Best Brand Name Smartphones On A Budget
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Best Brand Name Smartphones On A Budget

December 18, 2019

Hey everyone, it’s Annie Margarita Yang
back with another video, and today I want to talk about saving money on smartphones. With new cell phones nowadays coming onto the market such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold at the price of a whopping $1,980 I feel that cell phones have become unaffordable. They cost more than computers which can do so much more, so I find this absolutely ridiculous but people are willing to pay for it Even though brand name smartphones retail for $800 to $1,000 and on top of that
cell phone service providers are no longer subsidizing these phones like
they used to–instead what they do today is they sign you up for a 24-month
interest-free loan with no money down and you pay off this phone over the
course of 24 months, people are still buying these phones. They’re not looking
at just how expensive these phones are in the end. Rather, they look at the price
of the phone on a month-to-month basis and they find it affordable, which is
absolutely ridiculous because you shouldn’t need to take out a loan for a
phone. It’s not a car, and it’s not a house and it’s not a college education.
So today I want to discuss the five strategies that I use to buy a
brand name smartphone and not pay full retail price for it. I save a couple
hundred dollars every few years when I buy a new cell phone and this is how I
do it. The first thing I do when I buy a smartphone is I consider what I
actually need from it and how I’m going to use it. I have an iPhone SE and it’s a
little over two years old now. When I bought it at the time, I figured, I’m not
going to take that many pictures I don’t like to take pictures very often…
and I’m not going to take many videos… I don’t listen to music very much.
Basically I just need a smartphone to help me navigate. I need the map and I need the smartphone to be able to call and
text people. Due to my minimal cellphone usage I went ahead and I bought the
model with the least amount of storage. Now it’s been two years and my needs
have definitely changed. I have a YouTube channel now and I record all of my
videos from my iPhone and I don’t have enough storage for my videos, so for my
next purchase when this phone breaks down, I’m probably going to buy a phone
with the most amount of storage and a phone that has a great camera. The point
I want to make here is, don’t just buy a new fancy phone with awesome features
just because it’s the latest one and because it’s cool. Consider your needs
before you buy your next phone. The second thing that I do, is I buy an
unlocked phone. Basically an unlocked phone is a phone that is not tied to any
carrier and I can buy service for that phone from any company that I want. I’m
not locked into Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon. I actually told my boss the
other day that I buy unlocked phones and he asked me, “Why do that when you can buy a phone from a service provider on a payment plan and in the end, it’s going
to cost the same because it’s an interest-free loan?” and the answer is
that I’m not tied to any provider and I can use a plan that is cheaper in the
long run. On top of that, I don’t have to pay any activation fees or any
upgrade fees that T-Mobile, Verizon Sprint, or AT&T might charge you. The
third thing that I do is, I buy an older model. Oftentimes, when a new phone comes out I hear people, such as my dance teacher
the other day say “Oh my god, I’m so excited! the new Samsung is coming out and I’ve
had my phone for two years. I can’t wait to finally upgrade my phone.” I believe that smartphone technology is actually quite advanced by now and each new model
that they release only has slight innovations or improvements compared to the previous one, so an older model is just perfect
for my needs. The fourth thing that I do is I buy a certified refurbished phone
from a reputable seller. I used to buy used phones off of ebay and I don’t
recommend it because they would break after a few months or the battery would
die really quick because it’s been used by someone else before, but a certified
refurbished phone is okay because all it means is that a customer bought it,
didn’t like it, and returned it and because it’s an open box, the
manufacturer had to check the product again to see if there’s any defects and
fix it up or it could mean it’s already perfect you just did a double
check and then it’s sold again to a consumer. So certified refurbished phones
are actually a great deal that many people are missing out on. Lastly the
fifth thing that I do is I keep my phone for longer than two years. The longer
that I can put off buying a new phone the better because I can definitely use
that money for something else right now. I like to keep my phone looking as new
as possible by using a really good case and using a screen protector. My phone is
over two years old now and there’s almost no scratches on it and I’ve
dropped it a few times but the screen has never cracked so it’s excellent. I
like to take good care of my stuff. Now I didn’t want to just tell you how I find
good deals for smartphones. Rather I want to actually show you so today I’m gonna
take you window-shopping with me well it’s online window shopping
technically it is window shopping because I’m using a browser window and
I’m going to show you how to find good deals for three different cell phone
brands, so stay tuned and follow along. The first brand I’m searching for is Apple. The iPhone XR 64 gigabytes unlocked,
you can see here that the price is $749. Now if I search for iPhone 8, also 64
gigabytes, the price of the unlocked phone brand-new is 599 dollars.
Now what if I wanted to buy this phone refurbished? If we look on Amazon, we can buy it for $443. and on eBay I can buy this phone for
$390, but I would have to read more into its physical condition because every
seller is different. It looks like this phone was refurbished to be fully
functional, but it has scratches on it and I probably won’t buy this phone and
I would buy it on Amazon instead. Though to be honest, I probably will never buy
iPhone ever again because it doesn’t have a headphone jack
for me to connect my microphone, so let’s take a look at Samsung instead. So the
Galaxy S10 128 gigabytes is listed for $900. If we look at the Galaxy S9 128
gigabytes it’s being sold for $770. Let’s look at the price of the Galaxy S8 even though it’s pretty much two models behind. If I
buy it brand new and unlocked from Samsung’s website, I can get it for $500. The last brand I’m searching for is Google because
apparently my former coworker Luis loves his Google Pixel but doesn’t love the
price, so I told him I’m going to include the Google Pixel in my video just for
him so this one’s for you Luis. So how much would a Google Pixel 3 64 gigabytes unlocked phone cost? It’s selling for $799. Now of course, I would
never buy the latest model so let’s see how much money for the Google Pixel 2? It’s being sold for $549. On Amazon I can
get this refurbished for $330 and let’s search on eBay. Looks like I can get it
for around $300 but again I would have to read the description into more detail
and do further research. Here’s a table that I made to show you a summary
of all the phone prices that we looked at today. I hope you liked my video and
hope my tips can help you save hundreds of dollars on your next smartphone
purchase. If you want to learn to save more money, you can buy my book on Amazon. It’s called 1001 Ways to Save Money Quit Flushing Your Hard-Earned Money
Down the Toilet. It’s definitely a good investment for your financial future. If
you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and please share it. Also, leave
a comment on what phone do you plan to buy next? Hope you subscribe to my channel
for more videos like this in the future. Thanks and see you next time. Bye!

