Boba Fett VS Samus Aran (Star Wars VS Metroid) | DEATH BATTLE!
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Boba Fett VS Samus Aran (Star Wars VS Metroid) | DEATH BATTLE!

August 11, 2019

Boomstick: This episode of Death Battle is brought to you by Netflix Go to for your free trial membership Wiz: The bounty hunter, Galactic pirates of living beings. Boomstick: THey blow sh** up for cash. Wiz: A prime example is Boba Fett, The most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. Boomstick: But don’t forget Samus Aran She’s so bad***, whole planets explode when she’s done with them. BOOM! Wiz: I’m Wizard! Boomstick: And I’m Boomstick! Wiz: And it’s our job to analyze the weapons, armor, and skills of these two beastly killers and answer the most important question of all: Which of these two warriors would win a Death Battle? Wiz: Boba Fett is well known for his cunning, ruthlessness, and brute force, but his killer instinct relies on his diverse arsenal of death. Boomstick: Plus, he wears the most bad*** space suit ever! Wiz: That’s no ordinary space suit, Boomstick, that’s Fett’s Madalorian armor, forged from nearly indestructible Duraplast containing a micro energy field for dispersing impacts. Boomstick: This guy could have a frickin bomb go off in his face and still walk away! Wiz: His Gauntlets house a flame thrower with a reach of 5 meters, a fiber cord whip, and numerous concussion and stun missiles. His weapon of choice is his EE-3 Carbine Rifle, an extremely accurate and powerful weapon which Fett often cradles like a child. Boomstick: Yeah, I do that with my guns, too. Wiz: That’s… not weird at all, Boomstick. Fill us in on Fett’s heavy weaponry. Boomstick: Well, everyone and their grandma knows that Fett can zoom around on his bad*** jetpack, but that jetpack also has a single anti-vehicle homing rocket, and believe me, you don’t want to see this thing headed your way. Wiz: That’s right, Boomstick. In short, Fett is a human swiss army knife. He’s killed hundreds of criminals, politicians, and jedi. He’s even held his own against Darth Vader, TWICE. Boomstick: Holy sh** that’s hardcore! Wiz: He became leader of the Mandalorian mercenaries after the galactic civil war, AND battled Mace Windu to a draw when he was 12 years old. Boomstick: Sam Jackson’s got nothing on him. Wiz: But with all his awesomeness, every so often, Fett will totaly blow it. He’s fallen into the Sarlacc three times, THREE! And the Sarlacc’s not exactly running around looking for snacks! Boomstick: Three times? How do you even do that once? It’s a giant hole in the ground with teeth, and he’s got a jetpack! Wiz: Still, even with his ridiculous flaws, Boba Fett is a whole new meaning of deadly. Darth Vader: No disintegration. Boba Fett: As you wish. Wiz: Samus Aran was infused with bird-like Chozo DNA at a young age, increasing her strength, speed, and athletic ability far beyond those of a normal human being. Boomstick: How do they do that!? I want me some bird DNA. Wiz: She wears the Power Suit, typically in Varia form, shielding her entire body without restricting any movement or flexibility. Boomstick: Too bad it makes her look like a dude. Wiz: Her primary weapon, the Arm Cannon, has acquired numerous awesome upgrades over the years, though the basic power beam is a pea shooter with a pathetic range. Boomstick: But when it’s fully charged, it’ll blow your face off, BAM! SHOOP DA WHOOP! Wiz: The Arm Cannon can also use an Ice Beam, a Grapple Beam, and a plethora of seeking and super missiles. Samus controls the skies with the powerful and speedy Screw Attack, and if there’s trouble on the battlefield, she can curl into Morph-Ball Mode and slip away unnoticed. Boomstick: What the–!? How did she do that? Wiz: Bird DNA, Boomstick, bird DNA. Boomstick: Samus also has a frickin huge supply of Power Bombs, which will destroy anything on the screen in seconds, nothing survives! Wiz: She is known to be the bounty hunter capable of taking on impossible missions, fighting massive beasts, and even wiping out an entire species. However, she often makes mistakes. Somehow, she always seems to lose all her power ups and upgrades at the beginning of every mission. Boomstick: Man, someone should get this chick a purse. Samus Aran: Time to go. Wiz: The combatants are set, let’s end this debate once and for all. Boomstick: But first, we got to pay off my double-barrel bazooka shotgun, thanks to Netflix. Wiz: Netflix delivers movies directly to your home, saving you time and money. Instantly watch thousands of TV episodes and movies streaming directly to your PC, Mac, or right to your TV via a Netflix ready device like the PS3, 360, or Wii. Boomstick: Pretty much everything. Wiz: Plus, get DvDs in about one business day. Boomstick: That’s ridiculous! Wiz: As a new member and Death Battle viewer, You can get a free trial membership. Go to and sign up now and be sure to use this URL so they know Wiz and Boomstick sent ya. Boomstick: Oh yeah, well it’s time for a Death Battle! Samus Aran: You’re Mine. Boomstick: Holy sh**! Did ya see that, Wiz!? That was insane! Wiz: Fett battled like a champ, but in the end, Samus’s superior technology and athletic skill trumped him. HARD. While her basic Power Beam failed miserably, Samus put her Chozo DNA to work by jumping and dodging around Fett’s offenses. Boba Fett, who relies more on cunning and brute force, simply didn’t have the means necessary to catch Samus. Boomstick: He was shooting all over the place, but that space chick was just too quick for him. He even tried to use his homing rocket, but anybody who’s blown up a lot of shit knows anti-vehicle rockets don’t work too well with people. Wiz: Exactly! Samus is about four times smaller than the average vehicle, so there was only about a one in four chance for a direct hit from Fett’s rocket, not to mention she kept moving, preventing Fett from getting a solid lock on her. Boomstick: After that screw-up, Samus managed to sneak around Fett and left a little surprise at his feet. Wiz: Fett’s micro energy field managed to minimize the damage he took from the Power Bomb, but by that point, it was all over. Samus froze Fett with her Ice Beam and finished him off with a Charge Beam to the face. Boomstick: She sure stopped him cold. Wiz: That’s right, Boomstick. The winner is Samus Aran. Boomstick: Next time on Death Battle: ???: Your soul is mine.

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  1. It's so weird watching this battle now, after watching all their later ones. Wiz and Boomstick's characters aren't really developed at all, and their analysis is more just cracking jokes about the characters rather than the humourous, yet in-depth analysis we get nowadays. I vote a re-do of this battle!

  2. Samus Aran is my favorite character in the Metroid series, so I think she deserves the victory against Boba Fett.

  3. 2010: The Birth of Death Battle and the Saints winning their 1st Super Bowl In Super Bowl 44.

  4. So this is where it all began, this was the very fist death battle
    Makes me wonder what the final fight will be and who will be the last combatants
    Don't you guys agree?

  5. err… yeah, range of Samus cannon was only short in the old games because of game limitations and not something that should actually be used for something like this…
    ancient video, tons of mistakes, new videos, still tons of mistakes 🙂

  6. It's obvious

    1. This channel loves Nintendo


  7. A real battle with a bounty hunter dot-dot a bounty hunter knows its prey before it starts to hunt it went to fell into a trap like this

  8. Makes sense with they chose why this would be there very first death battle
    It started out as a star but then metroited down to fallier just kidding i still like death battle bysides the ben10 vs green lantern fight it’s still good

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