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Bug Do Lobisomem Imortal – Werewolf Tycoon

August 28, 2019

First of all: I want to warn you that this glitch was removed from the latest version of the game, and it doesnt let you play after doing it (game freezes). Second: According to the developers, I *am* the first to discover this glitch and to escape alive from the army. Lastly: I decided to wait for the update to send this vídeo. Since only two guys developed this game, I thought that this could mess with these guys marketing up. To do it, is simple. Start the game as you would. Eat someone, so you won’t starve, and draw the attention of other people. On the second night, eat someone again, so you don’t starve and let the photographers take some pics. On the third night, when the army appears, use the disguise and run away, or just touch the side of the screen various times fastly. Ignore the first journal. When the journal that says “Lazy developers make world…” appear, touch the screen and fastly press the “back” button on your phone and wait. The screen will get black and the army will appear. Nothing will happen until you press the “back” button again on your phone and press cancel. The werewolf will be shot and didn’t die. Now, you can’t do anything besides quitting pressing “QUIT” As you can see, nothing happens when you press “CANCEL” on this scren. And this is it! Tiny and simple video about one more bug I found. If you like’d it, press the like button and subscribe! I’m Summoner Arthur and I’ll let my channel with you guys! Bye! (And if you’re going to use this glitch on your channel, give credit please)

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