Bildoptimierung für WordPress – wie geht das?
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Bildoptimierung für WordPress – wie geht das?

August 18, 2019

hello we just as a photographer we lots of pictures on our websites work must be careful that these pictures are loaded quickly because too high loading times due to wrong file size or too high resolution is from google with a place further back in the snake’s punished search results and want that we naturally avoid in this video I show you four services complete this workflow automate your time for other things and that your pictures always top have loading times hello I am ulf founder of facebook group digital business for photographer agile this theme are you interested in the group invited to join us discuss the link can be found below in the video description I also publish regularly on youtube videos about this topic that maybe you have a channel where he’s going should and also a like or a commentary leaves because feedback is always important today is about 4 wordpress plugins that give you the image optimization work decrease and automate this whole process a short note in advance it goes in this case is not a real perform hardcore tests where we pixel by pixel the quality in the Compression of individual services compare with each other but it is primarily about you the to introduce service and to see if why you should use it to use it at all because you can be synonymous in photoshop just be picture in one corresponding web version reduced save it and then have it directly yourself you can do that too no problem at all ultimately a pure comfort thing than at the beginning of the year my I had to create a new website actually many pictures again since I do not even touch it for a webversion had optimized the means it was relatively expensive manual operation of the after 34 pictures showed me that’s all relative it takes me a long time search made for such services as that automatically take over is it free to do it manually too make but I find that a more comfortable way besides, I’ll never have to worry if my pictures are now for the loading times are too big or or the wrong resolution has all this let’s take these plugins off we look but what is there for possibilities on the one hand there is the plug-in smash pro this is distributed by the developer double you can you or i say wpm but wpm building something bulky name this is one of the most downloaded plugins seems really relative you can do it for 30 days to fully test it also gives a free plan so here’s a certain number of pictures also free you can compress every month see if that’s enough for you or maybe we’re on an affordable wanted to change the next plugin is in the magic eye also a wordpress plugin which is relatively successful and basically works similarly like as much prodi have something else pay for it later then we look at this optimally plugin that is of course a picture optimizer works after one something else in which he and the images on your server ultimately not touches the pictures in your own cloud loads and also optimizes from there back on your website that is a so-called content delivery network therefore also and disadvantages the advantage is that your customers always you get the image optimization just need so on the phone will be a smaller picture presented than the example on the desktop is the question only what happens will the service times someday leave then yours optimized images go away and it will be but then again the pictures from the server loaded and then there is another simple but nice tool short pixel that’s the plugin I use not because I’m forcing this now Best of all, keep everyone honest because it’s the first time I’ve heard ran across the way when I was doing so one could also look for a service here to test the service there is a certain monthly contingent free to take pictures that was not quite enough for me I have become a pay version decided which is exactly that I’ll tell you but we’ll see you soon but first of all we like such a plug-in on our website install I am already in the dashboard my wordpress test page and we go just land on plugins then in the repository and can here looking for example short pixel whether you get the plug-in here and would appear here install click I have it now already installed then we would click on activate afterwards but of course you will find it here as well also the other plugins for example in magic is just like that that optimally for example ms image optimization and of course wps mosch they could all, so to speak, all right out install the wordpress repository and you see here for example at swatch image compression that over have a million active installation Of course that’s one house number that means that will really can not use so much his maybe very briefly to the Price models of the individual suppliers at swatch pro is it so there you only have one possibility you can get a monthly subscription above 49 dollars complete Of course that sounds relatively a lot, personally, I find it very expensive however, it is so that you in this abo a whole lot more plugins that’s kind of an abo on all plugins this service for Provision provides if you have one alternative is because yes hey i says still need somehow a seo optimizer and maybe I need another form plugin then maybe that’s one worth considering as you said then you are at $ 49 a month and get all these plugins for you just need this image optimizer then this is a relative one expensive affair then we have something in the magic eye a relatively popular choice is this plugin offers just different compressing stages so that a balanced