Best Self-Hosted WordPress Plugins 2015: How To Choose (not blogs)
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Best Self-Hosted WordPress Plugins 2015: How To Choose (not blogs)

September 1, 2019

Hi, so I thought I’d explain how you might
choose a WordPress plugin. There’s lots and lots of plugins for everything you’d want
to do in WordPress, and sometimes it’s not very easy to pick one. Picking the right one
can be a very good thing. It can be the difference between something that will bog your site
down and something that will really help your site soar. The way you pick a WordPress plugin is…at
least the way I pick it — I’ve been using WordPress for a long long time, and so I’ve
been looking at plugins forever. There’s several things here that can help you choose one. Bascially, let’s say you’re looking for a
forms plugin. So you want a form, like a contact form. So I’ll type in form in the search here.
There’s all of these plugins. How do you choose one? Basically it’s impossible to choose one
just by looking in here. I mean, you can pick one and hope it’s good. A couple of things I look for is when it was
last updated, because this means it has active development on it. It means the developer
has paid attention to it. They care about the plugin, they’re trying to make it better.
That’s a good indicator that a plugin is still in good repair and the developer has really
worked on it. Five months ago is not a great time frame.
Two months ago might be okay, it depends. I’d rather do ones like this that’s “a day
ago” because then you can tell, you know, “11 hours ago”, “a week ago” these kind of
things, you know they’ve been working on it, very frequently. That helps. Another thing that helps too is how many stars
it has, of course, kinda like Amazon or anywhere, how many stars it has, is how good it is,
you know, how many ratings it has. Also here’s another way to tell: look at the downloads.
Look at how many downloads it has. This tells you that so many other people have heard of
it and downloaded it and at least tried it. So I would always choose five million downloads
over ninety-nine thousand. Ninety-nine thousand isn’t bad either, but especially when it says
untested with your version, and this one says compatible, it means they’ve updated it recently,
so this one might be a good one to pick. The other way to choose a good plugin, let’s
see forms plugin here…You can look through, compatible with your version, updated a week
ago, 111,ooo…pretty good reviews, that’s fine. Another way that I would choose is I would
go to the web and say…and go to Google and say…”best WordPress forms plugin” and another
good thing — I just saw that in the search box — put in the year too, because I’m sure
people have been writing “best form WordPress plugin” posts for like the past 10 years,
or 5 years or whatever. You may not get a current, you know, version of a post that’ll
tell you what’s good this year. What’s good in WordPress now, because maybe some plugins
have fallen off in the past couple years and they’re not good anymore and you don’t want
to use those because they’re not going to be good for your site. If you look here, let’s see…that’s fairly
recent…opt-in forms, this is on so you can look at that, but I tend to look
for these…right here. Site Point is terrific. You can look here and find out. All best posts,
I don’t really know that website much but, they have a round-up of WordPress plugins
for 2015. And then Code Canyon is good. Some of these other places I don’t know as well
but it looks like they’ve done some work to tell you what’s the best plugin. Let’s just
try site point real quick. What I consider this, similar to is window
shopping. It’s good to do that the first couple times you do WordPress plugins and install
them. Now I got all this jazz coming up (pop-up window). It’s annoying. If you look at this
post it was done in January, 2015 and let’s see, so Jetpack’s Contact Form Module — go
away new relic — Jetpack is WordPress’s dot com software you can install on your [WordPress]
dot org which is pretty cool. That might be worth doing. It looks like they have an easy
way to put a contact form in. Contact Form 7, I just know this plugin from
using it for a long time and seeing it on a lot of blogs and things like that so I kinda
know this one already because I’ve been kinda looking for plugins for years. But if you
look at this it says “Most Popular Plugins of 2014”. That’s a good clue that a lot of
people got some really good use out of it. Usually the bad plugins that aren’t coded
well won’t do well. They typically don’t make onto websites a lot and people, they get bad
reviews and people just don’t use it. If you look here, 3.9 or higher, compatible
up to 4.0.1. This doesn’t mean that if you have 4.1 or 4.2 — I can’t remember what the
latest is now — that doesn’t mean that it’s not compatible with the latest, it just means
that this is the last time they’ve updated it and they’ve looked at this as of 4.0, and
that’s a good clue because that’s fairly recent so it’s probably going to be fine. Things
in WordPress don’t change quite that much from version to version typically. From 3
to 4 they do, from 4 to 4.1 there’s not tons of updates that will break things usually. Then downloads, 22 million downloads is killer.
That’s a great forms plugin. I would either pick Contact Form 7, or Fast Secure Contact
Form, because this has 5 million, that’s not quite as much. You can tell here, Contact
Form 7 is probably the best, it has all kinds of stuff, AJAX powered submission, CAPTCHA,
Akismet Spam Filtering which is actually really excellent that’s by the WordPress team as
well. Then look at some of these other things, this one has a lot of downloads, it’s compatible
with a lot of the latest ones. Fast Secure is here as well, you can look at that and
see they’ve been updating it too. A couple months old is okay. Just, you can kinda find
a good plugin this way, by looking and seeing you know what people are actually installing.
Just kinda use that social proof of “everybody else has done this” so that going to be a
good indicator that maybe you should use that plugin as well. You know, there’s a ton of roundups on the
web, if you look here again. On Google of course, Google is your friend. That’s a universal
rule in technology. But you can look at all of these roundups to find out what are the
best plugins, what are people using out there? And that really helps you to pick the best
plugin for whatever you’re looking for. This doesn’t just apply to forms, this applies
to all kinds of things. That is in effect the best way to pick a plugin. That’s what
I’ve been doing with WordPress for a long time and it’s really helped me, so anyway
I hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions or anything, I would love to
help you out and maybe help you pick a plugin if you need help with that and let me know.
And…happy WordPressing.

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