Brain Surgeon – That Mitchell & Webb Look , Series 3 – BBC Two
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Brain Surgeon – That Mitchell & Webb Look , Series 3 – BBC Two

August 27, 2019

Oh, Lionel. I’m glad you could make it. Can I get you a drink? Yeah, something soft. I’m driving Okay Parkings absolute nightmare around here isn’t it? And reverse into the tiniest of spaces. Still, i managed it I mean, parking is not exactly brain surgery is it? And I should know Why is that? Are you doctor? Careful. Not a doctor. I’m a brain surgeon. Big difference BIG difference Yeah, i actually know a joke about this. What’s the difference between a doctor and a brain surgeon? One’s not exactly brain surgery The other is brain surgery So, what do you guys do? I’m an accountant Oh that’s good Yeah, I could do with an accountant. Filling in those tax forms can get really confusing, can’t it? Still, It’s not exactly brain surgery, is it? I mean Brain surgery believe me is very complex Are you an accountant too? Oh no I work for charity Oh, that’s a very selfless job, isn’t it? I really admire you i don’t think i could ever do what you do I say that because it’s emotionally draining not because it’s hard I mean It’s not exactly brain surgery, is it? Which as a brain surgeon is what I do Lionel here is your drink. Lionel is a brain surgeon you know Yeah he mentioned it Oh Jack, I keep you late at the space center As of always And this food runs out Have you met Lionel? No, hello Lionel. So Jeff, how do you earn a crust? Oh I’m a scientist. Uh, I work many with rockets It’s um, pretty tough work. And what do you do? Well, I don’t mean to boast but, I’m a brain surgeon Brain surgery It’s not exactly rocket science, is it?

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  1. That Mitchell and Webb look is a billion times funnier than Peep Show. I'm up to season 4 and it's really hard work. Strange that it's the same two guys.

  2. What I love about this comment section is the endless number of people who feel the need to repeat the obvious fact that part of this jokes brilliance is the anticipation and knowledge of the punchline

  3. To be fair, I think that if one has such a massive intellect, one has earned the right to flaunt it. On that note, I'll have you know that I currently have 2 months of Reddit Gold. Ciao.

  4. It's great because even though everyone and their Grandma can see the punchline coming, it's still hilarious.

  5. Nine years ago – and still hilarious. You can just feel the unbridled arrogance and you wish…if only there was a one-up. But who……

  6. I would like to see what a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon talk about in a setting where they are supposed to talk about nothing. I have been to such a party where it is expected that people just chichat about mundane stuff because no one there really knew anyone else. It's painful to know one is using up valuable time to talk about basically nothing when they are capable of doing more. It's the old social more where no matter how scholastic you are, you are expected to subdue it.

  7. Could be the best comedy sketch ever, mind you writing great comedy sketches isn't exactly brain surgery…

  8. Rob is so good at acting like a complete douche in so many different contexts that I have to wonder what he's like in real life.

  9. The beautiful thing about these comments is, although you can see from a mile off that they’re all going to say words to the effect that the beautiful thing about this sketch is although you can see the punchline coming from a mile off but it’s still funny, they still manage to be completely fatuous and redundant.

  10. It's amazing that someone could think of something, see that almost every other comment on a video is saying the same thing, and then just comment it anyway as if it's the first time..

  11. Of all the many things I love about this sketch, the thing I love most about it is that it has been uploaded with decent video quality (unlike many amateur uploaders [usually Smack The Pony for some reason] who use 240p : (

  12. My TAG teacher showed us this a few years ago and I wish I could see her but she’s teaching in Japan now
    She was the best teacher ever and I feel bad for anyone that didn’t get to have her as a teacher

  13. I stopped laughing very soon since I realised that I'm THAT type of a person with inflated ego.

  14. How many "You can see the punchline coming from a mile away but…" comments should there be on total below this video? I think we're still missing a few

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