relationship between performance and quality are achieved can and optimizes in the mgv too thumbnails and retina pictures was of course a cool thing is for the pro version in this case offers the free version and the premium version of the plugin the same scope of functions So what the compression and the Qualities are the difference is how many to optimize files with the free with the free version you can Optimize 25 megabytes per month if one now assumes that the pictures Something between 100 and 100 kilobytes and a megabyte are big you can see that but already one relatively large discrepancy in number So at 100 kilobytes, that will be some 250 pictures but honestly one jetpack with 100 kilo at run straight for the photographer is already relatively strongly optimized so that here maybe a little bit is necessary but you look otherwise it is just monthly at 4 $ 99 continues and then you can get one compress total size from 1 gigabyte that can also be done at 100 kilobytes about 1000 pictures are or wif it is even yes, more is a megabyte then a little less pictures there you always have to be a bit calculate and see if these order of magnitude for someone works then have optimal as I said this is a picture optimization solution for wordpress web pages fully cloud based is not and not on your server load or performance of one subtract server by image compression the pictures will be in the saved cloud and there will be no images on your own webserver overwritten the free version is optimal very very powerful like with the restriction that the store images in the cloud and not on your own web press web server which has disadvantages the advantage of course is that it faster is the disadvantage is what happens if you do not use this service sometime then use more optimized images on all others solutions of this one of the other plugins is it so the pictures are definitely there but they will be stored on your server not even on the server itself optimized but the services load your pictures to your own server compress and then load again automatically in your media library back at the premium Optimal variation of up to 10 Optimize gigabit images in the month and additionally receives premium support or priority support that means you you can also chat and so contact the support relatively quickly the cost for the premium service of then optimal are nine dollars 99 in month and last but not least we have short pixel also short pixel offers a free contingent of about 100 pictures per month where here also the wordpress am nails are counted that is for every picture you upload in wordpress yes, four additional previews Pictures in different sizes created so that you ultimately with the original picture actually five pictures per picture has to be optimized so that out of the 100 pictures the shaw In the end, pixel only offers 25 different pictures will be in the Optimize basic meal per month maybe that’s what you like if you have a picture every weekday enders then you come with the service actually well, I think this dimension Imagery actually better than picture size because here you have to do not worry how big is that original image what I’m uploading but you know exactly the fixed ones number you have and I think that leaves ultimately better calculate because here can also picture year five megabyte or six megabytes in size there is no role in the calculation a picture is a picture no matter how big as I said that I find myself at calculate short pixel more easily if you use the want to pay for service it starts at 4 dollars 99 a month but there is also a once version that for example you have one time plans that For example, for 10,000 pictures 9 paid $ 99 and then it plays no matter how long you need to these 10,000 images are optimized and I found that really quite ferry Variation because I just do not have time pressure and must be new every month pay but I can pay once in principle two or three years time let me take this 10,000 pictures and personally also work with several websites that means I can plugin this on all install my web pages and the same access data to this access contingent of 10,000 images so that this contingent of 10,000 images even over several can distribute web pages and actually can access it more effectively and as said this around 10 dollars I find one-time payments owndaily a very good course for what’s there to work is accepted but let’s see what else actually on the website I want to go to the plugin page where we go now have everything installed you can see the four plugins we can turn them on in turn and then look what happens optimally would like us to register and a so-called peak enter and then the upload to this content delivery network regulated so that the communication between the plug in yours website smoothly works and who activate once in the tv and also here it is so we have an account then create this ap key us get it and then configure it like that compression should take place So that’s all relatively simple then we’ve figured it out here as single menu entry in the dashboard and if we click on it then come we just got into the actual smart sport for our settings and see here we already have 143 pictures is yes also 143 images optimized have to be and I have to go to the pro activate service or So I have to pay for all of these pictures in a slip compressed can be I can say here also treis much click for free then I have 30 days time to use the plugin and all Pictures I take in these 30 days compress they are free then we go again back to plugins and disable Smash and activate in the end short pixel here, too, it is the service first I need to be activated