Breaking: Rocket Attack On Iraqi Base Housing U.S. Troops | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Breaking: Rocket Attack On Iraqi Base Housing U.S. Troops | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

January 8, 2020

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  1. Trump will prove to be a great war leader and he will defeat Iran quickly. He is courageous and very smart. Had he been fit enough to fight in Vietnam he would have rose to the rank of general and overrun the North in matter of weeks. Who am I kidding he's a cowardly imbaseal.

  2. this incompetent, ignorant and moronic traitor trump is going to screw all americans to their graves…thanks to those stupid idiots who believe his lies!

  3. Trump doesn't realize he has placed a noose around his own neck and that of his family. He will not be President for a huge length of time, irrespective of whether he wins the election or not – and so he will be the focus of Iran for the rest of Trump's life, as will his family. Iran and Iranians will remember! I don't think Trump has considered that and if he has, then words defy me!!

  4. Trump on reason for doing what he did…you know that sneak assassination by a draft-dodger.

  5. Trump is scared to death of any real confrontation, hidden behind a brave mask, make no mistake about that … he never goes all the way cause he just doesn’t know what he’s doing. No plan. No clue. No strategy, no thinking at all, just rapidly progressing old-man cognitive decline, no morals to start with, and narcissistic-autistic-violent-cruel impulses. What a disaster for America and its future.

  6. It's all your fault MSNBC, you were having a field trip talking the truth about Trump, he now have you all talking about Iran vs USA.


  8. Will the GOP wake up now, ask for the documents and witnesses to testify, and kick this bum out of office before it is too late? Here is your chance.

  9. News media talk so much yall put ppl in danger…I wouldnt tell yall nothing all u care about is ratings it's a shame

  10. Well,I disagree with almost all our king has done but come on this parrsian got what he ask for,he exit out ahead of the game something must be done to stop this antpeople,they only know how to die so let the fire rain on them.

  11. NZ has just received the news of Iran firing misles at US Airbase in retallation.  Operation Martyr Soleimanui.Trump decided all is well – so we can sleep well tonight!!

  12. Trump is guilty for any deaths inflicted on our troops. 45 , Republicans and this administration are responsible for any deaths coming out of the attack 45 did. Worst president everrrrrr

  13. Never been a sitting president not re-elected to a second term during a war/ police action / peace keeping mission etc. just sayin!

  14. Trump needs to answer for the bind he has put the US citizens and military in. If he is correct that the Iranian general had charismatic control over these "proxy militias" (aka brigands with rockets) what plan does he have to keep them from forming yet another Pan Islamic State using drugs, stolen military weapons, hijacked oil, blackmail and ransom to keep the groups supplied?

    Trump merely took out a leader who understood the stage craft needed to command allegiance and control much better than Trump ever will. In a war that depends upon the maximum advantage of the long plan, Trump is a come and gone lame duck. His comments about killing the families of one's enemies are an example of the stupidity he cannot hide. Meanwhile guess who will be footing the bill for his mistakes? Not his rich friends. Not his richer friends. Not his richest friends. The Nobodies will pay for this fool, as usual.

  15. As we stand on the brink of war less we forget remember that politicians start the war but it is other Americans sons and daughters that pay with their lives. Let us pray for the safe return of our military.

  16. Oh I get it by making America greater again they mean starting a war and a recession at the same time
    Tony the tiger wouldn't think this is great
    But brain dead cult members don't have a thought either way

  17. Lol, looks like Iran doesn't even Want to Hit US. Ballistic Missiles that can be easily picked by Patriot Missiles……?! 😂☝

  18. Had Israel not stepped in to stop Jerald Bull, Iraq could have killed tens of millions of Iranians , Saudi's Syrians and Israelis, Had Israel not backed Iran Iraq would have killed millions of Iranians! Now look how they pay them back! After saving Iran from Iraq? After saving millions of Iranians! By He who tried to save them! He who had always helped them! They now want to destroy him! Then so be it! But don't wait till then do it now! Let it be what must be!

