Building Academy Hellcat And Tour the Real USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier
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Building Academy Hellcat And Tour the Real USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier

December 10, 2019

Hi, I’m QDC. We’re in Alameda, California. I took you to this historic ship that we’re
on right now. We’re on board he USS Hornet, this is an aircraft
carrier that was built in World War Two. This is an Essex Class carrier. The reason why I brought you here is because
this is a perfect place for me to introduce to you the model that I’m going to build. During World War Two, this aircraft carried
one of the most important fighter planes of the war. I’m going to tell you more about that as I
give you a guided tour of this ship as I build the model. Come along with me. Right now we’re inside the hanger deck. This is the place where the navy held one
of the most planes of World War Two. What I’m standing behind me is the Wildcat. The Wildcat was not here on the USS Hornet
as far as I know. Not on this aircraft carrier. During World War Two, this carrier held a
better airplane. It held the F6F Hellcat. That is what we’re going to build today. Today, we’re going to build the Academy F6F
Hellcat in 1/72 scale. Let’s start building this kit right now. Let’s take a look inside this box. We have one plastic bag containing fuselage;
the wings; and the rest of the parts. Decal. And the instruction sheet. It’s time for me to paint the interior. I already gave the cockpit a coat of black
primer. The reason why I’m painting the interior first
is because it is easier for me to paint the interior now versus later. I want to talk to you more about re-scribing
panel lines. I just finished sanding the seams away on
this model. By sanding the seams, I also sanding away
the panel lines so I need to re-scribed them. I’m pointing at is an old photo etched fret
and I took a piece off and this is going to be my straight edge. I’m placing the straight edge on the area
where I want the panel line re-scribed -about there exactly. With the blunt end of my hobby knife, I’m going
to carefully re-scribe each panel line. I’m going to make some holes for the gun barrels. What is you see is the wing and I’m pointing
at the machine guns. They do not have holes in the barrels so I’m
going to make one. In my hand is a pin vise and I installed a
fine drill bit. I’m going to make a hole in each gun barrel
to make it look more realistic. I just finished painting the engine. What you’re looking at is the famous Pratt
and Whitney’s Double Wasp engine. This was a famous engine during World War
Two. A lot of fighter aircraft use this engine. In my opinion, this engine was the key to
the Hellcat’s success against the Japanese Zero fighter. I painted the engine black. Then I dry brushed the cylinders with silver
paint. I painted the engine cover in gray. Once the paint was dry, I gave the engine
a wash of black to give it a used appearance. Ok, we just finished building the model kit
and I’m about to tell you what I think about this kit so far but before I do it, I want
to take you an a trip to the flight deck. When the pilots needs to be on the flight
deck, they will have to take this path. Let’s pretend there’s an attack so the pilots
will run up these stairs. Then there’s an escalator that propels them
even faster. Now we are here. Let me tell you what I think about this kit
so far. This is the completed model kit after assembly. I find this kit easy and straight forward
to build. The only issue I have was the cockpit. There were some fitting issues but besides
that, it was straight forward and easy to build. The details are nice and I recommend this
for all skill levels including the advance modeler. If you’re an advance modeler and looking for
a simple straight forward kit to build, this kit is for you. It’s time for me to paint the model. We’re in the interior of the ship. In this room the ordinance room, I think. I think this room held only torpedoes as you
can well see there is this torpedo, and these two torpedoes right over here. One of the most amazing thing about this room
is when the torpedoes are serviced here, they had to be stored somewhere so they are stored
in here. I want to show you; it is fascinating. Take a look. We’re inside the officer’s ready room. This is the place where they have their briefings
before they take flight. It’ time for me to paint the model. I already gave the model a coat of black primer
but before I start painting the model, I want to tell you more about the color I’m going
to use. Since we’re on the USS Hornet, and I’m giving
you a tour of the ship, it’s appropriate for me to paint the model in the colors of the
USS Hornet. The USS Hornet fighter aircraft was painted
a color of dark blue. I just finished painting the model and I want
to talk to you about exactly how I painted the plane in terms of highlights and shades. When the sun shines on an object, it will
cast highlights and shades. When I was painting this model, I had that
in mind. On top along the ridge of the fuselage are
the bright highlights. Over here and on the wings are the highlights. Over here and down here are the base color
including here. On the bottom is the dark shadow. What I’m pointing at are the exact colors
I used to paint the model. Here is the base color, the dark shadow, the
highlight, and the bright highlight. I used all these colors to make this model
look as it is now. I’m going to simulate some chipped paint by
painting areas of the plane with silver paint. I’m going to simulate exhaust streaks. What I’m pointing at is a grey pastel chalk. I’m going to use this brush and brush on this
area where there’s going to be exhaust streaks. I’m going to simulate soot that came from
machine gun fire. I’m going to use this black pastel chalk and
brush that along the wings to simulate the machine gun fire. We’re inside the pilot bedroom. These are the places where the pilots would
live during their time on the ship. We built the model kit, we painted it, we
weathered it, and now it’s time for me to show you the entire model kit from the beginning
to the end. Take a look. This is the completed model kit after painting
and weathering and I think I done a fair job. What I like about my work is the overall paint
job. Even though it looks like one color, it’s
really four colors. I made the paint job look nice. The details are good. The only complaint I have is the quality of
the decals. The decals are not the best but they are fine. There is one mistake I made and it’s the wheels. I installed the wheels backwards. Once I realized I made the mistake, it was
too late to correct. Having a mistake is not a problem for me. This is a hobby. There are perfectionists who would say I should
not put this on Youtube and terminate the entire project altogether. That is not me. My goal in building model kits is to enjoy
it. Even though I made a mistake, it does not
deter my enjoyment and in my opinion, it should not be a problem for you as well. Building models kits are supposed to be enjoyable. If you make a mistake, who cares! It’s all about your enjoyment. This is a nice kit and I highly recommend
it. This plane has shot down Japanese Zero airplanes
than any other American airplane during the war. This plane had another nickname, it was called
the “Zero Killer.” It was called it for good reason. I’m going to add a link to a entertaining
documentary about the Hellcat and it’s well worth watching. If you’re interested in knowing more about
Hellcats, this documentary is well worth watching. I will place a link at the end of this video. Right behind me is the elevator on this ship. What would happen is when the plane landed,
they will take their plane all the way forward of the ship, right on top of the elevator. This elevator will bring the plane down and
the plane is stored in the hanger deck over here. That complete this model project. What you are about to see is a video slideshow
of the entire model kit but before I go, as always, just because I put this video here
on Youtube it doesn’t make me a model kit expert. I am not an expert. I’m just a regular guy just like you. I hope this video encourages you to build
a model kit of your own. Build a model kit. Don’t rely on my videos to build a model kit,
look at other videos, do your own research, but most of all enjoy this hobby. I’m QDC and thanks for watching.

