still get rewards though. We still get the the soup that we collected I made like no progress. Let’s not talk about it. Come on try again. So we have a health bar The boss has a health bar and we need to take the boss down. Let’s try again This is gonna be tricky to commentate over and concentrate at the same time. The boss has 30 health we can throw the bricks backwards that hit him once I need to make sure that I get myself the um, There’s another brick Throw that backwards. Do we have to be in the right space or can we? Oh, that’s an anvil I missed it! No, I’m messing this up so badly. There’s the axe beautiful throw that backwards Get smacked. Okay 26, that’s not so bad. I keep jumping over the weapons by accident. I’m trying to pay attention to To where that crosshair is as well be throwing stuff at me. I’m not even sure what it is but he’s throwing it Got an axe to chop him up with as well . An axe should work pretty well on a chest. Oh throw that brick backwards We’ve got him down to 22 already. That’s not so bad. What does the Anvil do? I wanna test the anvil here we go. oh Jeez, that did a little a lot of power. I like that. No, I got the med kit and then got hit! Come on now bendy. Don’t mess this up. He’s he’s turned into a portal. What are those? What are those? I’m throwing this backwards those are minions right are those the things that we can uh, We can squish I kind of don’t want to try it just in case I mess it up. I don’t think I can do damage to him right no either. No I can’t. It’s only doing is doing no damage whatsoever I want to squish this guy. How do I do it or do I throw this one sec. Let’s try and throw things There we go I squished him! I didn’t even mean to, but I did it! Yeah, you get back here buddy. I’ve got a few axes to put right into your wood how much we got left 16 So we’re almost at halfway. I think we should be able to do this We need a lot of soup to be able to UM defeat this guy though and move on to the next level I think it was 15k wasn’t it? which is pretty pretty intense. Give me that anvil! That does a lot of damage! I think I just messed it up. So it turns out the weapons can They can hit the platforms. So you need to be careful of that. Actually. I’ve gained 300 suits just quite collecting them I need to bot this guy. I think I throw a brick at him. There we go to eat the brick man It’s hard to swipe across two lanes at the same time But I think I can do it eat that brick you punk. I need something else to throw at this guy It’s gonna be an axe I’m afraid buddy. So eat this thank you, sir. Come on chest show yourself. I know you’re out there Man, he’s got so many minions. I want to try and squish him, but it’s not working. Come here. There we go. That’s the stuff Almost squished that one as well by thinking throw a brick in him. There we go. Can we see what weapon we’re holding? Okay, he’s back I need a weapon. Anvil smack Seven damage. Okay, we’re close. So close to defeating this giant chest I wonder if we can um. Wait I need to throw this backwards another anvil! four damage left. I wasn’t paying attention I was looking at the HP bar I’ve only got four health left’s I smashed his minion as well back goes and acts I need one more weapon One more weapon and this guy’s dead. Come on. Throw the anvil. Did you throw it? Throw the anvil! Did I not pick up the anvil? dude. Throw it. Oh geez. Okay. This is getting a little bit intense for my liking. He’s only got one HP left brick brick brick move across Slam this guy throw it backwards Uhhhh, he almost got me. I just finessed past his attack. Oh my goodness. That was close Yeah, what are you doing? Is he just upset he doesn’t even die. He’s just he’s just embarrassed embarrassed He got beaten by a blob of ink. I defeated the boss. I got 600. Apparently, I didn’t take no damage though I took a lot of damage Next! I wonder if we go up any levels? We only need a hundred to get to level two I think I got 100.. oohh 105 nice. so I can get an explorer costume at level three. I like it. I travelled 1711 meters as well Let’s take the next next act because I feel like I’ve got a nice grasp with the controls now I need to defeat the boss again. Is it the same guy? I’m not sure what to call him. Mr. Chest Yeah, there he is What’s the difference then if we just got everything kind of the same? I want to get as much early damage on this guy as possible Get some bricks out here throw that in midair avoid the minions and when they throw their targets That’s when you can bop them. So there you go. That’s where you can Bop them. Nice. The axe is going backwards Already hit him for five damage in total Man, I missed the squish Anvil take it. I’m gonna smash them. Pearly white teeth. You punk. Okay? You know what? This is a little bit difficult not gonna lie I’ve got an axe, but I can’t throw it unless there’s no one in the way. I’ve only got four health left I