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August 28, 2019

yo we’re on a box for fridge chain I
haven’t seen you in like two days what’s going on
coconut I’m hurt what do you mean I don’t see anything
wrong with you okay what’s my name it’s father Jake sobriety there’s local
out the question for you who’s going to remember much who’s going
to remember yeah I built box sports bigger than anyone has ever seen because
it box fort still stay after the rain welcome I don’t know what you’re talking
about looking I want to build something how to build something like The Grapes
performing the pyramid the Taj Mahal good one Colosseum but Golden Gate
Bridge look at these are things that will last I need to place my mark my box
for mark I think I have enough watching something not again I don’t want to see
anything okay I’ve been working hard on this okay this is what I’ve been working
on for days well can it taking me nights everything I put my heart and soul into
it it’s a bridge little pillar the bridges
for me and you we’re smiling we’ll be right top of the bridge smiling I want
to build the box for bridge I want to build Alden brown branch we’ll put her
up over the water here and so transport all the happy people me you it’s Jesus
do we really need a bridge where a day goes by Logan if you don’t need a box oh
no I got some shit Bob joking all right well Logan just about died in
our video that’s a first for back in today we are going to be building the
world’s first ever box for bridge and we’re going to be crossing the Great
Ocean the great waterfront of my pool that’s my pool so guys this is what
we’re gonna do I know live we’ve been asking for and a lot of you been taking
in the comments your Papa Jake you’re a box for building master you are the king
of box let’s just box for God but can you make a box to a bridge well I’m
putting my life on the line we’re going to build a bridge and I’m going to walk
across it if I engineering fail I’ll fall in the water it’s really cold in
the water I’m really cold and it’s inconvenient because then I’ll get all
wet so we’re going to be doing this a couple different ways guys we’re going
to be building the massive bridge which is going to span the whole thing but
before we do that we’re going to build a tinier test bridge in the shallow end
it’s kind of like you know a little test to make sure that everything’s going as
planned we don’t really know what we’re doing Logan
know about bridge bills sometimes they use cable right like cable mansion
bridges basically the idea is that you have two points and then a thing that
goes on top that’s the bridge and then you walk across so it shouldn’t be too
hard now the hardest part about this build guys is all we have is a ton of
cardboard and a lot of tape Roberta has to support not just me but also Logan
all right guys so the first test bridge is going to have to span across a little
bit of shallow end here if it breaks we’re going to fall in if that works out
we’re bringing it to the big scale and crossing the whole pool we have a bottom
layer of the bridge and a top layer of the bridge I really use these big planks
to kind of wrap everything together with a bunch of tape got the base out of the
test bridge now we have to turn the user into some nice triangles and as you guys
know triangles that’s a strongest shape so we’re going to be making two large
triangle pieces to go on here that will put another plank on the top and
hopefully this test bridge will work so so far we’ve been working on getting all
the different triangles on here and as you guys can see were going for a double
layer on both sides we have a nice steady triangle and then once this is
all done we’re going to put another flat layer on top and this bridge is ready to
go now for the main bridge because it’s going to be so long we are going to have
to use suspension and the way we’re going to do that is I think we’re going
to actually use tape and kind of wrap it up into do almost like a rope alright
guys there we go the entire box for bridge well the test box for bridge is
done we taped it all together it’s already going guys I also just realized
if this is almost as long as it’s actually going to need to be alright
Oh at the bendy bridge say what the best part is I just needed it to work this
one’s actually really good this one’s super supportive I got the bridges set
up we have it across the pool now this is just a mini presence in the shallow
end oh it’s a bit rickety I don’t think I’m going to be able to actually like
block across it without falling over so I’m going to try and kind of crawl
across I was going to happen there we go god
Wow okay Talia hold up but I’m just going to go for it hi Logan
my god this girl to pretend that there’s a hundred feet beneath me
oh wow okay I’m good how far MA you’re halfway did my god I think you
can do this don’t I gotta move yeah you kind of been oh you’re starting to fall
grown across 100 foot bridge oh you’ll be on the ground be like a point gate no
first steps on the bridge do not go as well planned dude there was a minute
there where I was like halfway across it and I was like this might work this is
my work and this started dip and I was like it might sort and then everything
went bad really really fast we’re definitely going to do is if it’s wrong
