BIONICLE: Mata Nui Rising (improved version)
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BIONICLE: Mata Nui Rising (improved version)

August 22, 2019

In the time before time, on the mysterious island of Mata Nui Six canisters washed ashore on a golden beach And new and powerful legends were born. Tahu, courageous Toa of Fire Lewa, agile Toa of Air Gali, noble Toa of Water Kopaka, powerful Toa of Ice Onua, wise Toa of Earth Teamed with Pohatu, mighty Toa of Stone They battled the darkness of evil Makuta and the terrible menaces he unleashed, that threatened the Toa and the world Time would bring transformations: Amazing weapons, masks and armor. And new and greater power than ever before. These Toa Nuva would need all their power, all their skill, and all their wisdom To combat more dangerous threats like the Bohrok-Kal and the dreaded Rahkshi sons of the evil Makuta They brought fear, destruction and doom to Mata Nui But new allies joined the fight and helped to defeat Makuta Secrets of an ancient land called Metru Nui were revealed. A land that long ago had its own heroes who fought for justice with all their powers and skills, braving any danger to keep their city safe Challenged by the Vahki, robots programmed to pursue, capture or destroy, these Toa fought on Even when turned into nightmare versions of themselves, they never surrender Whatever the enemy, whatever the odds, they fought and they won. In other faraway lands, evil continued to grow Monstrous creatures longing to be unleashed, but the mantle of Toa was worn by new warriors. On a quest to find the legendary Mask of Life, nothing would get in their way Not on land or under the sea No matter where the Mask of Life might be, No matter who dared to try and possess it with stealth, power, and evil schemes, The Toa would be there Armed with new masks and weapons, ready to fight to save a universe With enemies on every side, outnumbered and under attack, stranded in the depths of a strange ocean, and facing monsters beyond imagination, the Toa would find a way to win No matter what the future may bring, some things will never change like the courage and daring of true heroes In 2008, the Toa face their greatest challenge: A battle in the skies at the core of the universe The Toa Nuva will continue the fight The final battle is about to begin tahu Gali, Kopaka onua Kohaku Riwa these six heroes are united by destiny to save the universe from the threat of the brotherhood of Makuta and Awaken the Great Spirit Masa news together They are the toa nuva This is Karda Nui Yesterday – Amari Matoro gave his life here to save the great spirit Mata Nui and the universe the three flying figures [art] [Anima] Botox and Sullen Michurin of light and [dwellers] and poor Until recently their biggest problem was keeping their [Jetpacks] and good repair now It’s staying a lot Let’s go before they cut us off from the village toa would run right heroes like Todd when Kopaka will stay in sight well I don’t see any tow around you select. We’re on our own here like we’ve always been you will stand or fall on our own It’s going to be fall if those monsters get any closer Monsters, it’s just one of the names that fit the attackers, but [they] are usually called Makuta Twisted Masters [of] shadow they have come to carter newing to conquer let them try to run where can they hide What shadow can conceal them with a darkness [boast]? The plans of the three of them and Trois Vamp rah and Chirac’s were slowed when a Sudden massive explosion of light and energy blinded them Fortunately [Mattern] they have corrupted now act as writers and eyes For the Makuta and with those eyes are seeing now is a chance to eliminate the last freema Torn Village the Shadow [beaches] carried by each Makuta can drain the light from any being Turning them into a servant of darkness you got my friends cheer up and gala Rady action, but you won’t get me bastard. [we] might still make it their game We better look out. What where? – like algum were flying not falling save the questions toggle with the opposite problem And let you want to bet the bigger Peak reach with bad wings of the bad guys what did you [all] the factors are shooting us is that heather course climbing kabakov a Quick [cycle] catch it for me no, don’t touch it. [I] don’t take fly passengers Suddenly Rivas mind is flooded with the memories of the [matura] on top of him He sees the great earthquake that struck carter Nui over a thousand years ago causing massive Stalagtites to break off the Cavern roof carrying matter [and] settlements with them and impaled themselves in the soft ground of the cave The Matoran went to work rebuilding their villages and adjusting to their new life here even as waters from above began to flood the cavern Life and their new home was hard, but peaceful Until the Makuta came bringing darkness to what had been