BSL Level 1:7 PLACES
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BSL Level 1:7 PLACES

January 14, 2020

Hello my lovelies, I hope that you are well. Welcome back to BSL with me Charlie And welcome to the first episode of 2020. If it is your new year’s resolution to learn a bit of basic BSL then you are in the right place. Today’s topic is places. So let’s get started. Our first sign is cafe You’re gonna have a little c, like that and you’re gonna go cafe. again. cafe The next word is toilet and there are two signs for this. the first one is you’re gonna bend your middle finger and rub your shoulder like that. so toilet again, toilet. the other sign you can do is just the T sign so toilet. again toilet. the next word is bank and you’re gonna have one flat hand like this and the thumb is gonna go bank. again, bank. the next word is shop. You’re gonna have two hands facing down like this and you’re gonna go shop. again shop. or if you go to a supermarket, you’re gonna have your trolley like this. and pick something off the shelf. so supermarket again, supermarket. The next word is school. You’re gonna have one hand face up. and it’s gonna go side to side in front of your mouth. so school. again, school. the next word is park. You’re gonna take one hand and on the opposite shoulder you’re gonna give it a little tap. so park. again park. the next word is hospital. you’re gonna take your thumb and on your opposite arm you’re gonna do the medical cross. so down and along. so hospital again hosptial the next word is dentist. You’re gonna take your index and tap your tooth twice. so dentist again dentist the next word airport. you’re gonna have one flat hand and this is your little aeroplane. your aeroplane is just gonna land at the airport so airport. again airport the next word is cinema. you’re gonna have one index pointing out. and the other hand is gonna wave behind like this. so cinema again cinema the next word is hotel. you’re gonna have two c’s like this and you’re gonna slam it down. so hotel again hotel. and the final word is library. You’re gonna open your book and then put them on the shelf. so library. again library. well done guys for following along. That was a lot of words to take it I’m now going to give you a little quiz. see if you can follow along, if not, if you wanna go back on the video and watch it again and then do the then do the quiz at your own pace that is absolutely fine. make sure to comment below with what you think the answers are. and I will check them all as always. so are you ready? question number 1 me go again me go question number 2 me go again me go question number 3 me go again me go question number 4 me go again me go and the final question which is question number 5 me go again me go well done guys for following along if you think you know the answers pop them below I will read them all as usual. if you want to see more videos like this hit the subscribe button and give me a massive thumbs up because it means the world to me and I will see you next time for more BSL Charlie.
Bye guys.

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  1. I got 4 out of 5. I just couldn't quite remember the last one, so I guess I'll be watching your video again; which I won't mind one little bit! I'm new to BSL out of necessity, so thanks for helping me on my journey…

  2. hi charlie after my second encounter with a deaf person at work (i work in security) i decided that i was going to learn some sign language , after 2 weeks of watching your videos alone iv already pick up on so much very quickly. so id like to say thank you for spending time on making these videos.
    also would you be able to do videos telling the time/units of time and some simple directions

  3. Hi Charlie thanks for these 🙂 whats the difference between the sign for toilet and the sign for live? They seem very similar. XXx

  4. Fantastic what I've picked up one of the most important I think was Help Me….one question is how some of the signs are created …Hotel for example some are self explanatory…and some I wonder how they got to choose that sign…..many thanks for the videos very interesting ))))??

  5. Got 4/5 had to check park, it actually is my ny resolution to learn bsl and I've done it before but in primary school, been hard of hearing all my life and always liked bsl but want to properly learn it, I'm enjoying learning the words but could you do example sentences?

  6. Thank you so much for making such great videos on signing. I feel I have learned alot already but know there is so much more to get to grips with. I'm looking forward to starting my level 1 in just a couple of weeks and progressing from there. All thanks to you. 👍👏

  7. I started my BSL level 1 last week, and I'm so glad to have found your channel. It's helped me a lot to remember some things I've learnt, although some signs are slightly different but that's all ok. Thanks Charlie!

  8. Okay– I havent watched any of your videos yet (not even this one) and Im assuming theyre good. So please, PLEASE keep uploading i wanna learn some bsl :3 ok bye imma watch this now <3

  9. I decided today that I wanted to learn BSL as I’ve always wanted to and it’s interesting. I was at my friends house who is profoundly deaf in one ear (if you search Georgia green cochlear implant she’ll pop up) and she told me that she felt happy I was learning sign language so thank you for helping me😊 Although I’ve only been watching your videos for an hour I’ve already learnt a lot. Also I’ve found out that my friend doesn’t want us to talk louder as she has sensitive ears and the wind really doesn’t help so your other video was very useful too – sorry for how long this is^x

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