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Bike Baron iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 21, 2019

Bike Baron by Qwiboo and Mountain Sheep is
not the first to strap a happy-go-lucky stunt driver in to a vehicle and point them towards
a lethal combination of ramps and explosives, nor will it be the last. What it lacks in
original concept it makes up for with sheer polished gameplay and design, going so far
as to also include the iOS community in the process of level creation. If you’re looking for a storyline, you’re
sorely out of luck as the Bike Baron is simply a daredevil without a cause. With his cravat,
trail bike and trusty feline sidekick, he’ll take on any challenge placed before him and
if he’s lucky he’ll pull it off with style. Upon loading the App the game throws you straight
in to the game proper and after a cursory introduction to the controls you’re on your
way. This motif of snappiness goes a long way to making the game easy to replay over
and over despite the huge potential for multiple restarts. Did you just blow up? Tap the screen
immediately and you’re already at the last checkpoint. Missed a coin early on? Two quick
taps and you’re already back at the start of the level. The speedy restarts and loading may be attributed
in-part to the rather small, yet dense designs of each level. Most can be completed in under
30s, meaning multiple attempts will only take a handful of minutes as opposed to the better
part of an hour. Should you collect all the stars in a difficulty level (earned by completing
various tasks) you’ll unlock a ‘joker’ level that aims only to frustrate and test your
skill with the game’s controls. While far from a truly realistic physics experience,
Bike Baron always feels like you’re completely in control, responding to subtle taps of the
controls to brake or accelerate as you lean forward or back to adjust how you land or
your bike’s grip. The fidelity is quite surprising and after only a couple levels you’ll feel
at ease with game’s controls. Despite having over 40 levels ranging from
easy to the ridiculously hard to conquer, unlocking and completing them once won’t take
too long as stars from earlier levels carry over. If you’re the kind of person who craves
new content all the time, you’re in luck as you can either spend some time in the level
editor making your own sadistic challenges or download stages shared by community members
on the game’s website. Bike Baron is a careful balance of elements
that culminates in a perfect storm of bite-sized gameplay with easy to approach gameplay that
scales in difficulty depending on what challenges you seek to conquer. If you love games like
Trials HD or Joe Danger, this is a great pick up for your iDevice.

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  1. hmm, looks great and sounds very promising! Would've been great to show the lvl editor a bit so wee see what's in there as well…

  2. Haven't played yet but I went ahead and got it cuz this review and mainly I'm a sucker for level editors it adds so much more content I just hope they change the code part so I can get them from anyone.

  3. least it isnt the gay tilt controls, those suck, the game looks ok, best bike game iv seen on Iphone is XtremeWheels, a carbon copy of the trialshd game on xbox

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