Building and testing a ≈$220 “Gaming” PC (CSGO, Rocket League, Doom and more)
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Building and testing a ≈$220 “Gaming” PC (CSGO, Rocket League, Doom and more)

March 26, 2020

Not long ago the people on the official LowSpecGamer
discord decided to have a PC Build contest where different people from the community
competed to get the best value or cheapest PC Build. This gave me an idea, while I am not the best
PC Builder out there there is just something exhilarating about building a computer and
giving it life. So I decided to contribute my own flame to
this fire, and I built this budget PC build that is around $220 or around $260 if
you want to do something silly with it… you will see what I am talking about in a
minute. And when you see this computer you might think
it is a bit underpowered, but with a little bit of LowSpec magic I will show you that
you can get a lot of good moments out of a machine like this. Cool? Let’s start. Links to the build are in the description,
but keep in mind I will be using the prices I payed for these components new, in Europe
and I have transformed the price from Euros to dollars so if you look for these parts
in the US, or better yet.. buy them used, the price is likely going to be much lower. First. For the hearth of our PC I will be
using the AMD 5350, one of the cheapest quadcore CPUs I could find clocked at 2.05 GHz and
with an integrated Radeon HD 8400 / R3 series GPU. Which cost me about 46 dollars. This will be on the ASUS AM1M-A. A motherboard
which has all the ports that we will need and was quite the bargain at around 45 dollars. For memory I will add a single stick of Kingston
4GB ram, valued at around 32 dollars. Since we needed a hard drive I looked for
literally the cheapest HDD in Amazon and ended up with a 22 dollar 320 GB drive. It would
take forever to boot up, update or install anything but… it will do. To power it all up I used something that I
got for another project, a 500 watt iChoose power supply. Although, if we wanted to take
this build to under $200 this would be a good place to start, since the whole build apparently
uses less that 200 watts although… well, you might want to do some research before
buying a cheap power supply. To wrap it up there is this very cheap NOBEL
case that I originally intended to use but we are building a really powerful gaming computer
so why not use something more fitting. This is the Nova TG a case aimed at giving
a gaming feel for a more budget oriented price. I have had this sitting on my desk for a while
and I have been looking for a project worth using it for. You know, this could use some LED lights but…
those are really expensive. But a PC, no matter how good it looks, does
not really matter if you can’t game on it right? So, what can the mighty AMD 5350 do? Let’s start with the obvious. Skyrim on
the lowest settings and a resolution of 1152×648. It does really well without any help. Not exactly
60 FPS but perfectly playable and enjoyable and if you want start removing things to make
it better I got videos for that buuut as I said, it does fine as it is. Although I do want to point out that this
one one cool little CPU. I don’t mean that as an expression, even under load the temperature
never exceed 30º. Low power usage and low temperature, I am really impressed. Right, but maybe you want something a bit
more multiplayer, something to play with your friends. I decided to try Rocket League. It
required a bit of help from the internal resolution scaler, to keep it over 30 FPS but once done
the game performed very well for any type of online match. I did had a couple of intense
online matches with no problems whatsoever. I am often asked to try CSGO on almost every
machine I own and given its popularity I could not ignore it for this computer. And interestingly enough in the same resolution
I was using for Skyrim and minimum settings the game outperformed my expectations. It is worth nothing that this, being an AMD
gpu, even if it is integrated, it subject to the LodAdj trick I showed on my AMD csgo
video, meaning that by adding the right value to register we can drop the quality of the
textures much further that the game usually allows. Interesting that this is possible
on an integrated GPU nonetheless. But those are all a tad old aren’t them?
What if we want to play something a bit more modern. Doom was my favorite action game of 2016,
but its minimum requirements are obviously way over what this machine can offer. However, I have done a couple of videos on
FPS boosting for Doom, and the newest one has a command for reducing shadows that can
be quite game changing. So I set the resolution to 800×600, used all my tweaks and decided
to see if it was possible. So something that I also wanted to add is
that Doom has this fantastic nightmare mode for showing metrics. I have more numbers that
I know what to do with. So now you have alike a complete, full detail of everything that
is happening on this computer while I am playing. Here they come, so if you thought there was
no way in hell you could, like, possibly get close to playing doom in a machine like that,
well… look at me now. It is not perfect but it is definitively playable.
And… that is it… Well… How about that? So there you have, against all odds this budget
computer can game. Sure, there are tons of ways to improve this
build, I am sure you will all be throwing them at me in comments before the video is even
over so I might as well ask you. Let me know, how would you improve this computer? Thank you for watching, and or for contributing
in Patreon so I can continue doing videos. See you on the next one!

