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  1. I don't understand how positioning and rotation is hard to understand. Yet it's one of the most important things in team play.

  2. I feel like I’m pretty good at it and the reason I’m still in plat is because of the teammates I’m getting

  3. I usually have great positioning and solid plays, but this game is damn near impossible to get good at with 80+ ping

  4. Thank you. You're content is always greatly appreciated.

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  5. This is advice for bronze, and silver, it’s hardly even close to complicated, almost any game mode following through on a pass or being aware of what your team is trying to do with a pass is like learning your abc’s. If you feel it’s that hard you definitely the one that sucks 😂 bad advice, other than the zones, and weak content. But hey anything to post a video and feel superior trash talking noobs huh? Pathetic. Probably a plat 😂😆

  6. This is why I'm stuck in plat 3 but my teammates are the ones who can't rotate and when I get the ball some teammates call me a ball chaser.i hate plat 3 to d1

  7. 0:44 “this is why there are some insanely skillful players stuck in gold and platinum, you guys know who you are” sunless is a fucking savage lmao

  8. Rocket league is the most toxic game ever tbh I had 8 goals and my teammate kept complaining that I kept ball chasing smh

  9. lol my friend's positioning is so bad that he can never make it to the ball before the opponents and just sent me this video because I'm "ball chasing" by going for "his opportunities". Meanwhile if I try to suggest he rotate faster or learn better positioning, he gets salty. Some people you just can't play a game like RL with.

  10. Bro this is so true I can hit flip resets consistently but I was stuck at gold 3 and plat 1 now I'm diamond 2 and three in 3s and 2s

  11. Lols, I'm a diamond. This happens all the time. I've got very average mechanics but perfect positioning(had to learn early on since my mechanics started sub par). Constantly having teammates try and call me trash when we are losing because they have great mechanics but are stupid abt how to play with a tmm8. So annoying. Great video though

  12. Sunless: that's why there are insane players in gold.
    Lol I found someone on discord to play casual with I feel I'm better then gold III so I asked him to guess my rank (the guy I played with was C1) and he guessed I was a d3

  13. Doubles must be RLCS thing. I don't like to watch 3v3 tournaments except the final match but I would watch that 2v2 championship if it was a official thing. Even RLCS players playing and streaming 2v2 more than 3v3; and I enjoy watching those pros in 2v2.

  14. Im one of those gold/plats that cant get out, but I can air dribble and stuff. These tipps are extremely helpful, but I knew them already, the problem is, that most of the other players in these ranks are not aware of these stategys and are just playing and dont care about that. The sad story of my life

  15. wanna warm up car control 10min then shot accuracy 15min AERIAL control 15 min then start to play ::: is that make u improve yes sure for the cost to not having a life 😉

  16. The safest thing on console is he can't find people who play right and rotate or atleast read plays right. Not that I'm perfect either but this zone Technic is key in rotation. Just need some reliable people to play

  17. I've got a lil under 10 k matches played I took a three month break from rl to play apex and I went from high c2 to dimond 3 😑

  18. Any time I play with someone who is constantly missing rotation (and most likely we get scored on every time) I send them this video. Then all the sudden boom

  19. to learn about position and sense of awareness you can actually play with the AI, they make shit team mates, so you're on your own with the offense and defense and that forces you to get good at these

  20. I literally can't be near the ball for three seconds without my teammate running me down and literally smashing me out of the way just to smack the ball

  21. I tried this out and succeeded, we got a 0 seck goal and won in the overtime.
    TY for this Vid it's rly helpful for example ,for me who's a Dia 1✌️.

  22. Someone help me out here. In his first example him and his teammate are with eachother ready for a pass right? So I was told by a champ one to keep at midfield if your teammate is the one making the play on the ball on their side. He said this because if a ball is struck by them and centered all the way down field then you can be there. So was this really a good move by sunless and his teammate and if so what would you do or how would you prevent it from getting boomed all the way down field?

  23. Great video Sunless! I've been re-watching this video and sharing it with my random team mates who exhibit toxicity. I came across a player the other day who made an early rule that who ever clears the ball takes it and the other player goes to net. Didn't work well since he got pissed whenever i left the net for the pass.

  24. Late to the party. After around 2 days in-game play-time I've come to realize that there is very few (of those I play with) who try to improve on positioning and choice-making still. I've managed to reach platinum 2, but my inconsistencies and lack of skills on the ball I holding me back a bit. I can't do air-dribbling (only shots and passes), I can't shoot off the wall, I can pinch 1/30 tries and I take it fairly slow. I believe I've gotten to platinum purely because of positioning, awareness and a not horrible adjustment to my own positioning to grab goals when opponents are taking too much time.

    At least I'm still having fun. And the most fun I've had is in games where people from different friends-list from silver to plat 3 meet up and just play for fun.

  25. Do you have any tips for positioning and pressuring but also being able to be ready to goal? I find that I'm back by goal too much but it's because my opponent could shoot it back at any time, and if I'm not there we're fucked

  26. I’m new to rocket leauge, only been playing for a couple months. But I grew up playing hockey my whole life and positioning and spacing is a lot alike in rocket league and hockey, I’ve been trying to play that way sense bronze 1. Always thought I had an edge because of my positioning until about silver 1 or 2 when I realized a lot of other players play that way in the higher ranks. I’m now gold 1 and I owe a lot of it to positioning and spacing I learned playing hockey! Great video!

  27. From all the games i played over the years ( i havn't played that much but i play it ever so often) it mostly have to do with the rotation… its like when you were a kid playing football (soccer for morons) and you had that one person constantly chasing the ball kicking it wherever he/she could..
    Since there's so few people on the field, you got to keep up the momentum up and you got the keep kicking the ball the right way… That's done with rotations… If you do not have an angle thats gonna forward the ball enough or prevent the opposing team from a good shot… don't take it.. go back and show your teammate that it is his/her time to hit it. This way you can keep the pressure up and be sure to lay up some good assists, while also preventing them to get a good shot.

  28. 3:11 is a horrible example because you have no idea where the second opposing player is at, and you have no awareness with that clip whatsoever. He could come up above you and steal that ball so easily.

  29. I keep getting big losing streaks. I was champ 2 but then took an 8 game losing streak. Now I'm at risk of going back to diamond 3.

  30. It sucks I'm a adult now and I can't play as much as I used too as a high school kid. I have a job and go to college etc. And my skills have deteriorated. I went from GC to champ 1😂. Kms

  31. Great videos man. I have learned a lot over your run on YouTube! Got some great tips for gameplay and community.

  32. I’m stuck in bronze 1 in 2v2 because my teammate just ball chases and whenever I make contact with the ball my teammate doesn’t rotate to cover me 🙁

  33. Hey man, just wanna say thanks.
    I've always been a casual rocket league player, like, after work and stuff just for fun. But i achieved gold 3 div4 and it was starting to piss me off that i couldnt be able to pass that.
    I watched your video yesterday and decided to put the concepts in practice today. I was at gold 3 div 2 and EASYLY arrived to platinum 1. I mean, i know that this dont represent shit for high ranks players, but i got surprise how the concepts in this video REALLY WORKS.
    I played about 10 or 11 games in a row and didnt lose a single one! At the beggining i was like "nah… That must be a coincidence". Turns out it wasnt.

    Anyway… Your video absolutely was a turning point in my game, thank you.

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