Boosting & Jumping mechanics – Rocket Science #1
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Boosting & Jumping mechanics – Rocket Science #1

January 14, 2020

Hello Guys, welcome to Rocket Science where
we try to solve the mystery of Rocket League’s physics and show the best ways
to use them to your advantage ingame. First up, Boost. In order to fully understand Rocket League
we need to lay the groundwork first. Boost is saved internally as an 8-bit unsigned Integer. What does this mean? Well Computers.
The important thing to take away from this is: Boost is a value between 0-255. The number that you see in the game is just a percentage calculated from this value. Knowing this, we can explain some seemingly
weird behaviour with small boost pads. In these videos you can see me going both
from 88% boost to 99% aswell as 88% to 100%. How is this possible? This is where the actual values come into play.
One small boost pad gives you 30/255 boost=11.76% On the left we’re going from 223 Boost to 253. And on the right we’re going from 224 to 254. 254 however is still not the maximum value,
allowing us to pick up another boost pad even though it looks like we’re already at 100% Second topic, Accelerating in the air Alot of players already know that it is possible to accelerate in the air without boost. This allows you to get just that little bit further in the air when running out of boost, which is great. However I wanted to research this a little more.
Here’s what I found. Acceleration works in much the same way boost does. This means you can not only accelerate
forwards but also upwards by pointing your nose up. Ofcourse the force is much lower
than that of boost and it’s not strong enough to cancel out gravity but in some cases it
does make a difference. In both videos I use the same macro to make
sure that the same actions are performed. The only difference being the acceleration
key. The car only hits the top if the key is pressed. There are more noticeable examples
of this but we will get to those later. Going backwards propels you
towards the back of the car. It should be noted however that the force
is lower than the one going forward. Jumping is similar to acceleration. If you went through the Rocket League tutorial
you know that holding down your jump button will extend the height of the jump.
While holding down the jump button there is a force active that pulls the car in the direction
of it’s roof, as can be seen from these examples. This force is only active for the first 250ms
after your jump. If you keep your jump button pressed longer than that
it won’t make a difference. After lots of testing I’ve come to the conclusion that the second jump in the air does not have this force at all. So you don’t have to worry about
keeping the jump button pressed there. Alright enough theory for now.
How do we apply this knowledge ingame? We can use it to figure out
how to jump as high as possible. Jumping creates creates an impulse
in the direction of the cars roof. That means tilting the car backwards by 90° instantly,
is going to render the second jump useless. When at 0 boost, the best way to use the second jump
is almost straight up. Because the force of acceleration in the air is so low,
the impulse of the jump is more important. Jump and hold the button for about a quarter
of a second while pulling your car backwards by about 10°,
then jump again and tilt all the way backwards. Make sure to accelerate the whole way
to gain the most height. If you have even the smallest amount of boost
this changes. Boost is much more powerful than acceleration.
Because of that it is worth it to tilt your backwards by about 30°
before the second jump. To gain the maximum height out of low amounts
of boost: Jump and hold the button for about a quarter of a second pulling your car backwards
by about 30°. Boost and then jump immediately to make sure the momentum of the second jump
carries over. Once again, make sure to accelerate whenever you’re not boosting to get to the
maximum height. Perfecting this motion will allow you
to touch the crossbar with 5 boost, land above the goal with 12 boost
or reach the ceiling of standard maps with 40 boost. This is a great example of how much of a difference accelerating can make. If you’re not accelerating,
you will fall short of the ceiling. If you have plenty of boost and you need to get up quick then you want to be holding boost down from the start. Because you’re tilting your car backwards after the first jump, the boost will start to push you up against gravity immediately. This allows you to reach the ceiling
in little more than 2 seconds. If you want to practice some of the newly
learned things, I’ve provided a link to a Rocket League Trainer shot in the description. The goal is to clear the ball of the backboard
with only 12 boost. In order to use this you’ll want to
start an exhibition match with no bots. Empty your boost and hit F3 to reset the shot. Alright that’s it for now guys. If you have
any questions or found any mistakes please post them in the comments and leave me suggestions
for what I should test in the future.

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  1. good video. more topics could be about car stats, aerial tips like rolling for stability, arena analysis/tricks like how to use corners or ways to counter play while attacking.

  2. This is a very, very good video. Extremely informative! Getting in the air quickest is one of the things I need for my skill right now because at the top field of play, speed and consistency matters the most. The specifics you gave not only help with consistency (exact timings), but also the information helps me with my overall speed in which to get in the air. I want to personally thank you for making this video and I will be using it to help others.

    I don't know if it's possible for you to test this with any efficiency, or with real numbers easily find-able, but would it be possible for you to test Dodging? Specifically, how much of a difference dodging in a diagonal direction compared to dodging normally. How much more momentum is gained from Diagonal Dodging vs how much momentum is gained from a normal Dodge. At what angle would a dodge be considered diagonal where extra momentum would be gained. If there is any different "levels" of Diagonal where the car would gain the most out of "X" angle when dodging a diagonal compared to "Y" angle when dodging a diagonal.

