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December 10, 2019

Music starts

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  1. Hi DOM. I found you through suggested videos. First, your videos are amazing, the technique…I just made a YouTube channel, so I'm def doing my research. Thanks for all your help! Please keep it up. Just subbed!

  2. Can you please guide us best settings for DJI Spark. I love drone footage. I have DJI Spark but I don't have idea for the best settings.

  3. Amazing! Love the subject matter, the contract of colors. Is this accomplished a lot with post? Just recently began playing with ND filters, it's a hard art to master. Any tips?

  4. half of ths footage is taken in national parks, and it's illegal to drone in national parks, so thanks for being part of the reason they keep adding more laws

  5. Simply awsome! you can tell that alot of time, planning and effort was put into this project…excellent work thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful composition and very diverse locations. Only one thing, I wish all your footage were color graded properly otherwise the presentation is beautiful> great job!

  7. What channels did you need to go through to film in the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley? I need to do some shoots out that way.

  8. Amazing footage!! National Parks are definitely great for drone photography. But how did you get by the National Parks laws for the restrictions? Just curious. We weren't even allowed flying in the State and municipal Parks.

  9. Absolutely beautiful…. great drone work….. i have the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and love it….. keep up the great work.

  10. Hey John, I've not seen any new videos from you in a while, hope everything is ok? I'm a big fan of your channel trying to achieve the same editing skills & flying as yourself, got a long way to go yet tho. I currently have the phantom 4 pro obsidian, recently bought some filters after doing some research into them. Could you help me with the settings to use on the phantom 4 pro so i can get the best out of my drone, I'm getting a Macbook Pro this year with final cut pro, if you can help me with the beset setting to use it would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  11. Amazing to say the least ………..Should be a professional Camera TV man, I have just got Phantom 4 Pro …..This inspires me 100% I am in UK cheers

  12. I gave the video a thumbs down. Not because of the quality of the video because that is very good but it appears that you were recording in areas where it is illegal to do so.

  13. National Parks have been classified as “NO DRONE” zones after 2014!!! Not to mention the maximum penalty which can be as severe as six months in jail and a $5,000 fine.

  14. Hello droneOneMedia Wonderfull video, but as the others people , I wonder how the law restrictions in this area ?!! apparently he does not care royally LOL !
    So I think that I have a chance with my Mvic and my Sparkie LOL

  15. I've got kind of lump in my chest. I haven't had that for quite a while. This is absolutely stunning footage. Are you sure you don't work for the NOVA channel or someone like that? I wouldn't doubt it if you did. The music is stupendous. It really signifies, to me, the absolutely grandeur view of your footage. I just can't say enough about it that could describe it. Gee, I guess that's why it's such a visual thing. It's just too hard to describe. I'll be studying your shots, to see if I can't learn something. Thanks for the beautiful footage. Marc Trainor.

  16. Thanks for showing canyon views no one has seen before. Please consider showing more close-ups of extremely interesting characteristics like the large boulder sitting on top of a100 foot volcanic ash post . Take pictures while slowly hovering around that large boulder and then zoom in for a much closer picture where the boulder sits on the volcanic ash post. Also, thanks for allowing us to see great views without somebody standing in the middle of it. It's better that way.

  17. DJI is leaving its competitors in the dust in my opinion. Check out some of my DJI Drone videos, I will greatly appreciate that.

  18. Whoever had the idea to include the woman in this footage deserves a pat on the back. This is a wonderful video, and having her to use for scale enhanced this from a 9.5 to a 10 for me.

  19. only a moron of morons would call this the best drone footage, this is only about some fat arse chick (who cant twerk) in canons!

  20. Great Content ! Guys if you have the time check out my youtube channel where I fly my DJI Mavic pro 2 drone throughout the beautiful city Buffalo, NY! Here is the link- @ don't forget to subscribe !

  21. WOOWWW. so beutiful. but question… did you avoid national parks with these shots? was it all "legal?" not that i care at all . i mean cmon . its drone work . but i just dont want to come home with a 10k fine :I @DroneOneMedia

  22. Amazing 🙂 What is the name of the second song in your video? Building up and fits the video very well!

  23. Beautiful footage! Considering the National Parks and Monuments you shot in be thankful you weren't ticketed by any Ranger. 🙂

  24. Just a tip….less girlfriend, more nature as when you focused on her you clipped the top of the shots (mountains etc) and the effect you were going for was lost. Lots of YouTubers using women as clickbait these days and it really ruins what everyone ACTUALLY wants to see….nature in all of its glory.

  25. Really short sighted that the National Parks have no drones laws. Videos like this, if shot and encouraged by the park administration, would do immense good in promoting our parks.

  26. Breathtaking footage! Seriously amazing!
    Able to take great images and videos as well with another drone which is as professional and good as phantom 4 pro

  27. Just curious did you get permission at some of those places? I've heard the FAA uses social media to find illegal drone use.

  28. I love the awesome video. How did you get a permission to fly at grand canyon? Aren't they restricted to fly drone there? I want go there to film but the airmap app said not allowed.

  29. Some fantastic work there. Beautiful locations, would love to know they are, (maybe some small subtitles) great stuff, cheers!

  30. An epic film. Elegantly shot, thoughtfully edited and sensitively color graded. Just gorgeous. The 39 people who gave this video a thumbs down are complete idiots.

  31. Beautiful place beautiful captures smooth! Nice cool thanks for sharing! Let’s exchange views on our works my friend

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