a land of light? Gala was the first of the mature and to have her light drained by the shadow [reaches] Leaving her a twisted ally of the Makuta and she wouldn’t be the last There the memories end hey get out of my hip. Hop why would I want to be in your head? Who are you anyway? You look like something so like with dream [um]. I am a [toa] hero [keeper] [taken] from a very unique saving from [Rr] [morel] adapted to this new environment Some of our weapons. I see yeah, [I] wonder what has been judged wow oh Nuts what it does those things whatever. They are are pulling back That gives us time to talk to the villages about what’s going on here. I want some answers On them now Soon answers are given and plans are made three, toa Tahu nuva Gali nuva and anu Anubha head down to the swamp far below to search for the mask of life They believe is there the others plan a defense for the last surviving Village the Makuta will be coming back They have more power than we do luckily we tell a heroes of use to a possible odd and so [doom] The question is what do they want are they after the mask of life the Matawan who live here? Why are they in Karda Nui in the lair of the Makuta? I ask again? Why are we wasting our time here? When there is a universe outside to conquer We are here because the leader of our brotherhood demands it we are here to see if any of these matura never become toa They will be our Tour of shadow we have already been blinded and now our prey has powerful [help] Perhaps our leader sent us here to be eliminated. Have you ever thought of that? I had thought of everything [Jaques] Including what will happen to anyone who does not follow the plan? The toa, Nuva are here as we knew they would be one day. We will see to it they never leave alive Send a summons to pick a rattle I [prepare] a gift for a new guest don’t worry. We faced worse Benjamin a real mucuna I know remember [wendy] look Talk I stole another battle plan But I’m hacked Could be a trick it probably is But if it really needs help that [I’m] going along Not stay there while we look you over and no tricks. Oh It’s much too like that You fool. We just need to get you away from the light by not read your village it grows is Annoying Vampira my silent friend you take the Tower I Will claim the Matura I have an experiment is fine would be perfect oh Doc I’m All right, don’t worry No, I found things on the rocks are have more guts when you [Makuta]. It’s no wonder – one blow is not a fight Oh, I do think about that on your way down and one battle isn’t the war Makuta if you Will [do] [what] or fire the balls of light make more and Pthreads [Kakuta]? Why don’t you dry up and blow away? Are you silent out of fear Master? Who do you simply have nothing worthwhile to say go [ahead]? Make a move and [that’s] [a] blood line with ice in your wings, hey tell Santa wears the mask of Hunger he doesn’t have to come near a destroyed push fading Save yourself [night], no, I won’t Abandon you Daniel those you Surrender until us were tahu and your other friends are gone And why you will be well treated the rumors of what we do to toa are? Exaggerated right I can tell from what that wing of an elitist that you see are just happy smiles and windows But you know the problem with wings They don’t work well in a big way What are you doing? We have to go back and save my friend and yours and we will Six of them two of us if not, how we will do it we need to find time where the other two animals Hope we’re in time Let them go. There’s no way they can run to [the] side a garage will be here soon We’ll let him destroy them it is after all what he does best the Makuta fortress on the island [of] [Destron] current layer of interact, so Uncle’s [Broken] Soul returns to degree clubs and skillful power that and I am Power I will give the [guardian] see my [brother’s] 113 [enclosing] [data] Then we will see how these around Yes the bottom of the Carter Nui swamp the mask of life landed here after being used to save the life of the great speared Matt annuity and here it has remained ever since But it can sense what is going on above and it knows [that] creatures of darkness are searching for it even now in the past It is relied on others to protect it, but not this time Now it will learn what it means to live and what it means to be a hero With a newly created body and a vehicle to carry it from the murky waters of the swamp Toa Ignite is born and the universe will never be the same you six heroes the toa Nuva [I’ve] come to carter Nui to Awaken the great spirit Math annuity However the Makuta [masters] of shadow are fighting to stop the way the battle has raged in the sky elemental energies and the power of light against the devastating Force of shadow But what of the rest of Karda Nui and what of the three, toa? Tahu gali and onua who left to explore it they discovered a vast swamp