Building an Online Business: Day 3
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Building an Online Business: Day 3

September 1, 2019

– Welcome to day three of
this five day challenge where I am building a
business from scratch. And I’m not gonna have
any bright lights on me because my office is a
mess, have a lot of packages coming in and just things
are all over the place because I got to redecorate
for this new brand that my brother and I are launching. So today what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna get the website set up. And I know a lot of people are excited for this point because it makes you feel official with regards
to your business right? Like, oh I actually have
a website up, type thing. And you know I get that
feeling, and something you need to consider obviously is web hosting. So you can either go with or you’re gonna go with some other web host that allows you to install WordPress. I always recommend not using because there are limitations to it. It’s a great service, but
there are limitations. The software we are
gonna use is WordPress. If you don’t like WordPress
or it feels intimidating then Square Space would be the only other thing that I would recommend using. So when you’re looking for a
web host, probably the main thing you want to look
for is customer support, and how good are they are
it, because you’re gonna encounter issues, it’s
just bound to happen. And you want to make sure that the company is fairly quick to respond. And there’s two companies
that I’m gonna show you and I recommend both of
them, pretty much for different parts of your journey. Starting off, I recommend
SiteGround because from my experience, SiteGround’s
customer support, for the cost that you’re
paying, is pretty good. I don’t really really hear
too many horror stories or any horror stories about them. I’m sure they are out there,
it’s just the way it is, but for the most part they do pretty well. Now there are gonna be
cheaper alternatives out there that a lot of other people recommend, but there’s two questions you gotta ask. Are those people really hosting with them? And two, am I getting what I pay for? So, some things to consider. And the other company that I
would recommend is BigScoots and I wouldn’t say if
you’re just getting started you need BigScoots, because
we’re looking at the managed WordPress hosting here and
we can see it starts off at, I believe it’s 35 dollars a month. Yeah, so it starts off at 35
dollars a month, and to me, the support you get and how
they handle your website, I 100% think it’s worth
the 35 dollars a month; however, you might not want
to swallow that expense when you’re first getting started. So, going back to SiteGround,
we’re not gonna look at the managed WordPress hosting. So you’re gonna see WordPress
hosting, I don’t want you to get confused by that, but
we’ll click on it anyways. And so you see managed WordPress
hosting but if we go back we see reliable web hosting,
it’s the exact same plan. So, the reason I said I’m
not gonna pick the manage web hosting is because I
don’t think that’s the right term to use, so that’s just me. But, we’re gonna go through
this Grow Big, and I’m just choosing the Grow Big because
it offers a little bit more visits monthly, little bit
more web space, just a little bit more for not that much more. Now something you need to
look out for, and I don’t want to say this is deceptive,
but it’s something that almost every web host will get you on. You see it says 5.95 here a month, and you’re like oh that’s a great price. The issue is you usually only get this price if you pay for the full year. So when I go through the process
and I purchase the account, don’t be surprised with you
see 72 dollars or something like that, that’s just usually
how they market things. So let’s go with the Get Plan. Now, I’ve already registered
a domain, but as I said before on the day when I
did register the domain, when you sign up for web
hosting, you almost always have the ability to register a
domain with the web host, but I like to keep my domain
separate from my web hosting and I explained in I think it
was day one video why that is. So I already have a domain
and it is And so let’s get this really quick. And I’m actually going to
break the video just to go through this because
you don’t need to see me type in all this stuff,
and I’ll be right back. Okay so I filled out the
information, and before I click the Pay Now, I want to walk
through a couple things. So we can see, you can set
the time period, and the hosting price 5.95 a month,
but you can see now bill 71.40. So this is what I was talking about. I get the 5.95 a month pricing
if I pay for a full year. So a full year of hosting, 72 dollars. They have a website file
transfer for free, meaning if you already have a website,
excuse me, somewhere else and you want to switch
over to them, just let them know and they’ll do it for you. I don’t do the SG site scanner,
if that’s something you want to do, I mean it’s only 19, 20
dollars a year, by all means go for it if it makes you
feel a little bit more safe. Let’s do Pay Now. Now, you’ll receive a welcome email and the welcome email has a lot
of different instructions, so we’re gonna start a
new website, and please choose software or install WordPress. Now if you went through the
managed WordPress hosting, I think it automatically
just puts WordPress on there so you don’t have to go
through this, but I figured some people might actually
choose this hosting option so I wanted to go
through the full process. And I’m gonna type in all
this and I’m not gonna let you see it, so again
I will be right back. Alright, so click on