  3. I really needed this. I've lost too many overtime situations cause an opposing player put a slow chip shot into the top of the goal and I did not have the boost to reach that height. THanks rocket science (absolutely love the force vector illustrations btw)

  4. Just wanna say this is one of the best RL videos I've seen, I can see a huge use for this in 1s when you've no boost and need to cover a high shot.
    A little curious though, are you able to reach the top of the goal with less boost with, say, a batmobile since it's longer than a Dominus?

  5. Very nicely done video dude, well presented and great research.
    If you want topic suggestions, I've always wondered if the bots really do have "personalities" my friends and I sometimes notice patterns with some of the Ai, but we're never sure if we're just imagining it.

  6. the only mistake i have found is that the PC has much more trainingoptions than the PS4 version. but this video still gave so much information! its brilliant! well done.

  7. Shit bro you did what I wanted to since release. Very nicely done. And hell Trainer works in Exhibition, I didn't even know :0

  8. holy shit, how did i know this just now? This is great content!
    Since this is out already, i know not much people know this but when i tested it, if you do a second jump and hold the jump button just right after pressing the first jump, the jump is higher than when maximizing the length of time you can hold the first jump before doing your second jump.

    I don't know what part of your vid but you were explaining some other mechanic that kind of explained and confirmed why this is so.

  9. I see you have a lot of comments and views already but I need to say this: how much research you put into this and how amazingly it is executed is astonishing. You should be among the most popular RL youtubers. Thank you so much for what you do, and I will recommend these videos to every RL player I know. I look forward to what you produce in the future, they do not go unappreciated!

  10. Wait I am confused… how do you "accelerate" as you say in the video? I'm probably missing something obvious but it sounds like you accelerate more than normal somehow

  11. Sehr schöne Videos!
    Es wäre sehr nett wenn du die Inhalte auch auf deutsch veröffentlichst. Die englische Community ist überall größer und es ist schade das ein deutscher nichts auf deutsch postet, und somit die bereits riesige englishe Community noch mehr feeded^^"
    Nicht jedem sein english ist gut genug.

    FRAGE: Ich verstehe die flips/dodges nicht. Wenn ich mit dem Auto vom Boden abspringe und mit der Vorderseite bis 89°(90)° gen Himmel schaue, und nach rechts flippe/dodge macht mein Auto eine Pirouette nach rechts. Sobald mein Auto (90°)91° nach oben/hinten neigt geht die Pirouette nach links..

  12. If your first assume of boost value being stored in 8bits value would be true you should sometimes pick up boostpad valued either 11 or 13 boost. I saw that you didn't prove this at this video, and I couldn't find any video that would confirm this.

  13. Since this video got linked on reddit I would like to point out that the boost part of this is outdated. Boost used to go from 0 12 24 to 35 and Rocket League replays store it as an 8 bit integer with a value of 0-255. However the actual values for ingame calculations are floats and Psyonix changed the 11.76% to actual 12%. So now you will go 12 24 to 36 boost. I'm going to cover this in my next video.

  14. I noticed recently that after I jump if I'm holding forward my engine sound will fade out. I'm wondering if this could be indicating that my acceleration is fading out. Is there a way to test whether you will continue accelerating from just using gas after being in the air for more than a few seconds?

  15. awesome video! However, what do you mean with accelerate? when you press forward in the air your cars nose goes down or is this just a keyboard thing?

  16. who ells came here because their teacher told them to answer a question this is not rocket science 😂😂😂😎😂😂😂😎

  17. At 0:20 the ball flashes into a pic of a girl with black hair that looks like this . easter egg? what is this? 😀

  18. You are a godsend!!! I accidentally skipped the part in the training where you have to HOLD THE DAMN JUMP for a longer time, before this, I couldn't get any aerials (it's really important to hold it for the 1/4sec to get a lot of air WITH BOOST, I'm just used to tapping spacebar quickly (carried over from other games), and this rendered my aerials useless). It's just the tutorial has a bunch of obvious stuff, and then they cram in this crucial fact, so I ended up skipping it (yeah-yeah, my fault, but we're all tired of Press W to go forward, aren't we?)

  19. I'm a new playe rand I just tried jumping (nose up) with accelerate and without, and it makes no difference to the height. Did the game change?

  20. I know these videos come scarcely, and this video is outdated, but I have a question, maybe something you can look into.

    Does spinning in the air make you go faster while boosting??? I've done some aerial passing shots practice training exercises and would go for a an aerial and just jump normally and sometimes I would screw around and spin as I'm boosting and find myself reaching the ball faster, at least it feels that way. IDK if I'm just imagining it or what.

    Is this true, or no?

  21. (Einstein scores a 0 second aerial with his bishop during a super-sonic acrobatic rocket-powered chess game)
    Narrator 1: -NSTN! NSTNNNNNN!
    Narrator 2: -THIS IS ROCKET SCIENCE!!!

  22. great video. i just realized maybe the acceleration button was affecting my aerials when trying to hit them down; on close to the net shots and also cross field redirects (not end to end mind you). some days i hit em easy. on days like today i was banging the crossbar or just whiffing totally. so i googled and found this video right away. after a bit of training i could see a definite difference. now that i realize this, i can build muscle memory for laying off the acceleration button when im making contact. thanks my dude!

  23. does it still only take 40 boost to get to the ceiling, 12 to above the goal and 5 to the crossbar? Cause if it does then I really suck. I can't get anywhere near those values and I have way too many hours in this game.

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