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  1. Me wants ;A; Please release it in Europe and America… I think it's the best Nintendo 3DS game so far. (except for zelda and tales of the abyss xD)

  2. Come on even in the early Disney Films the Fairies had nasty bits showing as well as very nice buttocks and Legs. Remember back when those were made the LEG was highly erotic to many men. And Still IS! Therefore, the main fairy herself was drawn very provocative. Thats to get the Dads to like the movie as well. Strange but it worked.

  3. this is japan. the definition of erotic is different. disney films back in the early days can get away with erotic but now today is different. this is a game aimed for kids so with today's game laws and them trying to make it PG, they're can't be anything erotic at all.

  4. can't tell if you're joking on the internet or just being curious. anyway should've said that you were joking earlier than i would've shut up but it took a while. sorry about that.

  5. Dude, dont take this so seriously this YT is meant to be fun and informative not so serious. So never apologize specially to me because I love to kid people. One thing I do find hard to understand is the Italian Mandolin Music at the Bar section? Whats up with that? Was that an Italian Joint in Japan? And where is the promised GORE…there should be at least ONE decapitation on all these videos. The Kiddies Love that. Specially with the Blood Spurting as the head rolls off. Maybe Scene was cut?

  6. Like full metal alchemist, the English dub is WAY better. Also, I normally don't really like the suave, smooth-talking members of the protagonist group, but I think we can all agree that Ringabell is the best thing to happen to the game.

  7. …Say what you will, but English Ringabell is without a doubt the best shit to ever happen to a video game.

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