a world of strange Twisted Plant Life weird, Rocky creatures and mud of course the real problem with a swamp is You never know what might work [just] beneath the surface Taught toa nuva a fire. There’s a lot of swamp to search good thing Gali onua And I split up hopefully [one] of us will spot the mask of life or one of the Keystone’s we seek Wait a moment. What’s that? Whatever it is. It doesn’t look like it belongs here Did the Makuta Build it or did someone else? We were told before we came here there was a weapon in Karda Nui. We can use to finish our mission Maybe it’s in there worth checking Yeah, unfortunately [that] is easier said than done For the structure is surrounded by an [invisible] barrier of energy as posh as find out and want to live A brave and daring, [toa] Fallen at the feet of [Kuda] Krieger Do you know why we tell so much? It’s because you are what we could only pretend to be awesome heroes good enough And so we call you fools even [Slain] Because we cannot be you am I supposed to pity you After all the evil you and your kind of done. I don’t think so share your burdens with someone who Cares Makuta I ask nothing you tell I Only thought you’d like to know Why it is you have to die? oh Weak whatever you doing my strength is fading fast. Just let the signal help What if one of the others doesn’t see it in time? The toa, Nuva are going to need a new leader in another part of the vast swamp. Yeah the [matura] study We needed to find six key stones and catenary they will teach [us] how to awaken the great spirit and I think I see one now But I’ve never seen a plant like that one before it clings to the Keystone. I could guarding a treasure I’ve heard enough tales of power from Let’s see how it likes the power of a toe of water Now it will be easy to collect and I can wait. What’s the sound before me? What? [and] so you Know one can stand before God Ruler [of] the Trend [companies] mistress of the [Acid] [fold] Conqueror of the vision you know that I’ll just have to beat you sitting down Surrender would you rather go first [swim] on dry land since I’m never seen For the same reason – I do not – it’s not in our nature we are worrying by [Nature] do we see Mercy isn’t a sign of weakness [Christ], but of wisdom and you fools can kill. I’m sure you’re a proof of that By the way, I’ve increased the amount of water in the ground beneath your feet. You might want to watch your step what? [truly] is Concerned, but it will not stop me Heidegger stopped cold give me your head, [and] I’ll help you out we need answers And it’s easier to get some a live prisoner in a dead. Enemy the choice is mine to make [toa]. Not [your] helpless Gali watches gore ass disappear, beneath the mud [derp] it’s stupid Did life mean nothing to her even her own? Your life doesn’t matter only [the] great plan we’ll it must succeed Wonderful, I’m worried about running into one [Mucuna] as I searched this swamp And I run into seven Makuta [cragger] will be pleased to see atella captive beef not on. God. He will be here Clyde John Show yourself [you] [never] see him [until] that possible moment. I really hate that Yes, you have bigger problems [right] now. We’re gonna tell your friends to back away If they like your head attached to your body [oh] We like it a bit more than you can imagine so on but can you act before we strike you down? Yeah? You don’t understand. Do you lua these are copy to me. They are me my neck now Let’s me some another motion to myself on [the] path to a tree and then stick [tommy] all of them Completely loyal and as many as I need for as long as I need them You see you have no chance Unfortunately none of them won’t remember what they believe here when I send them back, so they won’t recall the moment in their death shame Then let’s try to make it really memorable like this Nothing. I can call in the earth when you are in a world of mine. I feel like [Kopaka] in a blizzard Let’s see what this does No Either to who’s found something he wants to share or he’s calling for help And he never goes throughout Now this ends the only way it can It’s time [rumored] [to] attack one toll Anubha and you attack us all and By the way the truth hurts Are you [alright]? Yes, but garage will be back stop resisting Tahu You are already doomed And that is perhaps the one thing you and I have in common keep talking You let me build up my power Now let’s see if you can take the heat looks like we made our stand here by massive shielding will protect us for now, but [help] of an arrived them somewhere this could be the end of the toa nuva if tahu could see a site far to the West [he] would know help is already on its [way] the figure emerging into Karda Nui from a hole in [space] Has [just] [into] a Journey Beyond imagination Now he has arrived and even the Mukunda. No fear at his name Takanuva toa of life The toa nuva and Brotherhood