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August 25, 2019

I do look smug it is testing out the box
for a dude that looks awesome oh yeah
Thursday she’s built she’s ready I think it’s now or never we are going to launch
the world’s first ever box court submarine just be like Logan we let our
viewers down let them down Logan we made a floating box port on the water right
here that’s why I Rogen one time feet they’re
down there they want a submarine living there wants to throw the box for a
submarine and I just don’t know for my box building scoop to go to phone and
box for I didn’t build a box sports I would survive lava cat build one down
there how were you to build a submarine that goes underwater doesn’t mean a box
back when Leonardo DaVinci made the first box board he had extra plans for
an underwater submarine box for he called it a sub box hook and it got
under one if you clean like this local that’s what we’re going to do today hey
you know what you’re on guys Papa’s in front of you baby and we are
back with a brand new video today we are building a submarine box 40 I know what
you guys think you guys are thing to pop to Jake you’re crazy some of you are
taking Papa Jake you’re a visionary but here’s the thing guys it’s not looking
too nice out it’s a little rainy so we can’t play above the water but you know
what we can play down below the water all right go for a lawyer
oh yeah yeah that look like a lot of fuss to in
order to build our box for submarine we need the main piece of hardware this is
the underwater power the big daddy it’s the sea do oh yeah oh yeah now in case
you guys don’t know what this does it keeps you guys like Papa Jake what is
this about to show you what it does I’m coming in Logan oh now this fits in
the water like this and it’s propeller-powered so right here is a
propeller and when to click the button we go down on this I always forgot our
underwater scuba mask and by the way guys with any of the stuff that we use
in our video if you guys want to check them out awesome links down below so you
guys can get them on Amazon because these are some really awesome cool toys alright guys now that we touch to that
out it’s time we get building the submarine box board so those are both
being a boss on our water from a shoe boxes are waterproof uh propagate has an
idea alright we’re going to take these boxes and completely wrap them in our
blocks building tape and once we do this and it doesn’t want to preview this
should work while Jake is waterproofing the pod I’m going to work on the top of
the submarine which will use a plexiglass top that jaqen ok so now we’re going to cut around the
plexiglass and make a place for Jake’s window all right perfect now we’re just
going to slide the plexiglass into place alright that’s looking perfect while Logan’s working on the Plexiglas
window I have a little bunny here except he doesn’t doesn’t look like much right
now and there we go people talking a lot yo what’s up dude I don’t know what he’s
a mental idea guys we might have some translation no way I don’t know he said
we’re going to learn his language but you want to go in the water back to the
submarine box fort is almost ready we have the front panel here that’s pretty
good dude that’s a nice clear glass to a therapist oh she’s coming together but
you know BB hey wanted to come over and say hi you guys if you’re kind of BBA
put a hashtag to b8 down below but we’re just putting the finishing touches we
actually ran out of the orange tape which kind of sucks but we stole some of
this cool camo tape which is awesome the fun is looking good do you check that
out I’m ready to go see some underwater fish and stuff
all right dude look Logan is testing out the box for a dude that looks awesome
no let me oh yeah wow this is so sick she’s built she’s ready I think it’s now
or never we are going to launch the world’s first-ever boxboard submarine we
will see survive wait oh god oh god oh god she’s floating floating so imma try
to get in so as much fun as that was after a
little bit time to Vox board slowly took on way too much water and you just could
not sustain all that I think I think one we ran out of duct tape like a tissue
it’s a real thing covered in duct tape we’ve had such a better champion so what
we’re thinking guys is we have two ideas if you guys want us to revisit this if
you guys want to go bigger one make a bigger box for to cover the whole thing
in duct tape and three and the most important thing get actual oxygen tank
to fill it with oxygen does that sound like button if we get sixty thousand
likes we will revisited and go hard guys
that’s a lot of like but I think we can do it we can do it we can do it just use
a pop of jade from 250 hope you guys enjoyed that video you got next you

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  2. #bb8 can you please make halo video please please please please all a fan to halo and a fan of yours video


  3. to papa Jake build a big house Box fort for 48 hours and i whach your video everyday and and I love your video I whach cent I was little kid

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