Boeing 747: Is it Difficult to Fly… and 3 pilot skills to learn
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Boeing 747: Is it Difficult to Fly… and 3 pilot skills to learn

January 18, 2020

Have you ever wondered if it’s hard to fly 747 stay tuned I’m gonna give you three tips that will help you once you start flying turbine aircraft 963 heavy fly heading 190 maintain 1-0 10,000. Runway 1-8 left clear for takeoff Hey crew, welcome 74 gear. My name is Kelsey. I’m a 747 pilot today We’re gonna be talking about what it’s like to fly a 747 or large jumbo jet. I’m gonna give you three tips That will help you once you transition into flying turbine aircraft as well I’m gonna tell you about my favorite story of flying the 747, which was one of the first flights I ever had All right. So, is it is the plane hard to fly? No, no, it’s not hard to fly when I got out started flying the plane in in real life Man really easy to fly a surprisingly so First tip once you start flying at turbine aircraft is speed management becomes very important you’re gonna want to come in on ref speed or a ref plus five depending on what type of equipment you’re flying and Here’s why that’s important If as you’re coming in and you’re on ref or very close to ref plus five something in that range It allows you to leave the power end longer and what that does is it helps keep your forward momentum going for a longer time period Which allows the descent rate to be arrested as you get into ground effect you can pull the power out and it keeps that angle of descent coming in smoothly and That will generally make your landings a lot smoother And if you’re keeping it close to ref you should be touching down in that thousand foot zone that Everybody talks about so you should be touching down right on those thousand foot markers if you’re keeping it right on glide path and right on ref speed you can slowly pull the power out and get that landing and grease it in a common mistake that a lot of people make is they panic, they want to keep the speed high and then as they get close they realize they’re a Little bit high or a little bit fast and they have to pull the power back in order And and within the touchdown zone when you do that Obviously you stop the stop the forward power coming in and you increase your descent rate. And which makes your Landing or impact harder if you’re having a hard time landing Don’t worry about it. You will get it just keep practicing my tip when it comes to landing is look at all the things that you did well and Look at the few things that you did poorly and focus on What things that you did really well and look at how you can improve that things you did bad So that will keep you motivated to keep pushing and keep doing well So if you came in on ref speed, but you didn’t flare enough and you kind of pounded it in Okay, not a big deal Then you will know okay next I’m I need to flare a little bit more or next time I need to do this or I can hold the power run first tip just to recap Keep your power in keep your speed in your scan as you’re coming in to land so that way your speed management is on and that will help you to get your first take get your touchdown and be smoother on your landings Tip number two take off now take off on the 747 or large large aircraft like that You are more prone to a tail strike. What I recommend is let the plane fly itself off the ground you’re gonna get given a Rotation rate once you start flying larger aircraft and it’s gonna be anywhere from 1 To probably 3.5 degrees per second that you should be rotating Follow in that and let the plane fly itself off the ground Once you hit your VR speed slowly rotate get the nose back and let the plane fly itself off the ground What that will do is one it’ll make it a much more comfortable ride for the passengers in the back and Two what you’ll find is as the plane rotates and gets off the ground. You reduce your risk greatly of having a tail strike Now the second part of the takeoff that’s important to keep in mind is if you’re in flight school now You know when you’re taking off into a cross when instructors tells you to keep the aileron into the wind that’s to prevent Especially if you’re in a high wing aircraft the wind getting up underneath your wing and flipping you over That same technique applies when you start flying a large a larger aircraft. Our wings are obviously low But they are very long and you have the risk of with a very long wing is the wind getting underneath it That’s a skill that’s good to learn in flight school and to keep it for the rest of your career tip number three This is gonna be a crosswind landing If you’re in flight school your instructors are generally telling you when you land in a crosswind landing keep your upwind side ailerons into the wind It’s a skill it’s very important as your aircraft starts to get bigger on a large jet if you leave your ailerons neutral the wind is coming from let’s say the Left-hand side it can blow your left hand wing up which essentially causes your right hand Engine to hit the ground make sure that you keep that Muscle memory of keeping your aileron into the wind once you touch down It’s a good skill, and it’s important for you long term. I’m gonna give you my favorite memory of flying the 74 going into Santiago Chile, so we are here. We are we’re flying over the Andes that’s in the middle of the night I’ve been flying all night. It’s a clear night. And the moon is out and I’m flying over the Andes and I’m looking down the The mountains are just backlit by the moon and they’re all white covered in snow. I’m thinking man You’re you’re gonna pay me to do this My the reason I bring that up is I know when I was going through flight school. I was fine planes that were Not always in the best condition. Obviously. I was trying to save money and do it as efficiently economically Quickly as possible and I wasn’t really enjoying a lot of it. I had some friends saying isn’t it great It must be so fun and all I could think of is man I just want to be done with this and get on with my career so I bring this up to tell you as You get deeper in your career things start to get more enjoyable You become more and more competent and You’ll end up having a lot of fun and you’ll have moments like that when you’re flying you’re looking out the window thinking man I can’t believe that I’m getting paid to do this the tips that I gave you on flying the 747 are skills that will apply to most large aircraft their skills that you can start using and applying right now regardless of the aircraft you’re flying and that will make your transitions into larger jet easier If you liked this video give it a thumbs up. Hit the subscribe button and leave a comment below Let me know what the last aircraft you flew was and what your dream aircraft is I look forward to hearing from you until then keep the blue side up

