BEST Drone Dropper System – KEN HERON – Sky Hook
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BEST Drone Dropper System – KEN HERON – Sky Hook

October 15, 2019

sky hook me ken !!!!!!!!! Hey Dana, yo people are hooked on our videos aren’t they certainly are skyhook? Hi ugh that sucked so Dana what I’ve done is I’ve put the the skyhook a contraption a thing of a Hoover what sits on my Phantom 4 which is now the stunt drone and So that you can see what it’s doing in the air. I’ve hooked up this Camera on a ruler to show this spinning thing right here, and we’re going to drop a few things. This is 3d printed and It’s very brilliant how the triggering mechanism is because what they’ve done is they’ve made this part here that has a light sensor in it that detects when you’ve put your Front lights on which you can do with the remote control So unlike the fli-fli… remember the flea flea I’m here with The flea flea came with a remote control that hung around your neck and the weak Part of that was you couldn’t go further than the little remote around your neck ago That’s right. Right so you can go as far away as you want and still trigger it and we’ll show you how that’s done right now with the little man on a Parachute that is included with this. I don’t know. What is his name that has been Morman All right, so we’re gonna drop Mr. Armey man first Then we’re going to drop a GoPro I’ve got the light sensor hooked up to this button and it should when I press it twice Okay good Dana’s gonna load that up All right, who’s gonna catch it he’ll catch it? All right, here we go we’ll go up to about 100 feet All right, so now I press this Here we go here comes you’re gonna catch you get up to run man you got to run run run Did you get it get it get it get it yeah And now The camera but we’re not going to drop it over concrete After the camera then then they’re taking me up right that’s right Now here we are at a undisclosed location Mainly because we don’t know where we are. I don’t I don’t and It’s grass. It’s a grass field so we’ve got this camera here on a parachute and we’re going to drop it first from a hundred feet and see if He can catch it and then we’re going to drop it from 400 feet and See if he can get it off the school roof Yeah, Wow, that’s right at the limit, isn’t it? That’s that’s almost any fly any higher than that time Not 400 100 400 only All right, just get out the middle of the field, there we go All right We’re gonna I’m just gonna go up to 300 feet Yeah High wind velocity I’m going to 200 200 that’s high enough high enough You ready? Here we go Haha Okay, can you catch it is he gonna be able to get it oh My gosh. Oh my gosh, don’t let it hit anything Yeah All right Good job, man Should we do it again? Do we do we dare? He’s young? It’s up to it’s up to the catcher. Do you want to do it again, sir? Yeah, I’ll go a little higher what do you think I don’t know what do you think it’s it’s up to you He says he’s gonna do it again Okay, we’re putting about two grand up in the air Cameras and devices and drones and everything. Yeah, do we do we dare we dare do we trust? You know To catch just 20, you know, oh he doesn’t care about this stuff as much, sweetie Yeah, are we stable movie stable I hope we’re stable Okay, 200 feet we’ll take it up to 300 see this this is the kind of stuff we do for our audience, right The kind of chances we tell you that’s right Okay, 300. Oh my gosh. It’s way high All right You ready? And drop There it goes. There it goes. There it goes. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh Is he gonna get it? Is he gonna get it is he gonna get it? I think he’s gonna get it you Got it. You got it. You got ya Jacob Oh nicely done Well, there you go. That is the drone skyhook. You can get it drone skyhook calm. There’s a link in the description Thank You Dana for helping out today absolutely man big thanks to Jacob and now what’s the other guy’s name Good old Joey doing the running fourth man, cuz you know, we can’t no no, no That’s the fifties talkin there. Thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing until next time, Buh and Bye! Now for your viewing pleasure a trick that Dana can do that I didn’t think was possible or advisable Yes, there’s toothpicks in Dana’s nose one in each nostril Tickles it does not kids. Don’t do that

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  1. KEN!! YOU are TRULY the Jim Varney of YouTube!! (KnowwhatImean?!) BTW, I like your buddy "Vern"….er, Dana!!

  2. SKY HOOK ME KEN ! And I promise not to do anything illegal with it. PS- I'm not crossing my fingers behind my back,or am I? lol.

  3. Well what i see here is a solution looking for a problem. I do appreciate the technology leap of this product over the earlier competition but am scratching my head as to what the heck I could do with it for the price of $200. I believe other videos have established the lifting capacity of the P4 series as just under two pounds and that with highly reduced flight stability. Thinking about it I can see a way to move the load CG to the middle and get a release there, but there might be a sensor conflict with that setup. Another cool money pit of a toy whose use might be in a new competitive sport involving precision "bombing" of a target with small water balloons or flour sacks. At this price I would balk at buying one , get it to under $100 and I would be interested.

  4. SKY HOOK ME KEN! I can’t believe I just watched a video of four guys in a field playing with a hooker 🤣

  5. SKY HOOK ME KEN! I would love to do a few things with this Sky Hook, and can't readily afford it right now.

  6. Ken, I respect what you do and enjoy your vids…. but……. When I saw your buddy hook up parachute man to the flying phantom, and his eyes were about level to those spinning blades, that just made me cringe. Same eye level and two feet away that is just stupid, no mincing words. You fart wrong at the controls, or if the prop breaks apart…… have you seen the injuries a mavic pro did to a guy's forearm ? ( was hand catching a mavic from a moving boat and something went wrong) The forearm looked like it had been slashed three times to the bone with a knife. Sucks being the safety police but if I didn't say anything it wouldn't feel right. Keep up the great vids !

  7. I love watching your videos bc they always make me laugh. I wish they made something this for my P3 SE. This would be so much fun for the kids dropping those little parachute men for them to chase around the farm.

  8. that was bad azzzz…….LOL… and Dana are hella funny……and know alot of shizzzz …..keep'em coming..I'm keep watching

  9. ken one thing ive learnt from rc flying is dont push ya luck these aircraft do have useby dates but then the guys said to me get over it that made me learn

  10. PICK A WINNER HAHA! Pick this winner. You guys rock! Thank you guys so much for helping me and so many others.

  11. Back in the 90s when I was in the Marines, we used to send the newbies down to the flight line to retrieve a sky hook, which didn't exist. I guess now we can't play that prank anymore. Great video.

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