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August 29, 2019

so there’s all these files and they’re
trying to track me down inside these it tells us that box for treehouses are
high up like not on the ground Logan high up Jake what do you mean everyone
knows treehouses are high up it’s literally a tree house up in the air
what do you mean everyone knows no looks like you box where tree houses are not
on the ground I mean they could be 10 20 feet in the air and then these files
prove it dude I don’t know why you’ve been going through so much trouble to
get these files I mean everyone knows tree houses are tall tell me I keep
going Google right now you’re typing tree house and it would it would get a
tree huh treehouse trees are tall oh I did not I
didn’t think that through okay well hold on guys
yeah there’s no need to chase me anymore yeah you just go on Google and google it
and everyone everyone knows that but a good chase good chase see you guys next
time if what you’re saying is true then that means we have no data on what can
happen if our box sport Falls I mean if we’re gonna be doing a 24-hour box for
treehouse before we do that we need to figure out what could happen if a box
work falls from a high up space I think we need to do a box for drop
test here from team with me and we are back with a brand new video and today
guys I have a question for you a very important question that you need to
answer right now do you like this camera or do you like like this camera because
they are two different cameras guys and honestly we can’t decide which one we
prefer to use so let us know down below do you like hash tag camera one or hash
tag camera too but guys either or we are back in today we are gonna be doing the
world’s first box fort drop test video that’s right guys we are preparing to do
a but Logan it’s not water and grass town what are you doing over there
we just got back from VidCon and Jake our grass is really dead so I kinda have
to water it okay water grass is not fun okay we’re doing fun stuff only in this
video fun stuff only from now on and that is gonna start with the box for
drop test because we need to see what would happen to it if we are in fact
gonna do the 24 hour treehouse challenge now in order to do this guys we are
gonna have to go in the car and make a little bit of a trip back to our old
house because well there’s nowhere to drop it here I mean I could drop it off
that thing but that’s that’s pretty small and I mean we could drop it off
yeah but that’s that’s also not very high up alright we need to stimulate the
max height which is why we’re gonna be taking it to a full on out bridge and
dropping it there but don’t worry guys we’re gonna bring some other stuff along
with us because I’ve always wanted to do drop test so I can we’ll see what
happens when I drop like some soda bottles or maybe or maybe a watermelon
you know some fun stuff like that but then we will get to the serious science
stuff where we figure out exactly if a box four kids survive a drop of that
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video but we gotta get going now in here we’ve got our cardboard we’ve got this
which we’re gonna actually use for the X to mark the spot where we drop
everything we’re heading over to the old house now we got everything in the back
we are ready to do this drop test I’m super excited to do this drop test we
have done something similar to a drop test before if you guys remember we did
the flying box for it and that’s actually we’re gonna be going and using
that bridge from the last video there so as you guys can see we’ve kind of
done something like this but this time we are not gonna try and make this thing
fly at all we’re not adding padding or anything like that we’re just gonna
throw it off the bridge and see what happens and I’m really excited to see
with some of these other items due because I want to see if they’re just
gonna like explode or maybe not break it all it’s gonna be interesting but Logan
I was thinking dude this is a good sound system one of the best sound system all
I do I’ve got an idea all right I’ve got a pretty cool song we can play on the
way there yeah brand-new Papa Jake song in Logans car Jake got that I got the
brains all right guys so we’re back to the old house now and we’ve got all of
our supplies here which means it’s time to start building this thing Logan okay
we’re gonna be using art cardboard here to make a 1×1 box for with the window
and everything you know our normal box for would have obviously when we did the
24 hour treehouse challenge you’ll probably a little bit bigger but this
would be a good base to do our test with on top of that we’ve got this massive
piece of paper here which we’re gonna use as our drop test zone we’re gonna
put a big X on here and we’re gonna try and hit it for you know bonus points and
stuff like that aside from that guys we’ve got a bunch of stuff that we’re
actually gonna be dropping which I’ll pull out later but before we do that I
think we gotta start building this thing and guys I don’t know if you’ve ever
seen this well we’re building this pour it with a method called the pop up
method so with this you built a fort but it can also fold and then when you’re at
the destination it just pops open you might look like just one slab of
cardboard but in fact this is an entire box we’re ready to pop up whenever we
need it all right there we go now we have our drop zone it looks like it’s
time to move over to the bridge but first guys we gotta choose what we’re
actually throwing off this bridge so let’s head upstairs and pick not only
what we’re throwing off but also what we’re gonna put in this box for to see
if they can survive falling which means okay I think we have to talk to the eggs
no not the eggs yeah the eggs just calm down I’m miserable I like to fall from
high places please here you pick me what why do you like falling how do you
even know that’s what we’re doing all right look mr. Apple you just stay
over there we’re definitely gonna use you guys I need two of you to play the
bar on YouTube YouTube got to go okay you know you know where y’all get to
come you guys you can get thrown off not in the box
you guys you’ll be in the box all right only be quiet all right guys we just
made it to the bridge check this so we’ve got all of our supplies here with
us I’ve got all the subjects like the Mountain Dew two-liter or of course mr.