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  1. Great video!!! Spot on… I began my career on the 12th 747-100 off the production line. Also flew Fat Albert the 100th 747 as well as the -200's. Keep those Queen in the Sky's!!! I've attached some classic 747 action of Tower Air including N603FF departing AMS. You'll notice only 2 windows on the port side vs 3 on the starboard. She was the only AC in our fleet with this distinct feature as thats how old she ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!!!

  2. A United capt I used to dive with in Hawaii used to tell me that he would easily take the right seat in a 747-400 than the left seat in a 737 even if he had to take a pay cut. The 737 was too sluggish and heavy on the controls.hard to believe, I know. The 747 was very responsive in comparison. His initial issue was with the cockpit height and more complicated balancing his fuel. This was in the 90โ€™s and United had a strike with one labor group or another seemingly never ending. During his last pilot strike about 50% crossed the picket lines, 50% honored it which meant that the โ€œscabsโ€ had to be punished, normally by being ignored. He complained to the union that weโ€™re going to put one in the ground if this BS goes on longer, which led to this guy who was a senior 747 pilot who honored the picket line, getting harassed. His bids would get lost or his seniority wouldnโ€™t be reflected in his award, somehow he would be paired with the 1st officer nobody wanted to fly with. I didnโ€™t fly United for sometime after this After a friend was killed in a Cont DC-9 incident in my home airport, Denver I wasnโ€™t too sure about Cont either. This was a real pain they were to two big carriers out of Denver at the time.

  3. I had some time in the citation XL simulator I fly my RC aircraft and aerobatics on occasion it's all a good mix to keep your skills as diverse as possible.

  4. I'm a bit more modest than most, probably. My last aircraft was a Cessna 152, back when I was in flight school in preparation to go to college for Aviation. I ended up changing my mind and going Aerospace Engineering, so stopped flight school just short of getting my license. My dream aircraft is a Mooney Acclaim… modest, I know, but I just have always thought Mooney made gorgeous single-engine aircraft with great attention to detail. Sadly, as I'm disabled now, it's never gonna happen. ๐Ÿ™

    I haven't flown in 22 years, but I still miss it every day.

  5. I don't know, maybe people are more interested in your movie reviews, because it appeals to a wider audience, but i personally believe you are much better suited for this kind of videos. The way you explain things, and how you cover the basics of more difficult concepts in order to explain other things, is very interesting. I would watch the hell out of a series of yours where you explain aerodynamics and all that.

  6. Greetings from Colombia. Love this channel.., currently about to get my FAA CPL.. I find this videos very motivating. Cheers!

  7. Hi Kelsy! I'm driving uber while waiting for my MEI check ride and I suggest your videos to everyone who asks me about aviation. And one of them is a flight student here at my flight school now. Awesome videos keep it up!

  8. I love your English. You speak clear and slow enough for a non English native speaker like me. Thank you for sharing

  9. Training on the Piper Archer. My dream aircraft is the Cirrus Vision for myself if I make it with my business. If I really make it, I want a Phenom 300. If I become a billionaire, I want a G650 ER. If I become the richest man in the world, weโ€™ll make it a 787 BBJ.

  10. 2:21 thats gonna require an inspection…
    Is it possible or have you ever stalled the aircraft right at touchdown or is the aircraft no where near that end of the flight envelope on landing?

