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August 22, 2019

we forgot one key moment hey yo what’s going on guys
Bob thank you from delivery and we got Logan the autism and today we are going
to be building the world’s first ever box for Hank we’re going to war box for
Wars coming are you ready are you ready we’ve been wanting to build this for a
very long time we figured out how to do it we’re using the Segway or a
hoverboard whatever you want to call it you like my hoverboard dude you want to
try it I want to see some hoverboard son slogan let’s see it don’t fall in the
water oh this video is over the only thing I
care about is EMM DS man yo you should go off a hoverboard jumper hold up go
for it bro oh my god you let’s get more Jake that up to so long it all will die
I don’t know how I even did that but anyway we’re going to be using this
hoverboard guys and we got this it’s our board seat yeah it’s called the
smart cart 3 basically it turns that hoverboard into a good little go-kart
and what we’re going to do is we’re going to break this out guys and we’re
going to convert this into the world’s first box for tank 3 2 1 dude that looks
a gets like a little mini go-kart attached to the hoverboard and Logan
we’re going to use this as the turret because every good tank has a turret so
there’s how the hoverboard turret will work yeah you know I think before we
make this into a tank we got test this thing out okay alright
look and go for the test drive here give her everything you got Logan just take
it over curb oh please kill it guys so just coming to steal yo girl so now that
we went ahead and tested out our hoverboard mechanic it’s time to get
building so we got a bunch of cardboard we’ve got a basic ideas on how to make
your tank I mean it’s pretty simple it’s very complicated complicated is not a
math and goes into building there’s six angles all right so now we have
everything laid out it’s time to get building guys the floor is done it’s got a nice little
bait here we actually use two different layers of cardboard here so now we have
to do is work on the walls as well as the front probably the next hardest part
is going to be the long tank nozzle to give them the tube cannon it’s probably
the cannon Logan actually came up with this really cool idea though there’s
just some extra support corners which we’re going to use to make sure that
this thing holds together because a lot of times is to get a little floppy it
can fall over so we’re going to use this extra cardboard to make sure that it all
stays together pretty good so far it is looking pretty good bro so guys we’re
put on the roof now we have a front gun we also have the bottom piece completely
secured in now all we have to do is put this roof on attach it all together make
the back and then we got to mount the weapon
the roof is looking awesome yo check out the inside of the tank and we also have
our tank shooter and we’re going to mount the turrets as well but now what
we have to do is cut the vision slit so I can actually see what I’m doing so we have this split here this is what
I’m going to be looking at hopefully that’s enough vision for us now we took
the mount mount the tank cannon as well as mouth the turret and we’re ready to
launch this is one thing often is looking a legit like a tank now always
to do is put in our nerf turret at the bottom so you can shoot out and we’re
ready to go I’m going to customize the box for a tank with some spray paint DJ
okay alright guys there you go PJ what I do over here I think I did the letter to
big table God in u.s. nice shake should I go all in with the
spray paint just like go this could look really bad I don’t know okay so the roof
is finished I just went it with an all blue look army on the side
we got polka dots at the front and we got Papa Jake on the side it’s looking
lit I’m not exactly sure what’s up with a polka dots at the front or whatever
I’m rolling with it so we got a chain cannon here we also have our nerf
machine gun which we’re going to use to mount at the front now what we have to
do is get inside and lost this thing I guess so she’s turned on alright she’s
already moving on her own that’s uh okay alright so we’re going to put this in
here which I’m going to have to maneuver once I get inside hope we shouldn’t take
off without me alright here we go we got a little scare for I got the
Lancer definitely did not touch this slit at the right angle that’s good it look good yep Oh do that thing got blown up all right particularly through there so
now that we can see we’re going to grab the turret and do some target practices
we’ve already used the taking them so now it’s time to break out the machine
gun right sure it’s ready to go it’s Lock and Load boys and girls all right
here we go turrets coming in off the ready to lock
in low one first target our boy let’s keep moving right on target buzz right on target
keep moving now that we’ve already tested out the guns the guns are working
awesome now we’re going to give it a little bit of a speed test I’m a little
worried I don’t know what’s going to happen well let’s see how fast this baby
can go Oh God yeah you’re good thank say hi five minutes I was live we
actually made a box sport and guys that was crazy
and shot four bullets and tank shells sorta but yo guys we had an idea if we
can get over 108 thousand likes on this video we will make each box for race car
we’ll make it super speedy super fast and we’ll see just how fast a thing go
to make a super fast box for ring so I bet we can get over like 100 miles an
hour like probably will add nos to it or something but thank you so very much
guys housing Papa Jake from Stephanie and Logan for I was there he was there
you would you were there you were there you weren’t in the tank but you were but
guys thank you so very much we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome

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  1. Shoutout To @JayHawk Fate For Getting First Comment! Make sure you have notifications enabled by clicking that bell button to win next!!! 😀 Also lets crush 100,000 Likes!!! you Guys Are Savage!!!

  2. Do a Nerf gun battle with that tank????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Papa Jake you are amazing. Keep up the great work bro. I've been trying to make a remote control tank and it didn't work as well. I would also like to see this vid hit 1,000,000 likes

  4. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Papa Jake I challenge you to make a army ship then your the best box fort maker ,the army ship should be more than 5feet

  6. Mine are going to be hard to take out but only a paint ball gun Is going to take it out in the cardboard war to take them out

  7. That’s how you get the thing to work like you buy something and I started watching this video today also love how you got it to work and videos how do you pop up stuff on your like Iron Man videos how do you do that and how do you even get into the toys are us and I was watching a video also you cool like you I love your videos are a scribe all liked all of your videos

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