Building Academy UH-1C Huey Frog Helicopter 1/35 Scale. From Start To Finish
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Building Academy UH-1C Huey Frog Helicopter 1/35 Scale. From Start To Finish

October 15, 2019

Hi, I’m QDC. What we’re going to build today is Academy Huey Frog. This is in 1/35 scale and the reason why I bought this kit is because of this kit right over here. This is Materbox “Head For the Huey.” I got this one first before I got
this one and when I got this particular kit, I really like the soldiers being helped
by his two friends heading over to Huey helicopter. So I wanted to build a diorama this particular event. At the time the only model I can find in a 1/35 scale of a Huey helicopter with this particular one. The Huey Frog and this is the gunship. I wasn’t sure if gunships perform rescue
missions. I have a friend of mine who was a Vietnam war veteran and he said in general no. Gunships do not perform rescue missions
but if they knew the person was about to die and if it was safe then do they would do it. But it was
pretty rare for them to do something like that. So
for today I’m going to build a rare event. I’m gonna build a diorama in which this Huey
gunship is going to perform a rescue mission
trying to save this man’s life. But before we start building this kit, I want to show you a video of a real Huey helicopter that I recently went to not too long ago. After you see that w’re going start building this kit. Take a look. Let’s take a look inside this box. We have the fuselage, figures, engine rotor, rockets, doors, decals, and the instruction sheet. I just finished painting the figures and
also the interior and engine it looks nice the figures itself are
average figures. They are not the best figures ever built and
painted but they’re their average and the interior after painting it looks very nice. The engine itself is very detailed It’s time for me to build a Master Box
figures. But before I built the figures I want to
show you what is inside the box. We have five figures and also various equipment for the figures including backpacks, rifles, and hats. This is the figures all painted up and ready
to go. You might have noticed that the figures are not painted exactly like
on the Master Box model with camouflage and the reason why is
because I wanted these figures to represent more of a common soldier. Okay folks so this is the model kit
before painting and is a good model kit. Highly detailed was some very good features that are good. Good interior; good figures; and the details on the fuselage are amazing I like it with with rivets and
panel lines. What’s also pretty cool about this
model kit is that you could see the engine as well where you get to take out these two parts and you get to see a very nice detail engine. Okay, so we built the model and we also built the figures and painted it. Now it’s time for us to paint the model and build the diorama. It’s time for me to paint the model. I gave my model a coat of grey primer and now
it’s time for me to use my airbrush and pre-shade my model like giving black lines a around the panel lines. Now I’m going to paint the main colour. I just finished painting the model now it’s time for me to protect it. I’m going
to give the entire model we coat the future
floor wax. I’m going to simulate worn paint I’m going to use the end of my pencil and rub off some of the graphite onto areas were i think is gonna be
worn-out paint. This is the completed model kit after painting and I did a good job painting the entire model. My paint job has done a good job to bring
all the details of the model kit. I like the decals and it is a good paint job. It’s time for me to build the diorama. It’s time for me to build diorama. What you see right here is a piece of plywood I cut into size and stained it to give it this very nice appearance
and I gave it a very nice border. This is premixed tile grout, static grass, powered tile grout, and this is tall grass that I bought at my local
hobby shop. I’m going to cut this into small pieces to
represent tall grass for my diorama. I forgot to mention that I added pencil shavings all over the groundwork to represent various shrubs and other things. Right now I’m going to add static grass. I’m going to use my fingers and push the grass over to one end because
the helicopter blades are moving and all the wind is blowing the grass in one
direction. Alright so we built the model kit, and the figures. We painted it. We weathered it, we made a diorama out of it and now it’s time me to show you everything that we done. Take a look! This is the completed model project from
start to finish and I think this is a very attractive diorama. The wooden base is very nice and the groundwork I made is very nice as well. Of course, the model kit is beautiful and the Master Box figures really help the entire diorama tell a story about
the helicopter crew savings this man’s life. That completes this project. What you are about to see next is a video slideshow the entire diorama but before I do, as always just because I put this video here
on YouTube it doesn’t make me a model kit expert. I am NOT an expert. I am just a regular
guy just like you. I hope this video encourages you to build a model kit of your own, either it’s a model tank, a model plane, a model train or even an automobile. It doesn’t matter. In the end it’s all about having fun. In this video, you are going to hear song from my friend who helped me in this particular diorama. His name
is Ron. When he served during the Vietnam
War he told me this is one of his favorite songs. So I hope you will like this song that he liked when he served in the Vietnam War. I’m QDC. Thanks for watching and always please have a great day! When you feel that you can’t go on. And all of your hope is gone. And your life is filled with much confusion until happiness is just an illusion. And your world is crumbling down. Darling… reach out! Come on girl reach out for me! Reach out for me! I’ll be there. With the love that will shelter you. I’ll be there. With the love that will see you through. When you feel lost and about give up because your best is just not good enough. And you feel the world has grown cold. And you feel that you’re out all on your own. And you need a hand to hold, darling… Reach out! Come on girl. Reach out for me. Reach out for me! I’ll be there…to love and comfort you! I will be there to cherish and care for you! I will be there to always see you through. I’ll be there to always see you through. I can tell the way you hang your head. That you’re alone. You’re afraid. And with all the tears you look around and there no peace of mind to be . found. I know what you’re thinking. You’re alone. No love of your own. But darling reach out. Come on girl. Reach out for me! Reach out for me!!! Just look over your shoulder! I’ll be there. To give you all the love you need. I’ll be there. You can always depend on me.

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