Bound by Magic – VLOG#1 – general infos and prototype gameplay
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Bound by Magic – VLOG#1 – general infos and prototype gameplay

August 11, 2019

This is my face boy, no shit Sherlock… So, hello guys. My name is Mike from xSheetGames. This is Mario and this is Peezn, my fellow mates, helping me create this game. We founded xSheetGames as a company, or a little group of people with a desire to create new games We love 2d games, I’ve played them since my childhood. And especially jump and run games like Super Mario World, Ori and the blind Forest, Rayman Origins I think these two guys love them too, because they are still here and helping me. so I assume they like them a lot too. Mario is our leading tester, the lead testing instance quasi, and a fellow game designer. Peezn is software developer and story co writer. And as for myself, I am in development too and the project lead. So, what have we done already? Why do we make this game? We created it, because we think there is a need for it. There cannot be enough great indie games, 2d games, in this world. And we want to contribute something. It is a sparetime project though, so there is no money involved for now, because we just want to get our hands dirty with the material. We need to educate ourselves in every part of the dev process, be it the unity engine or game design processes itself. I think this is everything for now, so I give the floor to Peezn.He will tell you something about our story. First of all, Bound by Magic should be a story driven, atmospheric, fun platformer game. We decided to choose the setting that is, more or less, magic vs technology. I think our intension is to make it more funny than serious. So a lot of humour should be in. Probably slapstick humour. Probably some pi*s and sh*t jokes Yeah, those things that people like us like, so…. Yeah, kinda stupid. I can tell you some short story snippets, but I will not tell you all, because then you don’t need to play the game anymore. You need to play the game, nevertheless. The main character is a magician.He has to learn all the magic crap. And he is learning from a master sorcerer. And, yeah… The main goal of the whole story is that you want to stop the robots killing all magicians in the world. Because they are hunting them and you are the one an only hero that is solving that issue with the robots. And now it’s the time to say “this is all for now” I think. No, I think our audience deserves a little better. So just tell us, how many characters will there be? Will there be one? Will there be two? Or will there be even three? I don’t know. As far as I know, we don’t have a number to fit planned now. Three to five, let’s say. And, you can interact with them. We are planning to write a lot of dialogue. So I’ve started that already. And, so the story will be told by dialogue, with interactions, with NPCs and all those things. We planned to build in eastereggs for everyone that is looking for achievements to unlock on steam. that is just “find all the eastereggs”. So, yeah.I think thats all that I want to tell you now, because yeah. The thing you need to know is, we figured out a story outline, we are happy with. We have our villain, we have our hero, we have a neat player character, wich is a sorcerers apprentice So, this is the setup of the story. The magical world, Anima it is called, I think. Yeah Mario is going to tell you some things about mechanics and gameplay now. Yeah, I’m gonna tell you a little thing about the features we have in our game. There gonna be like temporary upgrades, some sort auf auras you gonna collect. By killing some enemies, …or just collecting them in some sort of way. and you gonna lose them after you get hit or die. Depends on the upgrade. But it is going in this direction.We also have like permanent skills you can achieve during the progression of the story. At some point, you unlock certain skills like dashing, or like a big fireball, Running Doublejump Walljump Yeah, we can’t go into details. Why not? Because we are still developing. Yeah. We’re not finished yet. Don’t spoil everything people! What’s wrong with you? I think there will be hovering too. I’ve seen hovering. Oh yeah. yeah yeah. You will see that in just a minute. We will show you afterwards. After I’m done, Mike is gonna tell you a little bit more. But now, let’s go back to the enemies. There are gonna be robots. What did you expect. Affirmative Robots, or creatures Extermination We should not stop him. Are you done? Ok, Mario. Go on. I will go on, ok. Like robots, creatures of some sort, like airborn or on land. What you can imagine. You will have some special skills. It’s not like mash the button until that thing dies. But yeah. What? Nothing There are gonna be environmental hazards, like spikes, lava, like wind that drives you into spikes. Some stuff like that. Killer platforms. Yeah. And that pretty much sums up our planned features at the moment. We’re