Best WordPress Plugins | Free Must have WordPress Plugins (2019)
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Best WordPress Plugins | Free Must have WordPress Plugins (2019)

August 14, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to another video
brought to you by knowledge desire. I’m Christos and in this video I will go
through a list of free and freemium plugins that you should definitely check out. My list contains plugins for several
purposes like website performance, search engine optimisation and security. Those plugins are really must have plugins
but other than those I have also included plugins that enhance the WordPress experience
for both you and your visitors. Without further ado let’s jump in and talk
about the must-have plugins. The first plugin in the list is called W3 Total Cache. Now this plugin enables a caching system on
your website that increases your website’s performance. In case you don’t know what caching is,
don’t worry, caching in simple terms is the process of saving a result of a complicated
operation on the server so the next time this result is needed the server can serve it without
recalculating it. Through this plugin caching can be enabled
on many aspects of your website, like for example on pages or posts. The plugin has a lot of settings that you
can go through for enabling or disabling caching features depending on what you need. Performance is an important factor for any
website and that’s why I’m suggesting that you install this plugin if you are not
already using a caching plugin. Remember Visitors as well as Search engines
tend to value fast performance. Moving on the next plugin is also related to performance and it’s called Smush. Smush is a free plugin that compresses
all the images found on your website without sacrificing any of their quality. Other than performance, smush will reduce
the server disk space taken by bulky photos. Further on the plugin is clever enough as
it smushes every new image you upload through wordpress. With all the images being compressed and their
size in bytes minimized your website will have a lower page load time which is a good
thing. Finally Smush has a great feature called lazy
loading that loads images separately from page content. This is great because pages on your website
will take less time to load as the pictures will be only requested from the server once
they appear in the browsers view port. Now enough about performance let’s talk about another great plugin that has to do
with backups and security. Backing up is important for any website, as
no one of us wants to loose precious content due to hacking or hosting issues. That’s where updraft plus comes into play. This great plugin allows for scheduling backups
for your site and believe it or not the important features you need for fully backing up a single
website come for free. The plugin supports several cloud storage
providers like one drive, google drive and thus maximizing the chance of your backups
being secure away from your server. Saving backups on another location other than
your server is important, as a server can be hacked or down due to some issue. Moreover the plugin has a restoration tool
that will help you to easily restore a backup of your website in just some minutes. I totally recommend this plugin and if this
functionality was not enough for you check out its premium version and the vast majority
of extra features it provides. Moving on the next plugin is really a simple plugin that has to do with security. The plugin is called WPS Hide Login, and you
guessed it. Its purpose is just for changing the URL that
points to your WordPress login page. Changing the default URL for that page adds
another extra security layer on top of your website as it blocks hackers from trying to
guess your password using the login form. Once you install this plugin and change the
URL of the login page make sure to remember it, because in case you forget it you will
be locked out of WordPress. Luckily though uninstalling this plugin will
restore the login page URL back to the default one. Since we all hate spammers, here is another security plugin that will guard your website
and blog posts from unwanted comments. This plugin is called AKISMET and is developed
by the people of WordPress. It usually comes preinstalled with WordPress
installations so check it out before removing it. In case you already removed it don’t hesitate
to reinstall it and keep the bad guys out. So I have talked a lot about performance and security plugins therefore it’s time to
talk about those plugins that will help you drive more traffic to your website. The first plugin I have in is called Yoast
SEO, one of the most popular plugins for applying search engine optimisation on your website. SEO allows a website to be easily discoverable
from a search engine like Google for example. Nowadays applying SEO on a website is simple
because of plugins like Yoast. Once the plugin is installed it will help
you generate a sitemap for your website that then you can upload to Google for allowing it to better index your website . Other than that yoast allows you to create
a title tag and a meta description for each page or blog post you create within wordpress. The title tag and the meta description is
what shows up in the search engine results. Editing those fields will make our site look
more appealing to the people searching in google. Finally yoast gives a bunch suggestions about
how you can improve your content for making it rank higher in search engines. Driving people to your website is one thing but keeping them returning back is a whole
new story. OneSignal and Sumo are some really important
plugins that will help you with exactly that. First of all, let’s talk about one signal. Do you remember that little bubble that pops
up when you visit a website for the first time asking us to allow or block notifications? Well that’s what one signal enables on your
website for FREE. Using this plugin will enable you to send