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  1. It shows that you put a lot of effort into this video. Great tips. It would be great if you compared 3 exact phones in similar conditions to see where to get the best price for an unlocked previous model!

  2. I like this new way of presenting yourself. Lots of good information here. Buying unlocked, using certified and refurbished phones, are just smart money-saving techniques. And you don't even compromise quality or specs of the phone.

  3. Great information! Very well done. Another advantage of buying your phone unlocked is it will have a higher resale value on eBay. Toataly sharing and thanks for another great video.

  4. I still have an iPhone 5, all of our phones are paid in full (and old) lol! . I would never buy a phone that expensive.

  5. I'm definitely going to be buying a refurbished and unlocked device when the time comes for my next phone. Great video Annie!

  6. I bought a pocophone for 300$ brand new, it has the same prosser as the note 9 and the camera and video capability is amazing and the battery life! I don't charge that thing for days definitely the most bank for your buck I absolutely love it.

  7. Very I informative Annie. Thanks! What's your thoughts on phone protection plans? Do you insure your phone or is it a waste?

  8. Just subscribed! Awesome video! Phones are so expensive nowadays! It's like you need to give up an arm and a leg.

  9. Ebay works well when you use the search filter and look for manufacturer refurbished and new rather than seller refurbished or used. You can use a battery app to check on the overall health/life of the battery, and if you get a bad phone with a battery with little life left, you can send it back well within the return period, but I have never encountered a bad battery with manufacturer refurbished phones.

  10. My network provider wanted to charge me £28 a month on a 2 year plan for an iPhone SE last Summer (Total cost: £672). A SIM only contract (with the same usage allowance) was only £5 a month. So I went looking and found the phone brand new and unlocked available for £225 from a major department store that also offered a 2 year warranty with it. (So total cost: £345). £327 saving!!

  11. Awesome video..I often find myself price comparing also when it come to making the best investment on phones..

  12. Great advice.. I just recently bought a smart phone for about $100 brand new. It had everything I needed and more…

  13. Best tip is to buy a new phone every 3-4 years. The technology nowadays is basically the same year to year.

  14. Metropcs by TMobile
    4 Free phones
    For $120 a month
    When you switch 4 lines.
    Includes free Amazon Prime, Google One for 100GB of cloud storage and 15GB of Hotspot. Each person pays $30 a month.

  15. I agree with you about buying unlocked phones outright. Avoiding monthly payments on anything, even if it is interest free, is a goal of mine. Like you also look for discounts. In the U.K. retailer Argos sells clearance items on eBay. So last Christmas I got my daughter a discontinued special edition Red iPhone 7 Plus with 256gb memory for about half the price it was before the special was discontinued.
    She was more than happy with it!

  16. I got my unlocked phone for $165 including taxes. Moto X 4th Generation on Bestbuy! Got to be patient and best time to buy is on Cyber Monday, black Friday or any big holiday occasions.

  17. Also, buy a phone with expandable storage if possible if storage matters to you. And Jesus people, theres more than just iphones out there.

  18. I love your videos, started with the minimum wage money saving video. Now I’m hooked. Thanks for the content!

  19. Omg thank youuu ! Always thought refurbished was less legit but I guess I was wrong xD keep on doing what you do it's awesome!

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