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Blueprint 3D iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 30, 2019

Solving a jigsaw puzzle is a pastime that
has survived for generations and may well continue to see its appeal in to the future
as fans of the simple time-waster test their observation skills to match and piece together
beautiful images one jagged piece at a time. Blueprint 3D by FDG Mobile Games pushes the
limits of the concept by taking imagery and blowing it up in to dozens, if not hundreds
of fragments ballooned out in to a 3D space and it’s up to you to reassemble it in mere
seconds. Sounds impossible? Thankfully the order of
the pieces are already figured out for you, but you’ll still need to rotate and spin the
3D mess in order to bring to focus the 2D image you’re after. This is easier said than
done as pieces are also skewed and twisted to conform to only one specific perspective,
making it hard to simply swipe around to cheat the system. It’s a masterfully considered puzzle concept
with a simple control scheme of swiping to spin and double-touch twisting to rotate the
perspective accordingly. Stars are awarded for the speed in which you can align the fragments
correctly and with over 240 puzzles currently available there’s a lot to conquer. Part of what makes Blueprint 3D challenging
is your own familiarity with a variety of objects. Each category picks a handful of
common and somewhat uncommon sights, making it hard to realize whether or not you’re even
close to solving a puzzle until it locks in and gives you your final score. With continued support from FDG, Blueprint
3D could have truly amazing longevity as you constantly jump in to new categories of images
set to stump you. Though even without this, the game is immediately engaging and rewarding
and a definite must have for casual and puzzle gamers alike.

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  1. after I played this for about 10 minutes I feel hard to read an article with many fonts, I just feel the fonts are messed up… am I the only one who gets this feeling?

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