Brewster F2A Buffalo Tamiya 1/48 – Aircraft Model
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Brewster F2A Buffalo Tamiya 1/48 – Aircraft Model

October 10, 2019

Hello, fellow modelers. In this video, I am going to build buffalo. ok, Not this one but this one I agree that it was a horrible joke. I will never make it again. I have on the working table again ancient kit from Tamiya. The first release was in 1974. However, this is a new repackaged version from 2014 with some new parts for British b339. I want to build this early version, and therefore I bought needed new waterslide decals. I also purchased a new resin engine and photo edge parts. I found a historical picture of the precise type which I colorized, so now is more comfortable to paint the model correctly.

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  1. would love to see you build the Arado Ar 196A-3 from revell so i could build mine while watching your video and learn stuff in the process, awesome videos and models as always

  2. incredible job. i see you're using da vinci brushes. Do you have a list somewhere of the other brands you're using for all your works and how / for what you use them for? That'd be great.

  3. Sorry to insist, but it is not so easy to find good pics from real planes…some sort of database for this purpose should be promoted

  4. At 13:30, how were you able to rub on the decals without them coming off? I had a problem with them easily tearing on my razorback P-47 model.

  5. Your work is amazing just amazing. I model fulltime I have over 35 years experience and I have learned more from your Videos in the last 1 year keep up the hard work you are damm Good I wish I lived closer to you my I would love to have you work in my shop

  6. I think this might be one of my favorite videos! The finished model looks so close to the real thing it could be used as a movie prop.

  7. Little late here, but This is Tach's Buffalo. Famous for coming up with the Dog-fighting tactic "The Tach & Weave". Such a nice detailed job, incredible.

  8. You built a very beautiful model of the F2A1, but at least from my research, I believe that those pre-war naval aircraft were kept pretty close to spotless condition by their ground crews, so it seems to me that your example is "overweathered."

  9. That is a wonderful job you did. In real life however, the poor old Buffalo did not have a very good war record. By WWII, it was already obsolete. At Midway, the Japanese Zeroes brushed them aside. A whole squadron of Buffalos was wiped out without any kills to their name. That was probably the last time they were ever flown in anger.

  10. Mówiłeś że model jest średnio wykonany… Ale jak zawsze zrobiłeś z niego dzieło sztuki. Chciałbym mieć tyle talentu co Ty.

  11. nice job, i think an older kit with less detail is more fun than some of the newer kits ,you just have to think get a good finished model.

  12. Had you been able to make your improvements in real life the actual Buffalo land gear, it may have been more useful. A family friend piloted one fir the US Navy. Buffalo landing gear had a nasty habit of collapsing when subjected to the rigors of carrier landings. The US quickly abandoned them to the Russians and Dutch as I recall.

  13. Hi, very nice build.. I’ve 2 questions
    1. On average, how Long does it take for u to complete the model?
    2. Do you permanently glue the canopy onto the a/c before you start to paint the whole plane?

  14. Really great work again from you!
    Americans didn't have same skills as a pilot than Finns. So, Brewsters (or warhawks ) was no use against Japanese planes and pilots. Early stages of the war Japan have better pilots. US pilots get experience and improve lot after first year of war. This is one reason for poor reputation of the Brewster among Americans and British… When war goes on Japan wasn't able to replace pilot losses, and all know how it ends… Finns use 3 years uccesfully Brewsters against Soviet tsaikas, spitfires, airacobras, warhawks, laggs, migs, hurricanes. In 1943 -44 they get from Germany Bf109 G-2 and Bf-109 G-6 planes to fight against Soviet airpower and do it well…

  15. I built the US Navy version of this aircraft and painted it all grey after doing some research. It turned out really nice. But not like this one 🙂 Great job.

  16. Your Fw 190's are glorious. But the fact that so much cooler work, detail and hand-painted decals went into this, makes this the best IMO. – Outstanding!

  17. hello great videos and only the models 😍 times a question where buy su the modele ubd where bekonnt you due teihe ago.

  18. To be honest I wwnt into the comments to see if people would ask why there are schwastikas and tell them that it is because the Finns used this plane.

  19. I came across your channel by accident. Your videos, and your models, are tremendous. Especially the Brewster.

  20. Fun fact: You don't have to credit the US government for photographs they release. If the US government releases a photo it enters the public domain and anyone can use it.

  21. Do you play warthunder by chance? I feel like there are some great ideas for models in the game, mostly through skins and such. Like, I believe the version of the buffalo you made is viewable ingame, Ingame its known as Thachs F2a-1 Buffalo. It belonged to a pilot named Thach. so you could treat it like a 3d render to base your painting off of.

  22. I truly admire your modeling skills and your models are fantastic to say the least. The best lesson I ever learned from my best friend who, like you, is off the charts when it comes to models told me to stop trying to be as good as he was. I realized that was never going to happen. If I were to build a thousand more models they would never be as good as his. But that’s the whole point. A person needs to build a model for himself, not to achieve a model as good as someone else. Sure, we all want our models to be spectacular like yours are, but not everyone has that talent. I sure as hell don’t and I came to the very stark realization that I pretty much suck at this hobby. But, I’m permanently disabled now and I build models just to keep my mind and hands busy. They’re never going to look good or win any contests, but that’s ok. I never built models for that purpose anyway. So, I build them for no more than something to do. A hobby should be enjoyed and if it isn’t, a person should maybe find a new hobby. I certainly enjoy watching you build your stuff though.
    Best wishes,
    God speed

  23. Bravo on the Buffalo. I am a big lover of pre-war U.S. aircraft. The colors were beautiful on the aircraft. That is some meticulous work in this build. Yikes! We all do work that will not be seen. It is in our hobby nature. Good job.

  24. Just bought this kit, so this build tutorial should come in very useful! Thanks David. I'm not accomplished enough to add lots of aftermarket parts, but this video has given me a few ideas. I'll be doing the British WW2 Far East version.

  25. Also if that was me when I went to run of the oil paint I would either realise I have waited to long orrr snap the model into three part lose it and rage smash it.

  26. So, I have heard you mention in a few videos that you dry brush a model… what exactly is that?

  27. I' ve been building model kits since the age of ten if I remember correctly, but still can learn a lot of good techniques from you. Really inspirational work!

  28. This is fantastic job you did with a relatively 'difficult' kit – not where parts fit is concerned, but making it look good when it has minimal detail.

    The following isn't a criticism of your build – just a little reference material for anybody interested: The thing about the interwar US Navy was, it was all about appearances (public relations) and the stress was on either performance contests (if you ever see the letter 'E' on the side of a plane, it stands for Excellence in whatever function the plane was designed to perform) and inspection scores. So the chance of any plane in these colorful paint schemes being all scratched or oil-stained was minimal. Inspection scores were THE big deal as there were constant inter-ship and inter-squadron competitions for bragging rights – be it inspection, bombing accuracy or the ship's baseball team. Sure, usage would cause unavoidable stains and wear & tear, but once the plane landed the race was on to get the plane back to looking as new as possible.

  29. молодец !! давно слежу за сборками кропотливый ты моделист ( сам собираю модели с 1993 года )

  30. What a cool little plane and this build is stunning. Wonderful paint job. I must say in real life pre-war the aircraft were kept very clean. salute!

  31. I used to make models when I was younger. When I look at your work I'm speechless. Perfect weathering job. Keep on mate!

  32. Outstanding job on the masking and painting. The 1930s "yellow-wing" livery is my all time favorite US Navy paint scheme.

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