wanna I want to hit the boss that I want to hit the minions. No There we go. Throw it back. Throw it back. I Think I hit him! Oh and I just ran into one of the minions. They only take one HP though, but what are these ink spikes? Are you kidding me? This is too hard. It’s so difficult This is the second level and given bendy a black eye and missing tooth multiple times already. This is actually tricky Yeah, what’s this now available for purchase the bottle this costume is now available for purchase when customizing your character Nice, I don’t think I’m ready for this. I need to train my thumbs. Maybe I should use two thumbs. I’m not too sure I’m gonna take that axe though. I Need a brick. I need a brick to get some decent damage so that axe does the axe does two damage I think the brick does one and I need to get rid of these tiny minions as quickly as possible because they’re causing me massive issues right now Wait, did he just knock out his own minion with his attack? I? Think he did when he did the fire one. He took him out. I don’t mind that at. All right. Here we go Here comes a minion. Let’s squish him Because otherwise if there’s minions taking up two slots and then he goes for the third one. I don’t have anywhere to go Which is terrible, there we go. Get outta here you punks this. This is much better. I’m getting the hang of it Finally it took me some time, but I think I’m getting the hang of it I just need to wait till the last moment to move out the way of those. What about these definitely forgot about these? What are these brother flying bats? What? Leave me alone. They’re trying to throw things at me. I want to keep the anvil because the anvil does the most damage What are they throwing Sludge, I don’t even know how to get rid of you guys. I can jump the spikes though. That’s a good thing How do I get rid of those? can I throw those? are okay so I can use the weapons to throw at these bats? Okay, you’re in trouble now get out of here. I kind of wanted the anvil tho I’m not sure whether you need to jump at the same time But that’s what I’m gonna try and do swipe the cross jump and throw it up ooh fenessed. see I’m getting the moves now There he is. Throw that brick backwards These are gonna be tricky. This is gonna be a much longer level, especially if they have those little mini bits as well, man He’s got the bats in there. Now. The bats are throwing stuff. The chest is throwing stuff This is just getting a little bit out of control and the more like if you don’t deal with them They just destroy me. I need a weapon get these bats out of here. I don’t like them This is where he disappears this bit is so so tricky NOOO At least I only take one health. Oh my goodness. Ok, I only got one health. I need a health pack! can someone give me a med pack, please Desperately need one No, I died Watch a short ad for a second chance. No, I’m not gonna cheat that way I tried I tried to cheat there’s no ad available at this time, is that is not actually a full game right now Come on, come on. Let me continue play. I want to see if I can customize my character yet Wait, what? Was that just about to unlock I was gonna say because I am I’m not that good. I don’t think I can handle it. Oh, what’s this so we can change our weapons? That’s cool So the largest one is the anvil we can unlock an explosive barrel if you complete Act four Fire hydrant globe car rim. Okay, that’s a cool feature So you can choose whatever weapons you want small medium or large. This is the bottle that came up earlier can purchase it for 2500 Switchblade, this is a toaster. It’s gotta hurt to be honest or a skull fine I can boost myself to level free for a hundred. I’m gonna do it get to level three. Actually. I’m not that far away Let’s do it. Anyway, 100 is easy. I just want to get a new outfit. There he is Okay, you unlock it for you. Still have to pay for it. What happened to your knees. Did you have a You have an accident, huh? Okay, bendy I’m taking on your axe, too again. I think I can do it I just need to concentrate a little bit more. So you’re about to see my concentration face. Are you ready? Three two? One let’s go get as much early damaging as you can Don’t be threatened by this guy. He’s just a chest. That’s all he is. I can deal with these ones actually The walking ones when they get to be flying as well. That’s when it gets a little bit intense back of the tentacles Tentacles and bats, that’s the technical name for this level. I just need to throw things. Oh you do need to jump I didn’t think you needed to jump for the weapons, but you do because they’re in midair Does that mean you can throw them over things as well? Hold on a second. My whole game plan has changed So can I jump over the small minions and throw these things at him? So it just goes for the goes for the chest or throw underneath these ones. I Can this changes the game? I know what I’m