of Makuta are locked in battle in the swamps of Karda Nui With the battle in the skies ended for now both sides have been reinforced by their fan toka allies What started out as a single battle has now spread across the swamp? the object of the battle the mysterious structure called the code rex and the secrets it holds The Battle has not gone well [for] everyone [Gaali] Felled by a treacherous attack by Makuta [Cracka] is carried deeper into the swamp. [why] have you brought me here Why not, just kill me I am doing something. I’m acutally never does on offering Mercy Lee [gully] Leave this place Go anywhere in this universe, but do not stay and [call] the new way. [I] do want you gone Or do you just want one left? Oh in your grand Category you have made it come together You’re far too clever to be a toa. I’ll tell you this you’d so [nuva] here to awaken the great spirit Mata Nui a mission that requires all six of you I tell you that if you do that you and Everything you know will be doomed to [repeat] [your] more horrible than you can imagine Leave now and that future cannot come to pass What get away from her monster? Is that really you? [your] [honor] your [mask] what happened to you. I will explain later Well right, now. We need to find the others if I’m right Everyone in the swamp has only hours to live later the toa, Nuva Takanuva and toa, inika assembled to hear the toa of white news say that again when Martin Nui is awakened an Energy storm is going to erupt here and nothing will survive if we don’t get ourselves and the [torrent] out in time We have the 60 stones we need to get into the coat racks So we hit the makuta hard so what we have to do to get inside and then get out Not a new rule Toa me why [to] a godly combine their elemental powers to create a massive thunderstorm? While takanuva toa of light has his own unique power to the battle with a group of fight back Using their nine roar Ghost blasters and Their own dark powers Sonic attack knocks on new Innova from the sky got you [cali] [made] me keep heading for the Cobras Go for dolls orders. Sorry brother. I can’t hear you over all this wind. What do you see? Weapons ancient carving treasure, what do you think Kopaka if it’s done device with power to keep you quiet? brother it will be well worth all this effort [ah] Torso is much. [I’d] almost ever forgotten how much fun No words of ours can capture the enormity of this battery, so we won’t even try Spotting an opening in the battle [typhoon] rushes to put the key stones into the cobbers this should open the way protective field down the toa rush through a portal and into the cover I Retrieved the key stones the field is back up, so we have until the Makuta find a way to knock it down Amazing [I] feel like I’ve seen this place before But when those impressions on the floor they looked like some [wrestler] at one time Look at their size and shape perfect for holding the canisters we arrived on Masa Nuyen so long ago I Believe this made them where we spend the Millennia before our journey there Some things look familiar some do not This is for example. I wonder what it’s well. I guess we now know what it does look [o] [portal] to the skull it would never have imagined another day another plunge underground I’m starting to think that the great spirits like the newer best the toe are never to take to my presence But I can still follow them by their voices Another my sight is lost. I can still send power below fast power For dropping floors quick riding bikes stands what’s next [oh]? When will I learn not to ask now what will come out of it a new mask power? smooth 2-car creature [of] the toy Marching band [now] come out [wherever] [or] whatever you are at the [Lurid] nine Okay, I know I haven’t been here before [I] would have remembered you this one’s [Rock] [ot3] What do you figure for? Escape maybe a prince go real wrong if things go real wrong there will be anywhere to escape to We’ve been through slow [atilla]. Why would you crawl toward your own destruction? [when] you can fly into its graph Yes, I can [due] to [the] eyes of the ship and it’s now charged the power, odin and the stars themselves It’ll be tight [flyers] are for and I know they aren’t for Makuta. Let’s get him where you’re headed with rubber as always And drawers and toa find themselves a nightmarish Mason Twisting Tunnels far more vast than they imagine even a part of the car wrecks could be one side so like you know someone’s losing a fly and fight Not good enough. [I] am truly one with this ship Why don’t you one is the one that we’ve not powered vehicles amazing With such an ease in the hands of the brotherhood our plans must succeed. We have a [spot] man of our own coup De waal de [Parfum] on screen? Yeah? That’s the makings of a great [crime] More interesting front two can play at this, toa You play with pebbles toa floor