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  1. [Obligatory snarky comment on how this price makes no sense and how you could get a better computer at a lower price by dumpster diving]

  2. Any old i5 machine from ebay with a quadcore added with a gtx 750 will probably make your life so much easier… <– Ive done this project with q6600 and my old 7970 🙂

  3. If the am1 socket will using duan-channel memory, this would fucked up your build, but am1 have only single-channel memory, soo you can live with it)

  4. i have done a better pc for the half of the price the configuration is very obious you take a dell optiplex 780 and a 1030 put them togetter and bual, you can even used a 750 ti of a second hand page and get a even better performance

  5. hi Low Sperc Gamer, i need a help, i have alienware m17x r3 gtx 460m and 16 of ram but all my games are very slow, Metro for exemple run in 10fps in midle, help me i need your opinion.

  6. For 130$ CA i got
    6gb ram
    500gb HDD
    GTX 460
    550 watts EVGA alimentation
    Everything work perfectly !
    Dell PC ( 70$ )
    GTX 460 ( 20$ )
    Alimentation ( 40$ )

  7. You’re better off buying a refurbished 2nd gen intel core system, it’s cheaper and performs better with an appropriate gpu

  8. I build my pc using a computer i found in a savers.
    Core 2 Quad Q6600
    It had everything but a hard disk and a gpu so I picked it up for $20.
    Spent $100 on a 750 Ti and $50 on a hard drive and it runs far cry primal high at 1080p with an average of about 45fps

  9. How would I improve this build? using a Q6600 on a cheap LGA775 motherboard with a 7770 would likely have yielded much better results for a similar price.

  10. I got a HP Z400 with a Xeon and RX 460 and 12 GB of RAM for roughly the same price. At $200, look for old workstations imo.

  11. Upgrade a horrible computer for this price would be way better, get a gtx 1050 and maybe a fx 6300 and it would do decent.

  12. hey lowspecgamer what games i can run with

    AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0GHZ
    Palit Geforce GT 210 1GB DDR3
    4GB RAM

  13. -__- i got a pc for cheap at hell from lazada vietnam
    i buy a gt 630 4 gb and pentinum 2.50ghz and250gb for 80$ with csgo perfect playareble evything ;P

  14. u could of done better by alot i have a pc here in US for that much of craigslist with intel i5 and a gtx 1050ti

  15. hmm…220 dollars for a fully new config? yes, i know, the warranty is worth a lot…but not so much in case of processors…4-6 gigs of fast ram is worth the money and up to hd 6870 or gtx 560 or gt 740 near it

  16. Dude wow if you can run doom with that wii hardware man I should be able to run it no problem, just need to learn all the tricks to lowering graphics and increasing the performance

  17. so bad build lol. i bought dell latitude e6420 for 200dollars (laptop) and it perfrom like much better than this

  18. On the date that you made the video the price of that athlon, motherboard and source were half and now even less.

  19. Please just save up some money and buy decent PC parts instead of playing DOOM in potato mode there is noway in hell that was playable GOD my eyes 0.0

  20. Him: How to find Christmas light in the middle of fucking September

    Me: How to find a cheap pc under $20 without an extra $300 as shipping fees

  21. i bought apc worth around 400$ for 200$ all new parts.dont know why they charged me half price nothign was on sale.i have 4gb ddr3 ram 1600mhz,amd a8 7650k radeon r7 APU quad core,ASUS gt 640 2gb,gigabyte GA-F2A68HM motherboard,1tb toshiba 7200rpm and MS 300w PSU.I already had a case and 2 more system fans and im pretty happy with everything,ill buy more ram and a new gpu since the gt 640 is ddr3 adn really slow in certain games

  22. I Founded Parts That I Can Upgrade My Oldest Pc From 2002 With Only 150€ With

    I5 3470

    GT 710 2GB

    2× G.Skill 4GB Ram Stick DDR3

    And I Upgraded The HDD From 80GB To 500GB HDD

    All the parts are founded on eBay

  23. 42$ PSU!?
    13$ you can get one
    BTW I consider the old lights from the chistmas tree free RGB
    Also 100W from a 500W PSU, you can open it an place it's fan in the front of the chasis

  24. Buy an hp compact machine on eBay with i5 2400 and 4gb of DDR3 ram for 50 euros, then add a low tdp graphic card so you don't have to change psu (used GTX 1050ti 75 watt tdp), if you need more ram buy a 4gb ddr3 stick for 15 euro, and if you want more space and speed buy:
    20€ cheap ssd (128/256gb)
    and 500gb used hdd for 10
    (There is a website on where you can buy cheap hard drives for really low price, do an online research)
    Buy also the 1050 ti (or 1050) and ram on the used market.
    Remember this advice when you are building a budget PC:
    Do not buy single components, they cost a lot. Buy pre-built pc or cpu-mobo-ram combo.
    Just search on eBay "i52400 4gb" for results.
    That is a good build for 180-220€

  25. but… doom minimum specs are 8gb of ram, how can you play it on 4gb?? So, this means… i can play it whit 6gb of ram, radeon hd 6470M, intel i5 2430M 2,4 ghz????

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