Beyond the Aircraft: John, Captain
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Beyond the Aircraft: John, Captain

October 17, 2019

I went to school for engineering, but I learned pretty quickly that I didn’t want to work in an office. Flying at 35,000 feet was about as far away I could get from sitting at a desk. My name is John Rand and I’m a Boeing 737 Captain for WestJet. I’ve been with WestJet for almost ten years now. Flying runs in my family. My mom was a private pilot and my uncle was a bush pilot up North. So when I joined WestJet I had ten years and five thousand plus hours of experience. But when I got to WestJet I really did notice that they were very much setting us up for success. Huge portion of what we do happens behind the scenes. We’re in the classroom every year. We are in the simulator every six months as well. We’re getting checked every year in between. We are doing electronic training. Safety is of the utmost importance to every WestJetter. I’m flying the best aircraft that I’ve ever flown. I have the most experience that I’ve ever had and I have the best people behind me in dispatchers, ground handlers. It’s really important to me to have a really good turnaround crew or TAC team on the ground, ensuring the aircraft is pushed back correctly, is loaded properly. The flight attendants are my eyes and ears in the back of the aircraft. They take care of people’s safety in the back of the airplane while we are freed up to take care of the safety in the front of the airplane. To me care means create a remarkable experience, which I try and do on each flight and with every crew. I think I’m a little biased but we probably have the best crew in the industry here at WestJet, and as a pilot that’s incredibly important to me because at the end of the day I’ve got a family to get home to as well.

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