  19. Anyone else remember when 3 Americans died in Benghazi and the republicans wouldn't stop talking about it for a decade?

  20. The white house is figuring out how to respond to Iranian reaction after they ordered the assassination? Way to go MAGA!

  21. Ballistic missiles? for all we know, those bases were wiped out. We'll never know the truth, how bad it got. Probably why donnie is silent tonight.

  22. Welcome to day 8 of 2020.We got rockets for days and war on the horizon that our kids will wage not the morons who caused this mess.I want Don Jr. And Eric go to war onto the frontlines.

  23. US troops, and Canadian troops, and possibly others… Thank you, Presiturd Trump, for behaving like a 6-year-old school yard bully.
    Kick that thing out of office, PLEASE. Sincerely, The World.

  24. Looks like we might see Iran's live testing of the Russian S-400, if it is really as effective as they say, if the USA will retaliate for Iran's retaliation, who retaliated for Soleimani assassination…. It's getting intersting….

  25. Cooler heads will prevail. Watch Iran-US negotiations resume, improve and our great President Trump win a measure of Middle Eastern peace heretofore unachievable. Winning, winning, winning. KAG MAGA Trump2020Landslide MakePersiaGreatAgain

  26. NO BLACK OR BROWN PERSON SHOULD PUT HIS LIFE ON THE LINE TO GO AND GET KILLED,, it will be the most stupid thing to do ,,,stay home don’t enlist, don’t show up ur life is worth more that a mere bodyshield

  27. If US Troops are not in Iraq, they cannot be killed in Iraq.
    One of the reasons cited for recent US Missle attacks on Iran General Qassem Soleimani at Bagdad International Airport is his role in harming American Soldiers in Iraq.
    Now that he has been killed, is it not a good idea to withdraw. US forces from Iraq so they are not subject to further Risks?
    US Invaded Iraq in 2003, Sadam was killed in 2006, it is now 2020.
    Why are US Troops still in Iraq 14 years after the War ended? Much concern has been expressed about ISIS reprisals on US Territory. Should we not have our Troops at home to protect us from ISIS invasion?
    It would be good to set Plans for US withdrawl from Iraq. Help Iraq be able to defend itself and maintain its Soverignty.
    No specific benefits or goals to America have been articulated in US forces remaining in Iraq.
    Are we to continue this very expensive occupation forever?
    Do we not have much good work at Home our people may do earning much better Income out of harms way?
    For example: Citizens of Flint Michigan have had undrinkable Municipal Water for about 70 years.
    The Government delivers bottled drinking Water to Flint Citizens. Now New Jersey Water Systems are failing.
    Lacking any sound reason for continued US Military occupation of Iraq, our precious lives and resources are better spent on Projects at home.

  28. imagine 2 of your friends fighting inside your house making a mess and messing up most of your furniture and killing some of the residents in your home

  29. Funny the iragi that was killed an interpreter for military. Only been a US citizen for a couple years. Trump started this for him. But no remorse for khashoggi. Not a glimmer of justice or hope.
    Mbs the 🐁 must have paid trump & his fily very,very well. They have a tower there & a golf resort. Just what they need in the middle east. This is be Jared's piece plan he & drhump carve out a slice for them. Drhump did you serve chocolate cake when you ordered the airstrike.

  30. Flight from Tehran Iran crashes shortly after takeoff killing all on board, sources say plane was delayed by an hour with technical difficulties, nothing to say there’s a connection with the recent missile attack on Iraqi US bases

  31. Crazy Individual#1 relies on Putin/mbs for intelligence. Saudi oh "Iran gonna cyber attack US."
    Not cia, NSA or others. They used there stooge Individual#1, pence, Miller, konway, pompeo,mconnel, graham, grassley.
    FYI is grassley alive don't see him slithering around the congress or wh.