  11. Hey itโ€™s really to bad they killed the concord ๐Ÿ™ just bc of tires blowing damage the fuel tanks. Everything thing should be a supersonic jet. Technology was there then and should be for TODAY!!!!!

  12. I just completed my first 30 hours in a cessna and I must say the exact same tips apply. It's nice to know they are going to be valuable long after. Thanks!

  13. I HAD AN UNCLE WHO FLEW A LOCKHEED L-1011 TRISTAR. The 1011 was a huge 3 engine plane. Similar to a DC-10.
    He told me about when he was a Captain for TWA in December 1983. One night, about 8:30 he was getting ready to depart from LAX for a flight to Sydney. The sun had just gone down, and it was dark. About the same time a few miles away, a 7 Eleven store was being robbed at gunpoint. The clerk did as the robbers demanded, put the money into a plastic bag. As he did so, he hit the silent alarm button. LAPD were alerted, and sped to the store. At LAX, my uncle had been cleared to taxi to the runway. The First Officer started the engines, and the plane began lumbering over the tarmac. Back at the store, the two robbers ran out as 4 LAPD cars arrived. One robber fired at the police, the cops fired back, killing him. The other robber was in the Plymouth, and sped away, sideswiping a cruiser. The police gave chase. The robber, running scared sped through a warehouse district near the airport. Meanwhile, my uncle's plane joined a line of other planes approaching the runway.
    The robber, trying to shake the cops off his tail made a sudden turn down a gravel road. The cops saw him and also went down the road. Then, the road came to an end, blocked by a 8 foot tall chain link gate in the fence around the airport. The robber got out, and in desperation, climbed over the fence. He dropped his gun as he got out of the car, and the bag of money ripped on the fence, spilling the $122 cash on the ground. The robber took off running through the field. The 3 police cars came to a stop, and two officers spotted the guy, and also climbed over the fence to go after him. The cops radioed dispatch to notify LAX of the situation.
    At about this time, my uncle's plane was cleared for takeoff. The plane was aligned with the runway, and began gaining speed.
    As they neared V1, my uncle briefly caught a figure in his sight. Only for a split second.
    The plane lifted off the ground, and continued on.
    A few minutes later, LAX tower radioed my uncle to return to the airport. He did so, and as they pulled off the runway, the plane was met by two LAPD cars, an ambulance, and a airport authority car.
    What happened was, the fleeing robber was unaware of where he was. He ran onto the runway, right. As my uncle's L-1011 was coming, and WHAM!!! He was hit and run over by the left rear landing gear. The impact was about 140 MPH, and the guy's body was crushed under the 4 wheels of the gear!
    The pilots and cops walked around the plane, and the First Officer spotted an Addidas sneaker lodged in the wheelwell.
    It must have been pulled off his foot and tossed up into the well.
    The guys body was literally smeared on a 60 foot stretch of the runway!
    Again, it was dark, which is why he wasn't seen very well.

  14. Is it true that the forward most blades of a turbofan engine provide thrust and also mask some of the noise of the engine by surrounding the exhaust gases with fresh air.

  15. The last aircraft I flew was a small Cessna, I'm not sure the exact model, I was rather young at the time. I was flying as part of the Young Eagles program my grandfather would take me to frequently. A fantastic experience, I was very nervous, but I did some turns in the air and a touch and go. I hope to one day get back into flying and get a license.

  16. The thing I really noticed about flying the 747 is that it isn't difficult but it is different. I transitioned from the 737. Instead of making a lot of small corrections you make fewer larger corrections. My last plane flown was the A320. No more flying I'm over 70.

  17. Last was Lancair jetprop. Dream is BD5J, B is for Bond James Bond. Its difficult to fly a 747 when its hijacked by Operation Northwoods

  18. Biggest I landed was a CH-53E IRL, C-130 on the simulator.
    Last flew a UH-1N Huey. AV-8s were the goal at the start, Huey's are what i chose with some experience.
    So… guess I'm lucky. Wouldn't say no to backseat of a SR-71, though. They sure would, however, lol.

  19. One of my favorite aircraft is the mighty 747-400 757 and 777 i have the is softwere pmdg i do not know how close is to real life but acording the videos i seen in real life is very similar i woul like to know what do you think about that softwere pmdg and the reality thanks …keep the blue side up

  20. C172, Harrier jump jet. It's unlikely I'll ever fly one of those, so realistically a larger seaplane would be my fav. I also love gyroplanes.

