August 21, 2019

this is crazy Wow oh my god Wow oh my
god row row row jump on – dude okay we didn’t mean to scare you and you know
what’s going on guys Papaji here from germany and we are practice what today
is Monday socks with wow it’s box Bordeaux now I think you’re going to
come scare me again no get that oh this is dragon alright today we are doing box
Ford versus the Arctic clearly we’re not in the Arctic it’s a faraway away you
know I went online I looked at the prices to go up there Logan it’s like an
eight-hour flight so instead of that guys we’re bringing the Arctic to us you
got to throw up what happened oh my god you guys so dude what were you thinking
look is all sad dude you know what you need you need an outfit change we’re
going to start building at the floating box for it once it’s ready we’re going
to set sail in the water we have some thermal blankets and some other stuff
that we’re going to need on this journey because guys we are sailing to
Antarctica alright guys so we’re just finishing up
the walls now we have all four of the walls ready to go now it’s on to the
roof what’s that son guys when you grab all of our gear to survive in the Arctic
and then we’re going to set sail all the way up there or down there located
Arctic down or up up we’re going up we’re going up boys we move enough now
time to put on part one of the roof down that’s already looking good dude we got
to make sure that this thing is all sealed up so that no cooled air can get
in so I think the only thing that’s needs is the rest of the roof and the
door where it’s nice with the door Jake do I think you should put at the front
but we don’t want to be too big because it’s gonna be really cool so we want to
let in as little cold air as possible circular door we like a hatch to like a
really cool like Antarctic spaceship here goes nothing I got way too excited
and just cut off the door but why would you but we can save it I made it
it looks pretty sick though all right guys just finishing up the door handle
now to the box port we have the roof on it is looking amazing this is going to
be our hatch because guys this is an Arctic traveler this is going to be our
only defense against the arctic cold so we’re going to open this hatch get
inside and try and survive alright guys so there she is she’s completely ready
all fitted with our brand new safety feel like this right looking you’re
gonna have to do the sound effect over the lock door wow so now all that’s left
is to launch this in the water but first I’m going to show you guys what we have
in our Arsenal to try and survive we have two of these thermal blankets look
at snug this guy look aside from that guys we’ve got this in case we need to
go in the water to retrieve something we don’t want to be in there for long this
water is going to be freezing so we’ve got our seed you hear that allow us to
get down fast get where we need to go and get out of there we’re going to
launch the boat and it’s time to turn this into the Arctic guys I think she’ll
float but if you guys think she’ll float put a hashtag float like a boat all
right let’s do it dude put her in the water oh oh there she goes
oh there it is guys the box fort is floating check that out again Titanic
that is I’m you know let’s go all the way home
like the type damage that means we’re going to sing we might hit an iceberg we
are going to where I tell the Papa Jake Explorer I think it should be called the
Papa Jake Express guys if you have a name idea for our floating box for it
put a comment down below and we’ll pick an official name for it in the next
video now all we need is two dry ice time to clap and make it appear dude
look at all this dry ice we doubled the dry ice since our last dry as principal
video and they are all here so now it is time just hold this baby in the pool not
only is this going to make the pool and everywhere around it’s super super cold
but it’s also going to create some really cool smoke effect a start cutting
into Drive drop it in the pool ah this is looking insane you can barely
see it guys yo check out the middle guys there’s a massive geyser there they’re
really the dry is just coming up so quick it is so cool it’s gone down like
a couple degrees and it just keeps getting colder and colder
alright guys time to get in and try to survive this cold oh man here we go hold
on oh oh my god oh my god it’s so cool this is the same guys oh my god go check
it out from underneath oh my go again regarding the side guys
it’s way too cold out here oh oh rocky get inside bro no Logan I got you
buddy today we’re still we lost we lost the
blanket no guys we literally just lost the blanket they were in here they tell
people oh my god so cool we should have take this off guys we shouldn’t take
this off this is so cold right here it’s like putting your hand in a refrigerator
the blankets have gone to the bottom of the pool
and if we’re going to survive that means I have to go back to the freezing cold
water and get those blink alright guys it’s a good thing I brought the sea do
time to get our masks on and go down and save our blankets here we go so that can work it literally pushed me
back and then a big chunk of dry ice stuck on my arm for a second
you can literally see it look what the dryers burn me Butte sounds crazy
okay okay we got to go back down if I don’t get those blankets we’re not going
to survive that’s it right now I am freezing cool
literally just hold the boat floating in the waters and I have a longer blanket
I’m going to go for one last run this is that we got to go back to the guys it
keeps pushing us away but I think we can get down I think we can get to it and
get those blankets it was stuck in one of the filters
I grabbed the upper one the soldiers the geyser was pushing your way through all
destroy ice and we get back to the box for and open the top hold on she really
crazy oh it’s so cool guys literally our box cord is falling apart
there’s cold air coming through the bottom here you look underneath though
it’s still bubbling like crazy down there unfortunately all the bubbles and
all the crazy geysers that were throwing us around earlier served to trash her on
the box for the thing is falling apart pause this honestly has been the hardest
I might have to be like you Logan I gotta get inside I’m that cold right now
I’m gonna see if I can warm up to the wall what the blanket on me
it’s feeling nice and good if you guys remember our last video where we used
the dry ice it was nowhere near this cold and we preheated the pool to be
like 80 degrees and then used a third of what we’re using now we have a freezing
cool pool that we want to simulate the Arctic and Logan Justin for me we’re on
to the third part of this which is the liquid nitrogen now you guys have seen
me do the liquid nitrogen challenge in a box for before but this time of course
we doubled it we’re going bigger we have an even bigger canister of liquid
nitrogen and we’re pouring it into an already freezing cold pool with dry ice
in it while I’m freezing in a box for it this might be the coolest thing ever
I’m really scared right now guys here we go along is the most important oh my god
this is going to be crazy guys having liquid nitrogen is going to be insane
this is also the most liquid nitrogen we’ve ever poured in a pool so expect a
lot of crazy smoke are you ready right again alright go for it what Wow oh my
god whoa the Box fell apart the 140 started bringing it starting to get on
the back of the insert of Priest oh my god you check it out oh my god
blow cold air you’re so cold in here alright your head I think it’s dripping
liquid nitrogen oh it’s literally dripping it is
literally dripping liquid nitrogen alright go for it please be warned out
oh yeah oh my god boy this is crazy ah crap it’s like a Fat Boy I can’t see
yourself oh my god get back through the park or the park was our whole each
other oh wow all right get in here dude it’s really
cool what is the craziest thing about this is that we have done blocks for
versus tornado we’ve done blocks for versus thunderstorm blocksberg versus
lava we have never had the box for it not be able to withstand anything this
insane look we had to get everything with the thunderstorm to make it break
the box started to freeze and it started cracked and then all of a sudden the
whole thing gave way and just fell in with that little bit of coal the box
fort did pretty well and all in all it was a crazy experience
I feel colder than a lot of winters like is it really sunk in your skin I just
stuck my hand inside the box for it and it was your little hole dude so guys
definitely make sure not to try this at home if you ever do get a chance but I
think it means Logan but I think it means Logan that we need to find a way
to Arctic proof our box for I mean it’s Canada it’s going to become winter we’re
going to want to do winter box for challenges you know like here’s what
we’re going to do if this video gets over 100,000 likes we will do a part two
of this with more liquid nitrogen more dry ice and we will try to winter proof
the box for that it can survive there only survive but keep us high and dry
during a storm but as always guys hope you have an amazing days it’s a big papa
Jake and Logan from to you Epiphany by

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