Bueno The Bear 1: This Is Bueno
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Bueno The Bear 1: This Is Bueno

August 27, 2019

It’s Bueno The Bear! Now gather round children and prepare yourselves For this Ha! Ha! Ha! Boom! Oh, I didn’t see you there Oh I’m Bueno, hm Bueno The Bear I just have to sit down a bit Hehe, I’m fabulous I can do a lil’ dance! Hehehe That was soo awesome! Right? Well I think it was awesome Oh man I’m thirsty I think I can help you with that! Well give me some water then! Well okay then Oahh! (backwards music) Holy shit! that water tasted good! I just feel like I have too.. TAKE THE JETPACK AND FLY AWAY (fart sound)

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  1. Hey you guys! guess what? the thumbnail of this video was included in Channel Frederator's 107 facts about Adventure Time. WOO!

  2. Does anyone know what that thing was saying after he drank that water?? it was something recorded backwards I think

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