this, complete the set up. And, when I was saying that
getting the website up makes you feel official, that’s
not be clowning you. Just because I know this is
like a big step for you to take, and it’s not the same as buying
a brick and mortar business and opening your store, but I
can see how it has that same feeling, right, like it
kind of makes it real, like oh I’ve committed
myself to this, so, yeah. So I’m gonna go into My Accounts. And we see we have Wedding Vox here, and let’s go to Admin Panel. So here’s the issue, and you maybe think oh well, what’s going on? Well the issue is, where
I’m hosting the domain. So I have the domain
over here in, it’s not pointing to the
name servers for SiteGround. And so when I click on that,
it’s just a lot of technical jargon that you probably
don’t need to know about. So I need to figure out what
is the DNS for SiteGround? And then when I get that
DNS I can plug it into here, and then I’ll probably
have to wait a little bit, and then everything should be
fine on this side of things. So let’s see if I can
just find it real quick. So yeah let’s do SiteGround name servers. Information and settings. Now, you would not have
to go through all this. Okay so there we go, account
DNS that’s what we want. So I’m just gonna copy
that, let’s edit this, put that one there, and that one there. We’re gonna delete that one. Okay so now what this is
telling the web browser is, okay when you type in is has to find out where that’s being hosted,
and it’s hosted with an IP address, and then so
it’s saying the IP address is on SiteGround and it
goes back to SiteGround and you get all that fancy stuff. Whew, okay. So in a couple minutes it should go through and we should be good. But what I want to do is,
I want to go to cPanel. And with cPanel what I want, is I want to install an SSL certificate. And the reason why you want to install an SSL certificate, one
is for security reasons, and two is because Google
likes secure sites. So what’s an SSL certificate? SSL certificate just means
you get the little lock. So we can see here we have the lock up here, that’s what you get. So instead of your domain
being http whatever your domain it’s gonna be https your domain. So we want security, Let’s Encrypt. And we just want the Let’s
Encrypt SSL and Let’s Encrypt is free, which is awesome,
and it’s awesome that SiteGround offers it, so
as you can see it wasn’t that difficult to get all set up. It’s to my installation queue, so we should be rocking and rolling shortly. Okay let’s test the website and see if we got it pointed there yet, and see? So we got it pointed. And when you went
through that whole set up you should know your
username and password, so I’m not gonna show you mine yet. As you can see, it says
website not secure, just because the SSL certificate
hasn’t been installed yet with SiteGround, it’s in the
installation queue but it’s not installed yet, that’s why you
get this website not secure. So, I guess we can log in. Alright, so you can go through
this nice little starter, and it’s pretty cool here
that they have themes. We’re definitely gonna use a free theme. I don’t want to go
through the whole set up of a paid theme and
having to search for that, let’s just start with a free one. Because this is actually gonna
be a site about weddings, maybe they have cool wedding ones here. But I don’t want an actually
wedding site, this is a blog. But it’s gonna be heavy with the pictures. So, maybe they have a cool, and I think theme selection
is one of those things where it’s kind of your personal
preference, right? You gotta feel it and be
like oh okay, I like that. Not a big fan of that one. Let’s just see if we can
find a basic blog theme. So we’ll see how this one looks. And as you can see, this is
me doing it live, you know, otherwise I would definitely
know what I want to run. This one looks totally fine right now. There are some adjustments I
will need to make, which is good because you get to see
how I would do all that stuff. And with WordPress you can change the theme anytime you want. Design you’ve chosen comes
with sample data that is abled by Elementor, in order to
keep the sample data including all the pages and overall look
and structure of the site’s design we will install
Elementor on your site. Don’t need this, don’t need a calendar, and I’m not gonna go with Jetpack. Let’s do that, let’s do that, and I’m not gonna do Opt In Monster. And so this is kind of like
the cool thing with web hosting nowadays and WordPress, it’s
not you needing that much technical knowledge, you
really just have to read and sometimes you do have to look up stuff to see how things are done,
which is fine, but I don’t want you to think of my gosh
you’re asking me to create a website, there’s so
much technical knowledge that I need to have,
and that’s not the case. So, the couple of plug-ins
that we install, this is gonna install Monster Insights,
which is just going to allow us to see our Google Analytics,
and we’ll have to get Google Analytics set up, Optimize for SEO is gonna be Yoast SEO, let’s
actually go to the dashboard. And this is where you have
the WordPress, and it’s, I don’t want you to get
overwhelmed by looking at this because a lot of the stuff you really don’t need to know at the beginning. So first thing that I
always like to do, I always just like to jump into
settings and permalinks. And what is a permalink? Permalink is basically
the URL for your post. So we can see by default it
has dated names like this. So if I write a post it’s gonna be, the
year, the month, the day and then what they call the slug. That’s too long, for SEO purposes you want to go with post name. So let’s do that. So we’re gonna save that. Then we can go in General,
