Buckeye Dragonfly – 12 Ultralight Aircraft that give the biggest bang for the buck! Volume II
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Buckeye Dragonfly – 12 Ultralight Aircraft that give the biggest bang for the buck! Volume II

August 26, 2019

Coming in at # 12 on our list of ultralight
aircraft that give you the biggest bang for your buck is the Buckeye DragonFly is powered
by a 33 HP, 4 stroke high torque engine, which revs out to a low 3500 rpm. The engine uses
a belt reduction drive and puts out an amazing 265 lbs. of thrust. This combination of engine, reduction drive
and prop is very quiet and burns only 1.3 gallons of fuel an hour at 2700 rpm, giving
the plane over 3 hours of flight time with fuel in reserve. The unit is available in a three wheel and
four wheel model. The standard chute used is a Performance Designed 360 sq ft. chute
which has proven to provide very docile handling characteristics. The craft uses a center stick for throttle
and ground steering, pushing the stick left or right turns you in that direction while
moving the stick back increase throttle and makes you climb, pushing forward decreases
throttle for descent. In air steering is accomplished by pushing
foot control bars left and right. Because the DragonFly uses a reliable four stroke
engine standard instrumentation is only a Tiny Tach and hour meter.
The plane is currently being delivered in kit form taking approximately 24 hours to
complete. The kits are very easy to assemble, it is basically two halves a right and a left
built around a center. The three wheel units have a six foot wheel
base while the four wheelers have a 4 foot front wheel base and a 5 foot rear wheel base
which allows them to fit between the wheel wells of a standard pickup truck box with
the tailgate closed. Or in the case of a short bed standard pickup
you can leave the tail gate down and the unit still fits.
Buckeye also has another version of the 4 wheeler that features big balloon style tires.
These tires allow take offs and landings from soft beach style sand landing strips.
For more information www.buckeyedragonfly.com

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  1. Dave, I'm very happy to see the list updated for 2014, but there's no link to #11 in the video description. Please fix!

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