Best Marvel Cosplay – Comic Con 2018
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Best Marvel Cosplay – Comic Con 2018

August 16, 2019

– Cable! – Yeah! – Okay, that arm is fantastic. – No, check out the detail on the back! – Oh, yeah, show the,
there’s a gun on the back. – There’s a gun on the back… – It’s Cable, so there’s nothing but straps, pockets and guns. – These boots… – It’s gotta have pockets… – Well done. – [Lorraine Cink] Come on over, Cable. – [Langston Belton] And
she coming from the future, I know it’s weird here, y’know. – [Angelique Roche]
It’s, it’s weird in 2018. – [Langston] Everything’s
still here, there’s no, like, there’s no apocalypse so… – [Lorraine] Russel, you wanted mad props, mad props. – [Angelique] You got mad props – [Langston] Yeah, right. – [Lorraine] Okay everybody be cool Everybody chill out its cool, its cool – [Lorraine] Thanos brought his daughters. – This is, well uhhhh… – Just take your daughters
to work, it’s cool. – We’re just gonna stand over here. – Real far away. – Don’t get too close,
don’t get too close. – [Lorraine] At least they
seem to be getting along. – [Angelique] They seem to be, it seems to be a good day. – [Langston] Yeah, right? – [Lorraine] The Thanos household. – [Langston] Just don’t
let him close his hand we can all be okay. – [Lorraine] Oh, oh, oh no! – [Langston] Hehey heyyy! Uhhhh.. – [Angelique] Nooooooo! (audience laughing) – [Lorraine] Cinematic Universe Wasp! – Get ready for this… – Hold on guys.. (everyone cheering) – I love these little surprises.
[Lorraine]I’m ready to fly! – Like little nuances, up, up and away. – [Lorraine] Uh oh she’s
got her Hello Kitty Pez! Oh! You’re so… (everybody cheering) – Nice! – [Lorraine] Well done! – The best thing I’ve seen… – [Lorraine] Here, I’ll
help you with your Pez. – You got the.. You got this? – I got this! – Might be heavy. It might be heavy. – It’s larger than.. It’s heavier.. – It’s got a lot of Pez in it
but I’ll still get it across. – Ayyyyyyy! – [Lorraine] Palm for me! – Punny! Very Punny. It could go on for Infinity. We have Thor, from Thor Ragnarok! -Yes! (Thor cosplayer cheers) – From Marvel Studio’s Thor Ragnarok. – I got here, I got friends from work! – Hahaha, his friends from work… Everyone… – [Lorraine] Into the arena please… – Are we fighting the hawkers? It’s just like a butchering contest here. – Just a regular contest. – Staaaaaarloooooord! – ♪ Starlord~ ♪ – [Lorraine] He loves to
dance, that’s what I know. – Aight, we gonna dance
off, we gonna dance off – He’s having his own dance off right now Ladies and gentlemen. He likes to move it, move it. – You should see there’s an
awesome jet pack on the back, this awesome jetpack is… Yeahhhhh – [Lorraine] Oh yeah here we
go, look at those dance moves! – Show me your moves. – [Lorraine] Those dance
moves could defeat Ronan. – Thor and Loki! – rocking a cosmic cube. – Including, including a Tesseract. – Including, the incredi~,
the incredibly dangerous.. Black Widow! Classic too… – It’s very nice. – [Lorraine] Beware her bites. – I really like her belt. It’s great. It’s pretty well done. – Please welcome, the Avengers Unlimited: Black Widow, Captain America, Tony Stark – Iron Man, Thor with uhhh.. – Thor with the Rocket! That’s so cute! – Weapon X! Spiderman! And Carol Danvers herself, Captain Marvel. – Hello, hello Carol. They’re like… We’re coming
together. This is team. – [Lorraine] That is quite a team-up. – Very nice. Literally, a team-up. I wouldn’t wanna fight,
I wouldn’t wanna fight… I wouldn’t wanna go up
against these Avengers. – I just can’t, I just can’t stop looking at that Rocket on Thor’s shoulder. – We can rest easy because
