BoardPacks iPad meeting management app: overview

August 15, 2019

This is BoardPacks the secure and easy to
use app, that’s transforming the boardroom. Here in the meetings module, you can see the
boards and committees that I am a member of, and at the top you can see all the meetings
relating to the Board I have selected. Simply click on a meeting to view its agenda.
I can view the links or documents associated to the agenda. You can see which documents have been annotated
by looking for the coloured lines on the document icon. Annotating documents is easy, just tap the document and it will give you access to your
annotation tools – a pen, highlighter and a sticky note.
I also have the option to print or share my annotations via email at any time. Permissions are set by administrators. So
while Board members may only view, share and annotate information, administrators, can
have permissions to edit and add to the agenda. Tools like +note, mean you can draft meeting
minutes quickly and easily against agenda items You can see actions associated to your meeting,
a handy automated reminder means that you can’t forget those assigned to you. This is the decisions module, where you can
see the progress of board decisions, organised by board or committee.
Each decision you are asked to participate in can have relevant documentation attached,
include a discussion board and have either simple yes/no/abstain voting or more complex
voting options. Administrators can allocate the decision to
the relevant people, select a decision as a precedent, and have the option to accept,
reject or recycle decisions. The Controls module features a heat map, a
visual tool from which you can see all your risks By selecting a risk you can see how it is
being managed, with a description, associated documents and review information. Administrators can create a risk, allocate
it to a responsible person and set a status based on impact and likelihood and future
review dates. Lastly we have the Knowledge area which acts
as a library for all the documents your board needs accessible at any time. This was a brief tour of the BoardPacks iPad
app, if you want more information please visit

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