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Boba Fett Jetpack Shop Tour – Wasted Fett

August 26, 2019

Wasted fett whats up guys I figure you wanted to see what its like inside my boba fett shop I’ll show you around some of the helmets some of the molds some of the tools i use so here we go FPH2 – Empire Strikes Back that I am sending to a customer soon this is a spartan helmet that im making
into a boba fett helmet and you can see the dent there and i have not painted that
yet some more of those pieces for the jetpack got the jetpack stabilizer light or
the beacon light im sorry stabilizer side gwebelys and the various vents various vents and some of the fiberglass tops
a couple of molds that i have spartan mold empire strikes back mold and ive got some
molds for the ear cast and here is another jetpack
that i am making waiting for it to dry and this one is a return of the jedi helmet that
is just sitting back here waiting for me to put together and this is Mike Pallows jetpack
I need to send to him and this a cruiser jango fett helmet and here is a rear piece from
my boba fett costume that i wanted to reinforce because it already cracked so i put a fiberglass
lip on it, its just temporary i want to replace it soon, a little jetpack that i am building
up that is going to be a z-6 jetpack for my jango fett along with my arena jetpack so
i’ll have both and here are some boba fett armor painted by fett 4 real by Dom you can
tell here let me turn it on and it actually lights up which is kinda cool cool alright
thats about it thanks guys

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