Captain America is out right now. – [Lorraine] Cap is here! To save the day~ – We’re good Cap! – Yeah! – Like it. I like it. I see you over there. How’s it going? (chuckles) We got the Mad Titan. – and the god of Thunder – And his sister! And Grand Master! – There’s so many people coming up. – There’s so many. – [Lorraine] Looks like Thanos
has been visiting Sakaar. – [Langston] Very nice, hanging
out. Have a nice weekend. – [Angelique] I’m loving this teamwork. I love the fact that
folks are coming together bringing their creativity. Setting aside differences, for cosplay! And that’s really what cosplay’s about, bringing people together. – [Langston] Expressing
yourself and showing love for you favorite Marvel character. – [Angelique] Be more than a fan. – Bucky – Captain America! – Ohhhh! – [Lorraine] Let’s see
that up, pass the star. – We have Captain Hydra! – [Lorraine] Oh no! – This is one of my favorite
costumes, in comic books. That’s so awesome. – Captain Misty Knight from Exiles. – Yeah! – Equipped with her arm, – That sweet, – Or well, lacking her arm – Bionic hook arm – Her bionic hook arm. – Red Skull, complete with the.. – Look at those eyes those eyes are – The eyes are amazing! Oh, that’s a very nice touch. – Yes, I love that. – That’s a very, very nice touch. Mouth action moves. – [Lorraine] Oh boy. – [Langston] Oh yes. – Doctor Strange! – Sorcerer Supreme! I love these. – Sorcerer Supreme. – these, these spells. – Check out the inside, there’s actually like a lining
on the inside of the cloak. – [Langston] These are great. – Oh yes, right here. – [Angelique] We’ve got these amazing… – Infinity War Bucky! – [Lorraine] Oooooh, too soon. (audience moans) – [Lorraine] It hurts. Guys. – It felt right in the feels man. – The sign says: “Steve, I don’t feel
so good.” #idontwannago – [Angelique] So next up we have Logan and Wade – Yeah! – Wolverine and Deadpool. – I enjoyed his performance there – [Lorraine] Hey Team X-Men! – [Angelique] I mean, I
did, I, I saw it over there the nice lovely band. It was a great show. – Another Gamora! This awesome, awesome I love that jacket.
Look, I love the detail on the, on the… red highlights – [Angelique] Yep, I like
it, I like it. The hand… Actually love it. – [Langston] Awesome – Civil War – Ant-Man – Yes. One of my favorite
heroes of all time. Yeah! – [Lorraine] Whoa! – [Angelique] He’s coming
in, he’s got a good – Right here. – [Angelique] Headpiece, you
know, and this x-ray here. He’s got the belt lights up. – Yeah! With the light up mask. – [Angelique] Oh the suit
lights up. Check it out. Oh that was the detail, the
buttons in the hands, uhhhhh. – [Angelique] The fact that
he actually has the pieces and the fact that they’re movable. – Oh yeah! Hold these man
those are like very good to see in any cosplay. – [Angelique] I think they’re great. The Guardians of the Galaxy! – Yeah… – Including: Groot, Gamora,
Yondu, and Starlord. (whistling from audience) – [Lorraine] Come on over, Guardians. Just this way. – Look at this sweet,
what’s the other hand we got something on the other hand – What’s inside is hard, is cold as ice. – [Lorraine] He’s being
heckled by his own brother – Kneel! – I love this antenna – Oh yeah. Please come up. (crowd cheering ebombay with cosplayer) (Langston speaking in Yoruba dialect) – Wakanda Forever! – [Crowd] Wakanda Forever! – Yeah! – Yeeeeeesss! I had the detail in the hair of M’Baku. – [Langston] Oh yes. – [Angelique] He’s got it done just right. – [Langston] The.. the.. the
detail.. the.. the.. boots – [Angelique] The Dora Milaje… – The Tiny but Mighty Hawkeye! – The Tiny but Mighty Hawkeye. – Captain Marvel! – Captain Marvel! Oh,
