Bluedio TN2 Review | Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Headphones for just $17

August 23, 2019

Hello guys, what’s up. It’s Anna Fan here from TechAply, welcome back to my channel, hope you guys have a wonderful day. Today, in this video I’m gonna unboxing
one of the things that is very nice. One of my friends bought and sent it to me as a gift so I would love to make this video dedicated as a thank you video for my
friend. Alright so you’re gonna open it it seems like, this is very first time I
see one of the very nice shop that sell with a very nice packaging like this
ok I’m gonna open this up see inside the
bag there’s one it’s called neck band okay neck band headphones. Alright, I got
that one. So, I have a three pairs of earbuds. One pairs is already here and
other two pairs here what about this one charging cable. So, this is very very
first time that I’m using neck band headphone and I think it would be nice.
This is the manual of bluedio neck band headphones is one of the gift that he
sent me. I love you so much- my special. Now, I’m going to show you
how to use this Bluedio Wireless bluetooth headphones okay. So, imagine that
you hang it over on your neck. You start putting two of this earphones into
your ears. There are three buttons in this bluedio neck band headphones. The
first button here is the noise cancelling button. The next one is the
power button and this longest one is the volume control. So, first that you
need to turn on your Bluetooth headphones by holding press on it until you hear
this power on on your ears. Okay you start using by pairing up with
your device, Open your device bluetooth and scanning for the Bluetooth device and you see a T energy 2 – connected to the t energy 2. Now, you start using it
playing music or listening to anything on your own device you can actually add
just the volume control using this volume control button without
having to touch on your device. Thank you so much for watching this video,
I’m Anna Fan from TechAply. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for
more videos later on. Bye for now

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