push notifications to users that previously subscribed on your website notifications by clicking
accept on the bubble. Through this plugin you will have all your
interested readers returning back once you release something new as you will be able
to inform them for your new content directly from their browsers using a notification. Isn’t that awesome? If notifications were not enough
for you SUMO provides all techniques for collecting visitor’s emails for re-engagement
through email marketing. The plugin is used from more than 37,000 online
businesses that have seen a great increase in purchase conversions after installing the
plugin. Sumo provides a set of tools that you can
use for building opt-in forms, exit popus and even more visitor engagement techniques
like adding social sharing buttons on your pages or posts. All features can be applied with no programming
experience what so ever. Taking advantage of the free features provided
by SUMO will be a great starting point for effectively growing an email list and generating
more sales and traffic depending on your website. Check it out! Speaking of visitors and traffic, analytics about people and how they navigate within
your website are important for understanding how to better improve your website and content
creation strategies. So as you understand the next plugin has to
do with website analytics. As you probably know, a great tool for doing exactly that is called Google
Analytics, but integrating Google Analytics with a website
can be cumbersome for most people. That is where Monster Insights comes into
the game. This plugin will allow anyone to integrate
Google Analytics on a WordPress website regardless of programming experience. The plugin takes away having to copy and paste
code snippets around for enabling Google Analytics on a WordPress website. It does not just enable easy integration it
also provides dashboards within your admin area so that you can easily extract data
about your visitors and make decisions wisely. The plugin currently has 2 million installs and is
a great asset for any website, Check it out definitely! The plugins discussed by now where mostly must have plugins as they have to do with
performance, security and website traffic so let’s now explore some more general purpose
plugins that will make your website a better place for you and your visitors. The first plugin is called Elementor and it’s one
of the most popular page builders for wordpress. With Elementor you can create high-end pixel
perfect designs using just drag and drop. It works with any theme and it even has themes
that use it as a default builder for allowing an easier building experience. The plugin has many prebuild elements like
galleries and text areas that you can drag around and create pages from scratch with
minimal to no effort. Moreover, Elementor is free and it will allow
you to create complex designs in really minimal time as it requires no coding experience. If you would like to learn more, I have a
video where I show you how to build a whole website using elementor. The link is found here. Since we are talking about builders and drag and drop tools here is another great plugin
that will enable you to create forms using drag and drop. The plugin is called happy forms and it allow
you to compose forms for various purposes as it allows for creating multiple fields of multiple
data types. In the simplest scenario you could use this
plugin to create a beautiful contact form for your website. The plugin provides flexibility as it also
allows styling the form using css. Moreover the plugin employees a live preview
are where you can see how the form looks like before publishing it. With this plugin’s high rating and extremely
useful free features I defiantly suggest you check it out. Moving on the last three plugins I have for
you really help if you are writing a blog. First of the first plugin is called duplicate
post. The is a really simple plugin as it has one task, it just
duplicates posts. The reason you might need to do that is mostly
to keep a similar template across multiple blog posts. What I mean is that by duplicating a post
you can then edit the new post’s title and contents and have other settings being the
same as the other blog post. This will save you time as you will not have
to go through a totally new blog post for setting theme settings and styling within your
content. Moving on the next plugin enables pages and
posts to have a line indicator on the top for informing the reader where he is within the content. The plugin is called Worth the Read and it’s a really flexible plugin that really
works with any theme. This is really just to provide extra
aesthetics and a better user experience to your readers. Having a sense of where we are within content
is always better. Finally the last plugin I have is called Pretty
Links and it will allow you to hide or shorten long links and mask them with a url of your
own website. This is really helpful if you are doing affiliate
marketing or if you are writing blog posts that have a lot of links inside them. Also If you want to make all the links in
your social media to appear as links from your website just use this plugin. Other than just making pretty links the plugin
also provides useful statistics and charts about how many times a link was clicked and
where the click came from. If you enjoyed this video please leave us a
like and if you are new to our channel feel free to subscribe for staying up to date with
our new content. In case you have any suggestion of plugins
or any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment below. And finally for those who want to see how Elementor
works in a real example check out this video here, where we build a website from scratch using Elementor.

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    I just installed the newest WordPress's version, can you help me?

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