you’re filling my heart. My heart is LEDs on. I can’t. She’s so cute y’all. She is 16 months old y’all. She is 16 months old. – [Lorraine] Give it up for them! – Yes! – Look at those arms. – Those arms man. – I think those arms are… Yeah they are! Yeah they are! – [Lorraine] Yes! Yes! – They are just moving and grooving. – Look! – [Lorraine] That is an
excellent Stark upgrade. – Yeah, right? More things keep happening
with his, oh my goodness! Oh… – And there’s more. – Oh, there’s so much more. – There’s so much more. – I don’t know, oh yes – [Lorraine] Thank you Spidermen. – We have: – Ragnarok! – From Thor Ragnarok! – Hello Hela. – Hela! – The Grand Master. – And, and the special
presention of Blade. – Oh my goodness it’s that
Loki, and another Hela – There are two Helas. If there wasn’t enough
trouble, there are two Helas. Oh, But wait! There’s more… – Colossus himself! – [Lorraine] Colossus! – Yeah! (audience cheering) – [Langston] Oh wait, stop over here you got to stop over here This one over here… Oooohhhhh… – I’m really a… He looks great man. – Fantastic, I love, I always
love the lines. You know in Marvel comics, when
someone’s made of metal because there’s lines going down the
entire thing. Which I love. – I always love when cosplay
gets zingered, the McVengers! – Grimace Thanos. Uh, McThor? – Wendy Widow – [Lorraine] Ms. Infinity Gaunt-mitt – I’m makin’ room for the
McVengers. Come on up. – It’s all the fast-food, this is – Loki-King. – Loki-King. – [Angelique] Look at the
burger-purse. The burger purse is a good touch. Oh no, it’s too soon. Too soon. Oh Mick. – [Lorraine] All right, all right. – [Langston] The stones will
make nuggets. I wanna… – [Lorraine] Thank you
everyone. Right here. – Thank you McVengers. – Steampunk Bishop and
Storm… Look at that. I always like when people
take characters, and put them in different eras and genres
and mashes them like that so in steampunk is one of my favorites. – [Lorraine] Well, you know
Bishop does time travel, so. – [Langston] That’s true, so yeah – [Lorraine] So completely possible.. – Uh, this is fantastic. Uh, red-neck Thor and Loki
from the Asgard trailer park. Look at the hammer. – Oh yeah, look inside the hammer. – Oh, look outside the hammer. – That hammer actually goes. – Look at that. – It does. It’s actually
accented with angry – Look at Loki’s flip flops! – [Angelique] Oh wow! I did
not notice the flip flops. – [Langston] Green and
yellow, show the flip flops! – [Angelique] Those are
church, those are church socks. They’re holy! – [Lorraine] Thank you very much fellas. – Magneto, equipped with a Mystique. – In, in mid-transformation – And I love mid-transformation Mystique. – I love that… Oooooh! – [Angelique] Nice… I like the detail on the glimmer, – The sequins, even that… – [Angelique] The sequins… – Yeah… – [Angelique] Like, even the hair. – Yeah, it’s ooooh on the leg! I like, I like the choices
of where there’s Mystique and where there’s Magneto – [Lorraine] I find this
whole look, very nice – Deadpool to the stage. – Yes! – Oooooooh – Serve it. – Serve those heels! Serve them! Equipped with bullet earrings. – Yo, check out the heels though. – And glitter in the beard. – Yes. Working your heels too. – [Angelique] I, I for
one, think it’s fabulous. – Yes. Yes. Yes! Serve it, work it, own it.
But walk very carefully. – Oh look at the lightning.
Look at the eyes… – Look at the lightning. – Bring me Thanos! – [Angelique] Oh! The Odinforce going.. – [Langston] Know I’m saying – Silver Surfer, and Invisible Woman! – [Lorraine] Norrin Radd,
and Invisible Woman! – I’m the Destroyer! – We trust you. – Yeah. – We trust you. – Do you? – Yeah! Look at the braun.. – Why don’t you herald on… – I don’t know if I… – Herald on over here.. – I also like the fact that his, his.. Badge has a place, on the board. (upbeat outro music)

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