Boredom Killers S2:E7 – “One Doughnut To Rule Them All”
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Boredom Killers S2:E7 – “One Doughnut To Rule Them All”

August 18, 2019

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand hello again, welcome to another Boredom Killers commentary! Right now, I’m listening to messhugah’s ‘nothing’ for the first time and it’s blowing my head off! Perfect music for computer editing, alien encounters and moshing around cats in the morning SERIES TWO: EPISODE SEVEN “One Doughnut To Rule Them All” After the last ‘polo propaganda’ episode, we were in a sticky situation where we had to make sure the follow up matched it for quality Which was no easy task, this was late in the series and our idea bucket was running low. You gotta understand how many ideas are used in each episode, so we were reaching by the time this one was in the making. Still, we did manage to get some great scenes done out of desperation of nearing deadlines I cant remember how I come up with this scene. maybe it was that song ‘bannana phone’ that was stuck in my head. …..bannana phooooooooone! *snigger Man, I was in a tired state of mind at this point! haha “hey Mark, quick, film me acting like a duck in the puddle over there, that could work!” A lot of preperation was made prior to the filming of this scene, tidied my bed, piled up my games, made sure there was a chair and table nearby… I had to destroy the room the untidiest I could in 5 seconds in the dark while yelling – you dont get to do that every day! mission accomplished! I like this one for simple slapstick Mark was waiting to film at the end of the platform for at least 15 mins waiting for the train to start moving We watched this LOTR scene over and over and over I think we have nailed this one shot for shot! I think the more serious we tried to act, the funnier it seems when you add the soundtrack on top! ….A doughnut of epic proportions… Mark makes a good Samwise to be fair. I imagine this is what it feels like to be on a diet. I think we had a great view of aber in these shots – which we came back to with more focus in the finale later on oh the innuendo. badger in the wadger… pinky in the stinky.. Great editing on a budget there! The idea here is that the digging site was caused not by the local council, but by me searching for treasure I’m glad the 50p glinted, or noone would have any idea! That was my 6 second emo phase. YES! this was a lot of fun! so ducktaped on my backpack here is 2 bottles of fizzed up lemonade, that had just been opened simultaneously I was expecting this one to be anticlimactic… …and it was a cold, miserable day…. *plop I jumped off the side of the jetty intentionally, I didnt know if the tide was in or out, so it was knowingly dangerous, had to make sure I was able to swim back But as the last scene filmed that day, it did make for a great, shivering climax! This scene here Im not too fond off looking back, it was incredibly awkward! that the guy behind the counter noticed lost it’s impact That look of “oh great, here we go again” “Another fucken student selling their fucken chickens” “no” “feck off” “feck off with your fucken magic chocolatey eggs ya FUCKEN eejit.” “Go on, out with yer, ya massive spoon” “That’s right, walk on home.” “no wait, come back, I work at KFC 🙁 ” Fuck we were pretty out there at this point. Warning, this gets violent. I think I lost a bit of humanity in the filming of this scene. Keeps me up at night, this. CURB STOMP I think this was influenced by the photocopier scene in ‘office space’ :/ and with that, thank you for watching another episode and reading another commentary! If you liked the episode, please give us a thumbs up it puts us higher on the searches and it really helps out a lot! Let us know what you think, favourate scenes, what we should try next or anything – and as always Thanks for watching!

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