for the next ten clearly our test bridge did not work so we’re back to the
drawing board but we did make a few upgrades right now we’re working on the
base of the mega bridge this is going to be our mega suspension box for bridge
this is the mega bridge we went back to the drawing board we reinforced it with
steel we also use an additional amount of cardboard triangles that were all
redone to be super strong as of right now we’re working on it we went ahead
and just sped up the process of getting the main structure of the bridge down
but now we have to get working on not only the sidings but also the suspension
aspect is as right now I still don’t know if it would work let’s look at the
suspension bridge going and we have the duct tape ropes all in place it should
be good to try it I’m still a little bit scared but let’s get back to building
first pillar is done and here guys it’s starting to look like a suspension
bridge – alright guys so the bridge is looking great we have half of the side
panels on the other half are still needing to be put on but as that’s going
on I have been working on our pillars here this is what we’re going to be
using to hold all of the suspension now we’re going to use the actual duct tape
as suspension rope and I’m going to have two of these stacked up together in the
middle and that’s going to be the center point of the entire bridge everything
else on it is looking amazing now all we have to do is put on the large pillars
once that’s all we’re going to put it over the pool it
helps this thing work the bridge is finally coming all together and it looks
amazing check this out guys we’ve got the suspension system working we’ve got
the ropes of tape and we’ve curled them around a bunch so we actually wrap them
around a couple times so that they’re really strong they’re really hard to
pull the bridge is looking sturdy it’s looking stable we still put it on the
water yet but stepping on it it is still a little scary okay so it does it does
sway a little bit when you get on it you’re on the way time away just in case
it does fall I’d rather fall in the water but so far it’s looking good now
we have to do guys into a couple finishing touches I think we’re going to
take it up a little bit more try and make it as secure as possible once
that’s done we’re going to set it up across the pool and I’m just going to
give her I’m just going to go for I’m a walk my hope is guys that it’s built
strong enough that we can actually have fun with it if it does work we can jump
into the pool we can walk across and we can fly the drone over it or it’s just
going to all fall in the water and I’m going to get wet either one it should be
great so the bridge is ready now what we have to do is put it over the pool I put
a lot of hard work into this cardboard the cardboard beans the cardboard rope
the cardboard foundation she’s my baby I think she’s going to work there she is
the cardboard bridge spanning the whole pool dude this is insane now it’s time
to test it out this is it I’m putting all my faith in my box for building
skills all right one step at a time here guys oh it’s very bendy definitely
giving away a little bit here it should be solid should be solid okay
oh oh I’m here cracking I’m here cracking boys I ain’t good but if I get
to the middle I feel safe okay okay we made for the middle oh dude we’re in
tomato frog tap for the middle dude all right guys you made it to the mill
that’s good the middle is good that means we’ve made it halfway across but I
got two here we go okay okay I think it looks like you did it
Oh God Oh God oh that’s really rickety I’ve nothing more to hold on to
I don’t like pins Logan oh okay here we go here we go guys okay go Oh up there
we gotta wait is quicker no high-five you lovely Oh bad bro I’m gonna do it I
got it okay here here we go you like it’s just
good it’s solid Oh was made from the ground up to be the world’s best most
innovative cheapest most secure box where fridge ever made now that we know
that it’s all worth doing it is 30 and we can survive across it kind of a
little bit of fun it’s time to go bridge jumping into the pool
Oh God yo we’re on a bike for bridge here we go down wow I guess I’m just
more bridge jumping alright so the suspension really is given a lot here
guys it’s really making this thing rickety almost want to fall over I get
over here there’s no two people on the bridge bro you got this you got this
cool God will see it little kids a lot of weight for this bridge bro oh okay
alright you’re gonna go into full alright ready
why reunion seems I don’t know what’s the best way to do this
alright why don’t you jump I’ll stay here go for it whoa
alright here I go Oh God I will go down in history it’ll be the
Golding the golden brown bridge of Awesomeness and it was made by Papa Jake
but guys thank you so very much for watching hope you guys enjoyed this if
you guys love these box for builds and love these insane builds be sure to
smack that like button down below destroy that like button as well don’t
forget hit that subscribe button and smack that Bell button so you guys never
miss a brand-new video but this has been Papa Jake’s and we’ll see you guys next
time for another awesome video

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