Apple oh I can’t wait yeah you know what we’re gonna get to that don’t worry but
first things first we got to pop up the actual box cord itself and get it ready
and of course set up the drop zone below okay guys so we’ve got the eggs here and
I’m now attaching them into the pilot seats which will be inside this box
where now these eggs are gonna replicate both me and Logan
so over here we got Logan it’s all nice and happy and over here we got me
equally nice and happy except in the next two minutes we’re gonna throw them
off this so I don’t know what’s gonna happen to them but what we’re also gonna
do is we’re gonna strap a GoPro inside here so you can actually see the box
while it’s falling from all different angles now Logan is heading down there to set
up the X so he’s actually gonna set it up down here so and guys I wanted to
leave a comment down below do you guys think that the eggs inside this box
board will survive or do you think they’re gonna crack I mean we built a
box for its pretty well and if we’re doing this test to see what will happen
to us if we fall out of a box for treehouse I hope they don’t crack but
only time will tell so place your bets down below in the comments and let’s
start this test alright guys so we have the X and we are ready to drop the first
item guys egg went everywhere I even went on me that was like a huge bang and
then they just like exploded that was crazy and no idea that was gonna happen
I think next up should be an orange Krush container I’m gonna shake it up
and test it out let’s see if this thing explodes or baby you know just kind of
hit the ground and nothing will happen and here we go and there it goes it exploded I did not
actually think that was gonna happen started swirling around a bunch I can’t
wait to see that on the slow mo guys it actually smells like orange Krush it
went everywhere so before we did the 2-litre I think it’s time to try mr.
Apple here we go not too bad for mr. Apple I mean like
shy I shouldn’t say that I’m not down there Logan how is he oh he’s not great
Ari mr. Apple didn’t make it unfortunately I was expecting that maybe
like just like complain but he didn’t do that he kind of just broke chunks off of
him so definitely definitely better than the eggs maybe we should have put miss
Rapp but either or it was a pretty cool experiment you want to see that one in
slow-mo but guys now before we get to the big box fort we have one last thing
to test out and I’m super excited it’s the 2-liter mountain dew fire off like a rocket like I thought it
might have but it definitely went everywhere we’ve got the fort here with
their eggs inside as well as a GoPro to monitor what’s happening as it falls and
keep in mind guys this is what would happen if our box four tree house did by
chance collapse and we’ve got to use this data so that we can improve our box
sports to make sure if we do a 24 hour box for trails challenge well this
doesn’t happen to us or you know maybe it just survives again place your bets
in the comments down below but let’s get this set up and throw it off – didn’t sound too bad at all you gotta
check this out what is it are they alive no guys the
eggs are perfectly intact there even a scratch on these things the eggs
perfectly survived okay guys so as we were cleaning and getting everything
ready I noticed something in the woods guys – check it out so over there by
this tree I saw like something brown and first up I was just kind of like a log
or something but then I noticed it was man-made and I didn’t really want to go
over but then Logan mentioned that it looked kind of like a chest and I think
that’s what it is so I’m for you guys over let’s see if we
can figure out what this thing is I can take this out so just over here on the
ground check it out it’s like a little box or like a chest or something I have
no idea what this is or what might be inside of it I can’t figure what’s
inside it here let’s we can open it it’s kind of got like a seal on the lid here
that’s not opening from the sides like some sort of chess but looks really old
the seal company of Canada a steel company of Canada all right so there’s
no date on it but there is some writing on this side that of course Logan said
the scale company of Canada which is pretty interesting I don’t know what
could be even this thing I mean it’s not like too heavy but you get the lid off
maybe if we bring it home we can use like a crowbar or something because it
looks like his nails shut this is really interesting
alright that’s a pack of all of our gear and head home I wants to what’s inside

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