  32. 3 trillion dollars on the war in Iraq. how many trillion on iran?

    trillion not for US cities, roads, infrastructure, medicare, etc

  33. The Iranian minister requested everyone donate a dollar to put a price on trump’s head I reckon ewe Guys start a GoFund Me account to sending Donald and his family on ONE Way trip to the Middle East … just an advise from Down Under Gal

  34. Thought trump turned his back on his ally the Kurds so he can remove the U.S troops from Iraq and the Middle East. Now he has sent in thousands of additional troops…oh my the hypocrisy. I guess Trump just enjoyed turning his back on his ally.

  35. Sorry I dont trust this reporting from the main media outlets. Why would Iran do this when they know it is exactly what US wants??? More likely US is instigating another war for reasons we can all guess for ourselves.

  36. So now Iran is firing missiles paid for by Obama's secret Cash deliveries at US soldiers. What a great legacy as a president Hussein Obama will have.

  37. Trump’s foolish blunder has brought Iran into the Middle Eastern power game as an ascendant power, and will lead to a diminished Saudi Arabia.

  38. If the new is true, Irak did ask the US of A to leave Iraki soi. And they, the US of A refused, which makes them now officially an occupation force. Where is the excuse of liberation now?

  39. It's a fact that Bone spurs hates everything about Iran going back decades. It may not have been the best agreement between Iran and Obama, but it was basically a safe one between 2 countries for 10 years. Sure, we can pulverize Iran, but Trump is eager to wipe it off the planet Earth. He thinks he's strategically getting the upper hand on Iran, but all he did was poke a stick in a hornets nest. I hope someone other than Trump has changed the nuclear bomb codes .

  40. Mob boss con man Trump, the most corrupt president in US history, is starting a war to distract us from all his crimes in the US…🐀🐀🐀🤢🤢🤢

  41. more then 100 americans get killed , successfully drag america and iran and the whole world into another war so we can win the next one , a full proof plan

  42. Good things and bad things can be done with power. So when power is in the hands of people with character would be safer than when the same power is in the hands of criminals.

    So when the people of the USA elect a Conman who lies more often than he speak the truth, who is bereft of any sense of empathy the harm that he can cause is immense.
    He will do anything to hold on to power and achieve his selfish desires.

    So to let this man have unfettered powers and start a war without Congress approval is a recipe for disaster.

  43. Utterly stupid escalation by US government. It is not about Trump, who is a stupid and crazy criminal, it is about a democratic government and its institutions who can not contain the madness of its president. It is about the people who obey crazy orders and do not fullfil their obligation to control.

  44. well in the last few hours an Ukrainian plane has just gone down over Iran, so im guessing it's now surface to air missiles!

  45. Military can't knock down missiles??? WTF A fortune spent on military!!! Military is inept like potus and his administration. Trump started this with sanctions!!! He's bullying the wrong country. Iraq now wants US out too!!!

  46. I think president dump needs to send his sons to over there to talk it out. N tell mike pence brake out of trumps hypnosis witch spells. He got all republicans in a spell.

  47. War benefits the egos and pocket books of the powerful and rich. Reaped at the expense of human life. Lives who gain little , yet give everything? Some day the masses will hold "leaders" accountable for the use of our loved ones. Sooner we learn who the real enemy is, the better. Stay safe my brothers and sisters!

  48. Why would Iran fly these missiles. I don't think they are so stupid. Beware people who want a war and doing this.

  49. Ivanka, Jared , Don jr and Tiffany are all old enough to enlist and fight for our country! Ivanka you could pull off khaki and a little bling around your neck couldn’t you. Fight in your fathers ? You can’t all have bone spurs can you? How old are Pompeo’s kids ? How about them enlisting too ?

  50. This guy is lying through his teeth, we can't destroy mortar rounds if we don't know their coming! and CRAM is far from efficient!

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