and you have My Blog, it’s not My Blog it’s Wedding Vox. So making that perfect wedding happen. Alright. And let’s just check out the plug-ins. So, just because you have
this plug-in installed doesn’t mean you have
Google Analytics installed. And if we go to settings
you’ll see what I mean here. So I need to connect Monster Insights to my Google Analytics, but first I need to create a Google Analytics account. And if you just go to it’ll be an easy set up process. Obviously since I already have an account, it just automatically logs
me in, and what I can do here is create a new property,
so we’re gonna do Wedding Vox, and eventually
it’s gonna be https once the certificate installs. Select industry, we’ll just
do Arts and Entertainment. Get tracking ID. Alright so we have the tracking ID there. Let’s connect to Monster Insights. As you can see I have a lot
of accounts going on here. We’re gonna allow. And we want to do, hopefully
it’s in alphabetical order, it’s not, there it is,
complete connection. Now I’m gonna be honest
with you, I don’t usually use Monster Insights for my Google plug-in but because SiteGround
made it easy just to get it set up that’s what I’m going with. I’ll have the link below with the plug-in I do use, and it’s very minimal. So, and there we go. By allowing us to track usage
we can better help you, eh no. So these are gonna be your preferences. If you wanna track
clicks, link attribution, affiliate link tracking,
all this kind of stuff, you can go through and learn about it. I’m not gonna cover any of this on here. So let’s just save and continue. I’m not gonna upgrade to pro. And we are all set. And I don’t look at my
analytics within WordPress, I always just go to because then I can get more insights
and stuff like that, but this is one of the cool things about Monster Insights, so if
you like that, awesome. Actually let’s go check
out the website itself. And there we go, and now
I actually have a website. And again there’s gonna
be some adjustments that I want to make, I’m not
gonna do that in this video because I don’t want to overwhelm you. And because I’m doing this on
the fly I really don’t know what adjustments I want to make yet. I probably will want to
enhance the font size, yeah that’s too small for my liking. So those are things
that we’re gonna cover. Don’t worry, I got you covered. And yeah, so if I had been writing posts as I suggested already, then what I can do is just go in and start to plug them in. Add the title, and just
start writing away. And because nobody would
know about this site, because I wouldn’t tell them about it,
I have no problem publishing. Like I don’t write the five to
seven posts before launching and then just not publish
them, I publish them because I want to see how they look on the site, and it kind of gives me a
feel, I like to go through and check out the user
experience, it kind of gives me a feel of like, what the
readers are gonna go through, and again because I’m not
telling anybody about this site, it’s okay that everything is live. Google doesn’t know that I
just automatically created a site, so I’m gonna be a-okay with that. Now what I want to do is I
want to go back to SiteGround and I want to check on the
status of this SSL certificate. Alright, so it says it’s on
there, so how we can check is,
and fingers crossed. Yep there we go, now we have a
site with SSL attached to it. And next one I can do is
go to settings, general and just add that s right there. Save those changes, and it kicks you out and makes you want to log in again. And there we go, we have a website set up, you can choose anything you want. If you want to look for more
themes, I might actually look for a different theme,
you can search for free themes, you can do just, I mean, there’s
so many different options that you can do, it’s awesome. WordPress is great, it can be
a little challenging to learn, just because there’s so
much you can do with it and it’s very flexible, but again I don’t want you overwhelmed with it. Worst case scenario
just start with the very default theme that
WordPress offers and just see how that works for
you and then over time you can always install
any theme that you want. Yeah, so there we go, whew. Alright, time for me to go to bed. And oh look at that, see, see? I knew it, my body was telling
me it’s time to go to bed and the lights dimmed out for me. Alright so, hopefully that
helps you get your site set up and tomorrow let’s bang out
a couple more things, okay? See you later.

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  1. Very excited to see what you will be sharing today. A really wonderful series of videos for anyone starting out on this journey. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Scrivs, this video makes me want to create another blog from scratch. Or at least think about starting a a blog in a different niche. Thanks for the insight into building an online business.

  3. That was again a very sound presentation of a complete site installation. Actually very quick with all the guiding talk. Awesome! Really cool. i hope more and more people will find this channel. Thank you Paul.

  4. I appreciate you making these videos despite having a lot on your plate. I have accessed your spreadsheet and have created my own. It’s MUCH better than what I was currently doing. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to tomorrow

  5. Hey Scrivs – what's the google analytics plugin that you tend to use instead of the default from SiteGround?

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