  21. Hi Kelsey! It's my dream of flying a B747-8i. Ever since i was a child it's my dream to ride an airplane and fly with it. I am learning a lot from your videos.

  22. Hello, I like your videos, but in this one I noticed the background color is strange and changes all the time. If this is intented and meant to create a hypnotic effect I will unsubscribe from you, if not, please fix it. I'll keep my eyes on you!!!

  23. Last aircraft flown was my Grumman Yankee. Sold the plane in 2013, and looking forward to returning. Medical is current, but not the bi-annual. Retired at 66, in 2013, and looking forward to flying again. YES, I am still Compass Mentas!

    My dream aircraft would be a Pitts Special. I would like to, not only fly it aerobatically, but I would also like to trailer it to Grade schools, and give talks on Aviation to the children and take their picture, sitting in the cockpit. I would love to sell, and promote flying to the future flyers of our country.

  24. Kelsey you are visibly exhausted on this one! Tank you for giving the effort and sharing with us great content anyway. Keep it up!

  25. Turbin… Wtf is wrong with you Americans. It's NOT TURBIN… IT'S TURBINE, T-U-R-B-I-N-E (rhymes with WINE). IT'S NOT a Ruf… It's a ROOF, R-O-O-F (rhymes with Goof).

  26. Not a pilot. Actually a nervous passenger. ๐Ÿฅด My brain knows airplanes are safe, but my nerves don't. What I really hope for someday is to fly a glider or some sort of solar powered vehicle to get the bird's view without the roar of the engines. ๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿฆข๐Ÿฆ

  27. The last aircraft I flew – None. Dream aircraft? I am scared of heights, I don't know if I want to dream that high but I love your videos.

  28. Great description. Confused on the "turban" part though, which is one of those funny head things east Indians wear. Do you mean tur-bine ?

  29. First plane I flew was a Piper Cherokee (also the only plane I've flown). I dream of flying a Ho229 although the Airbus efan would be a close and more realistic 2nd.

  30. The corporation I used to work for allowed me to sit in the cockpit of 747. I have hours of right and left seat time in a cold and dark 747 drinking coffee during coffee breaks. I am in awe contemplating the skill needed to operate aircraft.

  31. Watching your videos makes me far less afraid of flying. Hearing all the things that pilots go through or even mess up on reassures me that itโ€™s actually pretty difficult to crash!

  32. I've loved airplanes for as long as I can remember. In my hometown, west of Manchester, NH, it was a big event if a plane was flying WAY over! Imagine how tickled I was when we moved to Portsmouth, a quarter mile from the runway at Pease AFB — lots of jets and B52s! Dad got a job at Boeing and we relocated to Seattle, and I had 747s in SPADES to admire! The first plane I ever flew in was a bright orange 747 (Braniff airlines), that I flew in from Sea-Tac to Portland, lol! Basically had time to level off then descend again, and flying past Mt Rainier to the east was magical. I've flown to the UK twice, both in a 747 — oh man, I love those planes. I'm in the Dayton OH area now, of course the birthplace of the Wright Brothers. I got to see one more 747 take off from Sea-Tac before I moved. I'm so glad I found your channel, having a blast watching all the vids!

  33. FLYING is literally heaven for me โ˜๏ธ๐ŸŒŒโ˜๏ธ
    I enjoy reading and hearing about others' flying experiences, mainly a la "hangar flying"…
    Thus, relatably the resilient B-747, an understandably sophisticated, yet "simple" plane to fly, is a FAVORITE โœˆ of mine as well.

  34. I have flown a lot of Boeing Jets. They are all very easy to fly. I have never flown the 74 but I imagine it flies like any other heavy Boeing Jet.

  35. Love this technical videos, much better than the common questions that the general public ask, we can google those if we want to know

  36. I was on a fuel tanker plane I asked the man beside me could he fly this plane. He was a retired fighter pilot on aircraft carrier. His comment was piece of cake. I said it would be broken eggs. Yours Evan's w robinson ret sgt

  37. I was learning in a Jabaru (single prop 2 seater Australian made plane) but stopped about a year ago. Wish I could of kept going. Now just get the enjoyment of joining my mum when she does aerobatics practice.

  38. Squawk 1. When do you get your captain's(4) bars?
    Squawk 2. Please do a review of the Flightgear free flight simulator.

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