universe ball? And how is being slow and stupid working out for you? Now my hobby is [quietly] I Couldn’t broken, [toa] So fact like eight years on only one of us will survive is fight then come to us come to your dad the large figure is takanuva Toa of light is unwilling captive as [Kyra] one leader of the [maturing] of life Now a shadow Rhetoric Target is clack a small flying [rowdy] with a nasty Sonic attack and an amazing secret [a] shadow mature and has a mental shield that prevents light from returning to this As long as it’s in place. He stayed a slave to the [mucuna] and only one thing can shatter that shield Guess what is what what happened? Coup de Perder Evil, but now I feel like myself again You can thank vikon he discovered that the color to reverse what the makuta has done to you and to others? We need to track down and cure the other shadow [McCrory] then we need to get you out of Kata Nui before It’s too late. This is our home. We want to stay and fight for it and [Ma] [cuz] you soon this isn’t going to be anyone’s home just a coder on Earth energy that kills anything it touches Now move things are about to get a lot worse rides over and tried everyone out hoping useless Let’s pound an integral face was happening Even a place [to] crash reckless judgment to do it well noto a little over farewell fools [I] will gladly witness your death but from a greater distance stop Go vodkas quickly created ice balls slow down the [rocket] Iii and axle air [at] T9 just enough stop them from colliding with the [Jetpack] [wow] He said stop he means it Where did Antroz go? Not far away, it’s time. So we colors is letting the [toa] wake up Mata Nui such a good idea What if he remembers who proved asleep in the first place you know the plan do not worry? [with] [a] tour no longer of use to us They will be destroyed The Makuta want [majnu] Reawaken while you try to figure out what that means let’s go back to the cove rex and a worried gun This is impossible the Keystone’s tell her to awaken battery But the process will [take] too long if only there a way to do it more quickly Maybe there is the mask of life. It has the power to do in seconds would it take the quadric system days to accomplish? Yes, but it would mean [the] end of my existence as a toa [I] would be just a mask again Not a hero listen to me you wanted to be a tour because of Matoro because of the Sacrifice he made What would he have done now? What would a real hero do Maduro died to see the universe without fear without hesitation? Because he needed was the right thing to do if I am to be worthy of him of the name, toa Can I do that? sir Maybe [are] [you] good at all? before galleys start alive the body of toa ignited dissolves in the energy of the cobra Only the mask of life remain eating its own power back another great [thing] here with you [Danny] the others are locked in battle with [the] [Makuta] We must gather them in a state [coordinate], but the mask of life, what will happen to it? I don’t know but life in Karda Nui is ending and if we don’t leave We’ll end with it even as a new one gali flee the cover the storm begins Away, toa, Mata Nui awakens. We have one. What are you talking about? Amazing if I could tap into this energy I could wait yes, I See it now it’s so simple [I] can control this storm if I [integrate] [the] storm sees to [it] the cheer up will never control stimulation The [Macgowran] have been evacuated. [we] will never make it out in time. Yes, we will here come [arrived] giraffes never had a chance and neither do Makuta betrayed he knew the storm interrupt when [Martin] [oe] awoke, and he never warned I know not It’s some trick by the [tower] Stay here and die if you like or [ask] But I won’t with you fly me out of this place find your own way out. You blind fool You’ll only slow me down, but he’ll come back here. Don’t Even come back indeed what do I have to gain by saying them when I make it out here? PterodactyL [they] die. I am [his] [most] [trusted] [lieutenant]. He’ll be No, he won’t We’ll make it [I] think you’re terrible bad it would look on the wall of victory if we did it what about the makuta should we try to Help them mistake – we go back to them all of us will [die] toa and [Makuta] alike They let this inferno golly let them burn As the storm builds the full strength [caught] a newly transformed into a place where no one can hope [to] survive Only the speed and power of the three vehicles is to let any photon states Hang on ramos out just any storm. We [will] strengthen the toy take the copy Hey, what [did] [the] Shaken Shutter I? Think it means we did our job brother Let’s head back to Metro [North]. It’s time to go home beneath the endless ocean in the heart of a massive cave energy pulses course through rock machines that set in Mobile Prep thousand centuries shudder and slowly move shaking the universe Power races