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September 8, 2019

See how cozy this big guy can make himself Can you guess where I’m from? They’re checking in Gallop right now We’ve have to do a lot of work to make sure that Gallop can get to europe with us because getting a dog to Europe is a lot of work, it’s been months of phone calls and vet visits and paperwork and We get to the airport and it seems like it’s still confusing getting him checked in But thankfully we’ve got em checked in and we’re gonna to go through security You guys Security is always my least favorite part at the airport. I wanted to film how Gallop goes through security for you guys, but they wouldn’t let me surprise surprise and um so basically He alarms because so much of him is metal (his lease, his collar, his harness), and so he always alarms So this time is different Every time really, but this time my mom went through then Gallop went through and waited with her there And then I went through, so I didn’t beep but Gallop did so they didn’t have to like wand me or check me or anything and then they just visually scanned the dog to make sure everything’s ok So, since there’s not too many people around yet since we’re so early There’s not too many people to stare at me when I talk to a camera So I’m gonna do a little airplane outfit of the day right now So I’m just wearing this super cozy, comfortable sweater, because we’re doing like an overnight red-eye flight. It has a little doggie on it which reminds me of Gallop And then I have the sleeves to show the like, color on the inside Kind of matches my nails, right mom? A little bit maybe. and then I have these crazy comfortable high-waisted flowy almost like Harem pants and Super fun colorful running shoes For comfort, and then I have my favorite backpack, This amazing Roots backpack so Canadian of me and it fits everything I need and I just have a comfortable hair band in What do you do when you’re early to an airport? You shop. It’s time for a Starbucks Sometimes when babies are really cute I let them pet him. I was like trying to feel every angle of it These automatic taps I don’t know why anybody does these and every airport has automatic flushes and tapes and they never work so I pump soap onto my hand and then I’m looking like an idiot trying to like slap the thing. And it works again it’s the power of vloging. Apparently I need to vlog every time I wash my hands for the sink to work. oop! That one wasn’t so bad. Happy to eat dinner at the airport. Gallop looks like a girl today with his pink bandanna And his pink bowl. But he’s like, ya know, in touch with his feminine side. He doesn’t care. Pretty good leg room there? No not at all. Poor gallop is more squished than normal this plane is very tight unfortunately. But this is how it’ll be There that’s better. Yes more room We moved rows so gallop has the whole row to himself. So he’s much more comfortable now thankfully So far we’ve been very well welcomed on Air Lingus. Thank you and Gallop is much more comfortable now that we have all of these seats to ourselves. He can stretch out I can stretch out We’re all happy the other great thing about the fact that they moved us is that the washrooms are right there So even though most people would hate being sat next to a bathroom It’s nice for me because it means that if I have to go to washroom I don’t have to wake my mom or dad in the row ahead of me. I can just find my way to my own which is great. It’s time for yummy yummy airplane food dinner. Gallop is at my feet and he smells what I got. And he’s a little jealous I think. Here we have our water in a nice little like to go cup. They told me that this was my dessert, so I decided to smell it cause I can’t see what it is. And it smelled like berries, then they told me that this was hummus and carrots. And then originally I thought that this was the desert when I was feeling my tray, but I think that’s the bread roll for the butter. Here we have the best of bad options Shepherd’s pie and just so you guys know Irish Fanta is way better than Canadian Fanta So if you’re every in Ireland get orange Fanta. And my Shepard’s pie was actually really good wasn’t it mom? I am impressed with the Aer Lingus food. So, I just went through my little like knife and fork napkin package, and I pulled this out which is salt but I thought it was a hand wipe which there was in there with it, but this is not it and I was about to rip it open And then I started feeling that it was kinda grainy inside, and I was like I don’t think that’s the hand wipe. So thankfully I figured that out before I opened it because I was holding it sideways and because that would have been awfully messy Salt all over my lap but they must have known that I’m like a messy blind person and they gave me a nice little wet wipe So this little guy just popped up to say hello. Did you just wake up from a nap? Hey Gallop! Ooo maybe he wants some water Do you want some water? Don’t lie down yet! Do you want some wa-wa? Mommy has some water for you Here. Where’s your nose? So the flight has landed we’re safe and sound So it’s 12:30 a.m.. Toronto time 5:30 a.m. Here, and we didn’t sleep at all so I probably look like death cause I’ve had this makeup on forever. Gallop’s happy to arrive, though. Now he has to get checked by the agriculture people. Turn the booty around! C’mon! Okay, c’mon, babe. Okay. You have to turn your booty around. Okay, ready to put your harness on? Now you have to be my eyes again, okay? Back to work we go. Alright. Okay. Flight attendant: See you now, have a great time. So Gallop has just been checked by the Agriculture team, and he has been accepted into Ireland. Thank goodness that was scary after months of work and being told different things to do But we did it right at the end of the day, and we got him approved to come into the country. So we’re not shipping Gallop and I home to Canada. Which is very nice. So that was our adventure getting my dog to Europe for the first time. Now we just have to hope our luggage gets here too. Might be wondering why I’m sitting on the floor at the airport doing my makeup That’s because our baggage hasn’t come in and they lost half the flight’s baggage so luckily I had a very small bag of makeup remover and Toiletries like toothbrush, so I brush my teeth in the bathroom and took my makeup off, and I’m redoing it was a little bit of makeup I have to kill time And to feel fresh. Good news my face is done just in time for the luggage to arrive. Thank goodness what time is it now for us like 2:00 or 2:30 in the morning? So we just got out of the airport with our bags. Thank goodness, and we got a taxi. Gallop is all confused, cause he’s on the wrong side of the car. But we’re here we’re in Ireland and Gallop has officially hit European soil Thanks for coming to the airport with us. Classic Gallop all the New Irish smells