doing now. Just throw these it’s fine. Absolutely fine Just throw the bricks at the birds and the anvils everywhere else and watch out for everything else That’s easy right? Easy peasy. Okay, I just got hit. I just got hit really really hard and I’ve just messed Leave me alone, please. I Wanted to get that anvil here in he’s only got 11 health left I’m gonna come back and face me like a man face me like a man like the chest that you are. Oh jeez This is not good. I’ve got three health. This is gonna be so close. This game is no joke No joke at all. I just need a weapon any weapon any kind of weapon. Oh I think I did. Okay, come back to me eleven health and I think I can do this. Give me a couple anvils there There We go. There’s the first one get out of here smack in the face. another anvil. Oh my goodness. That’s actually great That’s fantastic five health to go quick axe as well. Don’t mind If I do I cannot get hit I cannot get hit one more anvil and he’s dead. He’s dead now. Yes Get outta here you embarrassed again, huh? I’m gonna get the treasure that’s inside you at some point I actually thought I was gonna die then one more hit if I’d have had to do one more hit I’d have been dead So with ground enemies you can jump and then throw the item but with aerial enemies you can throw them underneath Avoid the enemy and it hit the boss straight away. So that’s not too bad. Only completed one challenge. That’s fine I don’t know how you would do a take no damage challenge That sounds a little bit intense to me a level 5 we get a HP increase I would gladly welcome that Save my progress. I should probably do that We’ve unlocked the third act which is probably gonna throw in some kind of other nonsense. We just play it Let’s give it a go and see what happens. See if we can complete it first time no damage, you know easy What’s it gonna add this time? Come on surprise me Well, you’re gonna get an axe right in the jaw straightaway, which I don’t mind at all Okay, it’s throwing barrels. It’s gonna be barrels barrels are his thing. Does he gain more health as well? I haven’t really been paying attention. I’m guessing he does right But this the barrels plus the minions That’s gonna be a little bit intense one at a time. I can handle but not all of them at once Oh, geez, there’s three of them. there is actually three of them the anvil missed Completely missed I’m just gonna wait for them to attack me. Here we go stomp stomp Oh, oh I got all three of them nice. Okay, not too bad. And I’ve lost no health right now. Come on. Come at me Come at me. I know you want to I Got hit by all of them the Hat. Welcome back, sir. I will greet you with an axe. Hope you don’t mind oh no the bats are back guys, and I’ve just been hit by one I thought I’d be able to do this first time by taking a lot of damage. oh no I’ve got one hp I’m gonna die I’m gonna die. Joey Drew is gonna have his way and he’s gonna kill me. Look how intense this is It’s crazy one Attack by the spike, and I’m dead. Oh come on, come back. I need to.. OH THERE’S THREE MORE? Yes health I got health. Oh he gave me two I thought that gave you max health as wishful thinking. Oh he’s still sending more of them. I can’t believe this No There were three of them three of them at once and the tentacles I’m seeing stars And nightmare continues it certainly does. You know what I’m actually glad it’s challenging because there’s only four like full movies but there’s five acts in each one turns out even the second and third ones are hard Now available for purchase the sword. This costume is now available for purchase So you can unlock different things in different levels in different items that you can buy And then as we looked at before all the different weapons do different damages and all that good stuff. Oh my goodness I completely forgot about the abilities. What’s this? The magnet would that just give me loads of soups? I’m guessing so this is that bacon There’s a bomb health packs upgrade those abilities as well. What are these? I don’t know what these are at the bottom you kind of unlock other things you can double your bacon soup get me that golden soup for 100,000 that’s crazy. You can also buy 250,000 bacon soups, literally a bacon soup factory for 50 pounds that’s in that’s just insane guys I hope you enjoyed this first look at the brand-new bendy game comes out on August the 15th I’ll leave the link to the website in the description below and pretty sure you can preorder on Android and iOS as well So go and check that out if you enjoyed this video as well. Please do big fat like that greatly appreciated subscribe if you are brand new and let me know if you want to see some more the tricky game But I think I might even stream it or make some other videos. I’m not too sure Let me know by leaving a like and I’ll see you guys next time. Goodbye

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