Best Backup Plugins for WordPress – Secure Your Website Now !
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Best Backup Plugins for WordPress – Secure Your Website Now !

August 14, 2019

hey what’s up Rana here and in this video
guys I’m going to show you the best backup plugins for your WordPress
website so guys these plugins serves various purposes for instance if you
want to migrate your WordPress website from one host to another host you can do
that as well plus you can backup the entire website with these plugins
moreover you can backup the specific part of your WordPress website with the help
of these plugins so guys let’s get started and let me show you what are
these plugins and how you can use this so let’s get started Alright guys as you can see I’m inside the
dashboard of WordPress so before I move into this video I just want to let you
know that this is not a full detailed video on these plugins that I’m gonna
about to show you in this video I just want to show you the plugins that I use
for backup my WordPress website these plugins are best reliable for your
WordPress website okay let’s move on now let’s go to plugins click on add new so
guys here let’s just search for updraft so guys this is the first plug-in that I
use for backup my WordPress website okay let’s install this plug-in click on
install now so plug-in is installed a lot of people
are using this plug-in because this is the best plug-in so now click on
activate so guys once you activate the plug-in scroll down and find the plug-in
and click on settings now you see this page here let’s go to the settings tab
and here you can see the cloud or remote storage where you can backup your
WordPress website in order to back up on these clouds you have to make a count on
these websites if you want to backup on Dropbox you have to have a Dropbox
account for example if you want to backup on Google Drive you can select
the Google Drive and then you can click on this link
what ? what happen is this okay let’s go back to the settings again we’ll go
to the settings if you want to back up on Google Drive then you need to click
on here to connect your Google Drive into this plugin once the plug-in or
Google Drive connected then you can go back to this tab and click on backup now
and your backup will be start and another thing is that you can backup
specific part of your website if you want to backup only plug-in you can uncheck
other parts if you backup entire website you can check everything so this is the
first plug-in to backup your WordPress website let’s move on to the next one
let’s go to the plugins click on add new let’s leave this page now here search for
all-in-one WP so guys this is the another best plug-in that I found over
the internet you can see the one milli 1 + million active installation of this
plugin now let’s just install this plugin click on install now ok now click
on activate once this plug-in activated you will see in the left side of the
WordPress menu all-in-one WP migration in order to backup you just simply click
on export it will take you to this page here you can export your entire website
as a file FTP or you can backup your entire website on these clouds some of
these clouds are paid and the some of these are free one for more information
or detailed tutorial you can check out the link in the description box of this
video or you can click on the card right here so guys this is the another best
plugin to backup your WordPress website use this plugin and secure your
WordPress website for any disaster you know there is a lot of hackers out there
who can hack your website so guys be safe with this backup plugins alright guys
that’s the end of this video guys I hope you guys like this video if you learned
something from this video please hit the like
button and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you are new here
that being said goodbye and see you next time

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  1. Hi Rana u r awesome..u have a US accent the way you talk…I am doing digital marketing course but they do not teach us the way you explain in all yours videos..i wanted to make a request how to link business email to Gmail account. like [email protected] link to Gmail account….thanks and bless you.

  2. Hi, sir. Can you make a video for adding aliexpress plugins for free?. Thanks a lot!. Great Job by the way!.

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