Beyond the Aircraft: Elisa, Cabin Crew Member
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Beyond the Aircraft: Elisa, Cabin Crew Member

November 7, 2019

Although our days can look different, meaning we work with different crew different guests, different destinations, what stays consistent is safety. I’m Elisa Choi and I’ve been a Cabin Crew Member for WestJet for the past fifteen years. I’m also a mom of a twelve-year-old daughter. There’s more to being a cabin crew member than most people see in flight. So even before guests set foot on the aircraft, we are doing preflight checks. We’re going over guest loads with gate agents. There’s always a two-way communication between the pilots and the cabin crew member so that our flights run smoothly. In our initial training, which is pretty intense, it’s about 4-5 weeks and it is everything to do with safety. You are learning first aid, how to fight a fire, going over any scenarios that may occur. We are retested every year, so we are always on top of our game. We take it as serious as initial training. By the end you know every inch of the aircraft you’re working on and how to provide the best care for guests every step of the way. This attention to detail and knowing that there’s a whole team of people putting that level of care into every flight. That makes it much easier for me to say goodbye to my daughter when I go to work. And that’s why I’ve been a WestJetter for the past fifteen years.

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