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  1. I love your review and the way you assemblied the model kit. Everything seems simple and easy. It is a kind motivation for beginner like me to have passion to build the model kit.

  2. Outstanding videos. I watch them all the time. I have watched several of them multiple times. I would like to see a video that shows all of the completed models in your collection.

  3. Just bought this kit two weeks ago! And thanks for the heads-up on fit problem. Adding this to the stock pile because retirement is not far away for me. Loved the tour on the Hornet, I have been to the Intrepid with my son when he was younger, he loved sitting in the f4f cockpit they had on the floor! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and experiences.–Bob

  4. I enjoy watching your videos and great builds. Just wondering how do you paint the small details such as the landing gear after building? The videos of your aircraft show everything is glued in place when you prime. Thank you

  5. QDC, And your right it’s hobby, and you did a great job, and we all make mistakes’ and I enjoyed your presentation as I normally do.

  6. Great video QDC. You are so right saying it's a hobby, and if you like the result, it is good. If you like planes and carriers, you also have to visit the Intrepid in NY, great ship and a great collection of planes. I was there a few years ago and loved every minute of the visit, just like I love to see your videos. Happy modelling 😀

  7. The Russian tank at rest by Tamiya came out extremely well. Thanks 4 the tutorial on painting the figures. Great job qdc784a.

  8. I remember building the very same Academy Hellcat back in earlier 2012. I ended up throwing it away (idk why). Very cool video, I love the changing between the model and the USS Hornet.

  9. I love watching your videos, they're so informative and I love the way you narrate them. You always tell us exactly what you're going to do by telling us the history too! 

    If I put a penny in a pot every time you say 'particular I'd be a millionaire ?

  10. Very cool video qdc. Fun idea to go on the carrier and give some history and then show the build. Thanks for posting! peace

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