through long disused conduits and streams further and further from Cardinally water Ripples around the Barren Island of Martinique stripped of all life and vegetation by [Bora] [calls] powerful quakes Shake the Earth and massive megaliths of Mountain and Bedrock crashing to the Ocean an immense chasm rips upward through the middle of the doomed Island each side Sliding towards the ocean as something pushes up from Below Far away to the south and east and west water phones and boils as underwater [shockwaves] spread from the Movement beneath the sea gigantic whirlpools form and disappear the sea itself heaves up towards the sky two halves of the Island churn already frothing waters as they slide apart and Dissolve into the maelstrom A Tremendous Head made of metallic protodermis Rises from Beneath [the] Shattered remains of the once beautiful Island water soil and Rock cascade off its face as it rises higher and higher into the sky [Titanic] shoulders breached the Ocean and an equally Immense chest pivots upwards slowly the robot climbs to its feet and Towers above the clouds for the first time in a hundred thousand years Yellow light gleams from its eyes as it surveys the ocean below Mata Nui has risen One Year ago a team of toa. Washed ashore on a tropical Island they were six years with one destined to awaken the great spirit matheny from his life today that Destiny has been achieved for [the] first time in a millennium Matter Nui rises later the Island of Metru Nui, toa [Caraga] and mature and Gather to celebrate the awakening of the [great] [spirit]. [hey] We honor maha knew who had last returned to us from the darkness under which He was passed by he evil And we honor the so anu will weaken the late spirit once more and all the lower living Handed who helped bring about this oh Yeah today the Matura people are free from fear after for too long free from doubt and Free from the chains the Makuta would have placed on them Suddenly a chill wind cuts through the assembled crowd as a Shadow falls over Metro Nui I see gust that freezes a spirit. I have felt that before [no] It can’t be The Stars look was happening to the stars High above the stars of our metro Nui world and a dance of madness when the points of light at last come to a stop They foreign image the unmistakable shape of the mask of shadows this is impossible Why would the star shift to form the image of Makuta PTErodax his mask? [I] think I know the great beams protect us if I’m right the end to come since their laughter carried on the wind [Okuda] I don’t know how you survived, but show yourself show myself You need to give agency here Look around. I am where I am everything you see There tell them maori [brothers], I protest Before Spiller could return to his body Minds that Goethe took its place So the noble to on Nova Awaken the Great spirit the [ilocos] body with my mind I Am the ground you walk on the air you breathe no longer a factor [World] Like Universe I the Universe of course Model should still it [might] good to be a problem [someday] But fortunately I am trapped inside the mask of life And the most itself has been held from this universe never to return We are caught you before and one the toa nuva Temari, Toa Mata all of us will fight you till the end the brave tour of fire No, no more than of much waiting to be extinguished [for] this [my] [new] [plan] is finished [till] the game’s over and With Modern we forever banished there, you know brother skiers [mind] epilogue Forced from the cosmos of the Matura the mask of Life Soars through space its final destination unknown It carries in sight at the mind and spirit of Mata Nui once the ruler of a universe now in exile But if anyone were present who could hear the thoughts of the great spirit as they echo within the mask They would hear one phrase repeated again and again you

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  1. Metru Nui exists under Mata Nui. does this means that Metru Nui exists inside of Giant Robot's head?
    And all Toa and Matoran gathered there?

  2. My gosh this is wonderful I wish I had found this sooner, great job!

    On a side note, Meso voicing Solek made me laugh a lot harder than I probably should have. Oh the beautiful irony of his most hated set and meme

  3. What great voice acting. It was great to see this story, and I had never seen the animatic of the Great Spirit Robot rise from Aqua Magna. However, I am sad you never showed Krika die at the hands of Gorast, and that Mutran was never introduced and Icarax was never killed. I think it is because the comics never depicted them, but I felt sad I never got to see some of those scenes.

  4. Takanuva should have a movie of him going through those dimentions to show how he got all that change of look and important information about the storm

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