for that here on settings short pixel and I want to exemplify this show this service like that go So I have to get this api first ask me for a key e mail is sent and now of course I have the conditions of use must be there agree the privacy statements read naturally and everything is dsgv eu compliant that is of course, that the plugin also good for the european market is suitable now I can also request keys click and now I was the same this key sent now is already installed here and because I have the sent to the e-mail also in my website settings saved So I get this key too then unlocked immediately now I have the possibility here between three different select compression types once Go on this is a lossy one Compression the best Compression rate offers but even with light accompanied by visual deterioration can I have this compression on my website uses and works very good the only problem is that for example, it’s easy in gray or sometimes in portraits for easy gradients in Sometimes it sounds like that Artifacts means that means if you photographer and your pictures I would rather be able to optimize glossy variant guessing then stands will this compression also on the thumbnails to this I want in this case because every picture is loaded should be optimized naturally and of course this is just as the thumbnails then I have now here the possibility of the pictures before the save optimization that means if someday decides that the compression for some reason not I should also like the pictures even before they were optimized again back up and have my , so to speak
original condition also restored I want a good action in would like to practice this case then the exif data will be removed that hott you can not use your pictures anymore recognize which aperture and which camera have used what I net in the net would actually recommend because that’s data under circumstances no one tackle something and there you just have the possibility of the pictures on one maximum size to zoom out when you because they are much bigger than you actually needed at resolution so the longest one should not get bigger its as 1200 pixels then the images larger than 1200 pixels at the longest knew optimized but the original aspect ratio becomes do not contain them now square that’s just for photos the For example, from the smartphone directly upload that are partly today even two to five megabytes in size if you come directly from the camera so you can safely upload and the ministry shrinks you automatically now we have it here so all set i go to changes Save or I go actually save on changes and go to the collective processing because then the service starts directly with the Optimization of the pictures I’ll click here and start now we see here the service starts work the pictures are taken from the mediathek uploaded to the servers of pixel optimized there and again reloaded on our page yes and then oh big surprise after 100 images have been optimized Of course we have our monthly free quota exceeded and top picks land first stopped our I think about 67 800 pictures edit that means we can now in the next keep doing this month Of course not, but we’ll take a look what happened so far is the pictures on this test page was already relative small but short pixel is also available here made 16 percent more optimize at the middle resolution where you get no other artifacts sees that I find a whole good value but our case scenario is yes actually that we as a photographer load larger images that’s why I show you again fast on my side like that looks in the statistics there is a little graphic inconsistency the graphic is above the writing but you see 62 percent in about were compressed exactly by nearly 1900 1838 pictures were edited on average about 61 got 5 percent of optimization that is, the pictures were taken at 61 percent smaller and overall became one Memory space of 100 5 megabytes saved these 100 5 megabytes have to be too no longer forward to the browser to be transported when a visitor click this picture I think that’s a very good savings and for that it all works automatically and I find work done actually a very meaningful Solution so much for facing these four image optimization services in the basics actually all taken the same ultimately, it does not make a big one difference for which service you serve decides there maybe differences in price or number you have to take the pictures yourself look which contingent maybe for you the best price performance ratio offers in the basics gramme but I find the claim such a service very worthwhile because it just saves a lot of time and just clear your head of these whole questions my picture is optimized are they too big too small all this is with the use of this I personally do service short pixel was this service at that time just first I’m also a big one friend of this one time payment the not monthly costs but I’ll buy a kontwhat I am then for any length of time can do that worked out very well fallen and I do not find that underlined expensive, though, maybe I would me even more accurate look at the next time then maybe that’s enough for me free version this is definitely a look ultimately you have to decide for yourself which service is right for you Personally, however, I think that the use of such a service genuine offers advantages because you just easy the certainty has that the pictures always get good loading times I’m curious for what service you you decide write it in the comments or even if there is nothing for you guys is what you do differently and we See you in the next video until then bye [Music]

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