BTTF DeLorean time machine – ZIDZ Zeitmaschine – Vlog 24 – Conversion start – Day 1
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BTTF DeLorean time machine – ZIDZ Zeitmaschine – Vlog 24 – Conversion start – Day 1

August 21, 2019

Hi this is Jens. Today I’ll start the conversion on 7th of April 2018. I’ll try to remove the three rear windows. Let’s see how that will end. I have placed a time lapse camera, some lights so you can see better. There’s the car. I will remove some of the interior parts. Cut out the side windows and the rear window. and here remove the louvre and maybe the engine cover. Depends on how far I get. Let’s see. See you later. I will try with a multitool with a saw blade with two different blades to remove the window glass. I will use this metal as a protection for the stainless frame. I have masked the windows frame just in case I slide away with the multitool. The idea with the thin cover metal did not work because the gap was too small to fit in. Only the saw blade was possible. The removal of the side windows went quite well. It took long and was had work. Especially the huge rear window was difficult. I had to remove a lot of interior parts. The seats and the headliner (cover for the car roof inside) and a few interior covers needed to be removed. The headliner was glued to the door rubber sealings. I did not wanted to remove it but I had to. The headliner covered a part of the upper rear window sealing. It is mounted by the metal part in the middle. The T-panel had to be removed too. It is mounted by 3 screws on each side under the door rubber. There is a piece of insolation left on the roof. Here are the initials of the car builder that assembled this part. Most of the stainless parts have such notes. The windows is out. Man that took so long. Because the edges are rounded you can’t pull on the glass or you will break it. The hardest parts were the two spots were the windows heating was connected. I found out later that I have to bend these pieces onto the glass so I can cut through the rubber sealing. Removed the engine cover and placed the new rear deck. I then realized that I have made wrong borders. I have to cut new metal and have them welded on. I have then placed the rear bulkhead pieces to check out how they fit. Well, I had mounted my cell phone to record a time lapse video for this project and then I found out at home that the files were corrupted and unusable. My battery died and the phone powered down. I forgot to take my power cable with me that day. That was really worse because on the first day I had removed a lot and unmounted the windows. After the phone died I had set up my car dashcam in vertical position. It has problems with the LED lights and so there are black shadows running through the video. You get better quality in the next video. Here you can see me cutting the rear windows rubber sealing. Oh oh, my helicopter landing place is getting bigger and bigger… I think I have to get me a fake hair like Trump has got some day. Oh, I pulled on the USB cable and the camera turned to the right. but that’s no problem because I work in the right side. I unscrew the T-panel screws on that side. So camera straight again and the other side T-panel screws. This damn windows won’t get out. Sticking somewhere. Then I thought I can push the glass with hardboard pieces but did not work. Still hanging on the sides of the glass. Yes the windows is out. There was even time for a victory pose. The rest of the video is quite self explaning. The removal of the window glass and the mounting of the rear bulkhead parts are the most difficult parts for me on this conversion. The glass went fine, although it took several hours. Next up is the assembling of the rear outer bulkhead. Until then have a good time and enjoy the spring sun.

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  1. Gibt schlimmeres im Leben als Haare zu verlieren.

    Danke für Deine Mühen! Das ist alles hochgradig interessant!

  2. Die Videos werden noch viel interessanter. Bis jetzt schon bei Tag 6 und schon recht weit.
    Ich schaffe es leider nicht schneller Videos zu produzieren, da ich Abends kaum Zeit dazu habe.

  3. Let me ask? How many people in the World get to build a Time Machine? Looking Good! Wow! Day 1 looks amazing. Great Job. The D is Beautiful.

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