gonna keep you tuned regarding the features. When we know more about them, or when we have concrete plans, we’re gonna show you. But you gonna see a preview of what we really want to implement, or in which direction we gonna go. So, thank you right now. Before we show you a little something about the game in the prototype, let me drop some words about the graphics. We use an asset pack from regnarforge for our leveldesign right now. It’s very beautifully drawn, and hand drawn I think. We use the character animations by brashmonkey. From the spriter platformer pack. I like them very much.The walk cycle, the jump cycle. They are pretty fluid and looking good. Right now, we use these assets, but there may be another option in the future. if time and budget is still left, to come up with our own characters. But this is optional. We see it as a strech goal.We aim for it, for shure, but there is no urgent need to. The assets we use for now are very beautiful. Even the sound assets are on the point. We got the music from Christoph Richter, who happens to be a great piano artist. So, I think we jump right into the game prototype. Mario is going to show you some gameplay mechanics. Ok, lets jump right into it. Beautiful loading screen. So, this is our world map.Our prototype world map of course. And you move along the lines and just gonna hit “A” if you wanna play, like, the world As you can see it, it already looks very beautiful. Looking at the background, the parallax scrolling, the textures. Looks really nice. And then jumping. We have implemented a double jump into this It feels really good, just to walk around, run around, and jump And one feature we also implemented is like this walking to like running thing. If I use the analog stick, the character gets faster the more extreme the position of the stick gets. I also want to introduce you to this mushroom. Its a bouncy mushroom. Bouncing all day if you stay like this. I’m not gonna press any button, but it’s really fun. So yeah, lets double jump. And to our first magic ability. It’s hovering jetpack. It’s really great. and as long as you like use it, your mana depletes. So there’s gonna be mana in this game. Another thing is like a moving skill. It’s the DASH. So you get faster from one point to another. But remember, these things are only like pre alpha prototype stuff. So it’s gonna change. Yeah, it gonna change. So the next level, it is a little bit more prototypic But there is an interesting feature I wanna present to you. Like, a key feature, I suppose It’s the fireball.As you can see I just shoot fireballs And just killed our poor enemy Hopeless Sad Helpless Enemy screw you, enemy. We don’t like you here. You came to the wrong place. Yeah, the wrong neighborhood So the next like sort of feature we’re gonna implement is falling platform stlye things. In our final game, ther most likely won’t be falling platforms, but like crumbeling platforms. Just they gonna get cracks and then just burst. It’s gonna be fun. And I kinda skipped through the portals right here Just gonna like some teleporters and platforms like this… Doors from A to B Something like this. And over here we hava some ladder replacement texture, but this is supposed to be a ladder. It’s a rock though, but it’s supposed to be a ladder. Just imagine it’s a rock. Ah, a ladder, goddammit. So close, I only got two options. And I f*cked up. You need to focus Now lets try one of our skills to get over there without dying, hopefully. I don’t think you can do that. Yeah I don’t think so, too. So I died. But thats good. So I don’t have to run. There’s one more type of platform But first, we have to kill our arch enemy again. The lava shooting robot. Huh.Just jump around. There’s no AI at the moment He just gonna shoot on sight when I am here. If I’m gonna get hit, my life bar depletes.So I’m gonna kill it with just my stick. You see, the enemy is very stupid. We emulated the mental capacity of Mario. Yeah, you know. I just like to walk from left to right. He does it the whole day. Oh no. Huh. Saved. So we have this dangling animation, which looks really cute. So, that concludes our features for now. We hope you enjoyed it. And we will keep you posted for new features. Or new progress on the game. And yeah. Thank you very much. So if you like to help us, or if you are a graphic designer and you want to add in our game or contribute… …there is the possibility. Just drop us an email. We wrote the adress in the description. Please include your showreel. But one little tiny thing there: It is no money available. Yeah, there is no money really. We do it for fun, for educating ourselves This is a sparetime project, we put in hours and hours of our sparetime. So don’t expect payment or something. It’s going to be fame and glory for you. Blood and honor. Ok, so with this great words I’m gonna send you to your beds. It’s late already I think. So, have a nice day. Bye bye. Bye Bye

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