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  1. Question: How does Gallop pee and poop on the airplane? If it’s a 3-hour flight, thrn no problem, but if you’re in the air for 13 hours or so, can he hold it in?

  2. I take off my dogs vest to let kids pet him 😂😂only good kids though if I’m at an airport or waiting room and he isn’t working

  3. I'm not first
    I'm not last
    When I see molly I click FaSt.
    Who else saw that what she thought was the salt was actually sugar 😀

  4. She said she doesn’t look her best but there’s me with hair greasier than a baking tray and an oversized T-shirt living off coffee and hope

  5. It seems like you can see in your Videos. Are You completely blind or just for a percentage?
    And did you pay extra for your dog, so you can get him with you. I mean he took 2 seats, in Germany we have to pay for a dog even if we are just at the train. Because my Bernese mountain dog takes a seat.

  6. It’s weird because people meh think molly isn’t blind because she’s talking to a camera but I can tell because your eyes are a little crooked when you look at the camera so they can’t judge

  7. omg i had no idea im new to channle and i thought dog was maybe for like a desise i had no idea you wore blind no haTE i coikd noty tell

  8. Blind people can tell how something looks if they can feel it with their hands. Just like you can feel and tell a Lego peice, hair or whatever it may be. If they feel a face with their fingers they can tell whether or not the face is attractive to them, so they can tell what a dog's face is like.

  9. You don't tap those faucets, they activate from motion sensors. The whole point of them is you don't spread germs by touching surfaces.

  10. you know the first person to have a support dog Bryan smith well he is my uncle and he loves watching support dog videos I'm the one in the blue jacket

  11. Molly : sometimes when baby’s are really cute I let them pet gallop
    Me : aww that’s so …. wait how does she know if the baby is cute enough 😂

  12. Thanks for showing this video. I travel extensively and always wanted to know the workings of how guide dogs travel abroad. Can you do a video on the process/documents needed for travel?

  13. I think the reason they make automatic sinks is so you don’t leave them on and waste water and I think the automatic toilet is so you don’t forget to flush and leave whatever in there and then when someone tries to flush it doesn’t clog. Idk

  14. I never noticed until this video that her eyes shake because they can’t focus on anything. Now that I see it o can’t UN SEE it

  15. I know how you feel going through airport security. I am also blind and have a Seeing Eye Dog. Every flight I have taken I sat at a bulkhead seat which gives your dog more room. It’s nice to have someone with you to help you along the trip. I usually go by myself. Where did you get your guide dog from? I got mine from the Seeing Eye in NJ and he is a German Shepherd Have a safe and fun trip.

  16. i love how people especially flight attendants are so welcoming and helpful towards blind people. obviously molly and gallop were too squished in their seats beforehand so they were able to move to another row. that just makes me so happy!

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