Boeing working on next generation of ICBM program
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Boeing working on next generation of ICBM program

August 17, 2019

in one of the two companies that are finalists for the contract to upgrade the United States land-based nuclear missile system visited the Electric City recently MTN’s mark DeMarco brings us more about Boeing’s plans Boeing’s been here since 1958 Boeing has had a presence in the Great Falls community since the Cuban Missile Crisis and now the company is looking to the next generation of the land-based nuclear missile system determined that it was much more cost effective to replace rather than repair or upgrade Minuteman bullion northrop grumman are currently in a three-year long process to develop the ground-based strategic deterrent it’s exciting it’s hectic but you know we continue to refine our design and work with the Air Force to determine and give them quite honestly options boeing is currently working on building relationships throughout montana to make sure the infrastructure is in place to get the next gpsd in place you just can’t bring in the kind of talent that we’re going to need and fortunately for us the missile bases are are in areas especially when you think of Great Falls that have that inherent capability for the various industries that are already here but we’ll also be meeting with Airmen to make sure the new system fits their needs the government will decide between Boeing and Northrop which one’s going to carry forward into the engineering manufacturing development phase and that’ll be about a six-year period and then we’ll actually start building the weapons system towards the end of that the Air Force has told the two companies they would like the next generation of the ICBM system to operate for 50 years or until about 2075 this is the bedrock of national defense right I mean this is why people don’t entertain on any given day attacking the United States or our allies in great follows Margaret Marco MTN news the Air Force is expected to make its final decision on which contractor will win the job in about two years

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