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  1. I just realized this was posted on my birthday!! YAYAYA!!!!!!!! (and yes I had to comment now I forgot to comment when it posted)

  2. I love u dan BTW CHAPTER 5 OF BENDY IS OUT ON THE 26 2018 OF OCTOBER PLEASE MAKE THE VIDEO WHEN U CAN thx (im your biggest fan)

  3. ive played the game and i completed the final act and then theres was a new level it wasn't a act it said nightmare and ive never comleted it

  4. Your my favorite YouTuber, Dan. But your really bad at this game. Why am I saying this, because I have the game myself☹️

  5. The chest's name is Chester. The DEATH taxi's name is Gaskette.The can of expired bacon son's name is Canoodle. Sadly I don't know the bottle of link's name, sorry😅

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