BUMPING BUTTS IN BUMPER.IO!  [Annoying Orange Plays]
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BUMPING BUTTS IN BUMPER.IO! [Annoying Orange Plays]

August 18, 2019

(Techno music) – [Annoying Orange] Hey Yo it’s A to the O back again with another gaming video. And we are playing some bumper.io I’ve not played this game before We’re gonna be some tutty fruity (inaudible) How do you like that action? Whoa! This is cool Oh, oh it’s like playing bumper cars Nice! (laughs) Oh, and look-it over there! Oh, what are we knocking them into guys? You know what it is. Hot lavaa yeah!! That’s how you do it, you guys. There’s gonna anything
we’re gonna be knocking these guys into it should be hot lava. No water, no mud, no spaghetti sauce, just hot lava. (laughs) Toasty buns hey! Who want’s to get their butts toasted? You do, don’t ya bud? (laughing) Your name is Bud. (laughing) C’mon, I haven’t knocked anybody out yet, I don’t think anybody’s been knocked out. (laughs) We’re just bumper bumping it out. Whoa, that guy’s really big! He’s way bigger than me. How’d you get bigger? Did you knock someone
off and become bigger? Is that how it works? I think that’s how it works Nope nope nope nope. C’mon, I wanna get him off the side. Oh god, Go over the side. (screams) Toasty Buns (laughs) Well, at least my buns are toasted. Okay, so that was not so successful. I didn’t even knock
anybody off the thing yet. Okay, we gotta do this you guys. I’ve got that vitamin C orange skill! Yeah! Oh! (inaudible) I almost got him! I almost got him again! No, uh, YEAH! Got one! (laughs) That’s how you do it! Meow! C’mon meow! You’ve got to be kidding
me, get off the side. (laughs) No! I was killed by an animal! Okay let’s try again! This it pretty fun. I know I’m gonna get better. You better watch out, cause
when I get my skills going you won’t even know what hit you! It’ll be an orange. I bet you know it’ll be an
orange, that’s what hit you. (laughs) Whoa, don’t hit my booty! My booty’s not for hitting BRO! BRO! Come back here! BRO! (laughs) I hit BRO! In the booty. Ooh almost got Reverse. Zultrain. You’re heading on the right track, C’MON! This game’s off the rails! (laughs) Whoa! Oh c’mon, I almost got him again! Please! Go outside! Okay Bruiser. Bruiser, you should go outside. Dip your toes in the water,
you’re not dipping your toes. Ah, speaking of which I just noticed. It’s not hot lava anymore,
you broke the game! You guys, you broke the game! It should be hot lava! C’mon! (laughs) Oh, that felt good! I knocked biggie off. Biggie got jiggy. (laughs) Oh, c’mon! Oh no, this guy’s bigger than me now. Yes, get off! Oh yeah! Mine Kikoolol! BRO! BRO! BRO! (laughs) I knocked BRO! Way off! Oh, it’s just me and Louismag. Louismag! (inaudible) Get off the side, C’mon! Yeah! Orange is the winner, winner! Chicken dinner, duty knocked that friend! Yes! In it to win it, that’s how we do it! That was a good match, let’s do it again! I’m kinda frustrated that place adds after every single level. I would cut that out, but whatever! CrunchyNapkin, that’s a great name! (laughs) WOAH! I got one! Yeah! C’mon come play with the
Orange, he’s a real hit! (laughs) Aw no! Killed by dad. Dad, why’d you do that. Aw that’s so mean. Okay, let’s try it again. Whoa this is a new map, I
haven’t been on this one either. Hey Bouffon! Oi! Oi! (laughs) You guys crazy, always
bumping into each other. Oh c’mon, they don’t want
to go after him again! Oh! There’s Bouffon! Oh, and he’s Boufgone! (laughs) Yeah, we’re feeling good. We got level 2. Oh, no no, no Catalie! Ah! (laughs) You’ve got to be kidding me. Okay, okay that’s alright, that’s alright. I’m still getting the moves,
still getting the grooves. It happens sometimes. Whoa I knocked Bugz over. Whoa! What just happened? Oh no, I got hit by Pirate. Ah he’s after my booty. Yes! I knocked Pirate off. Now you can’t hit my booty anymore. (laughs) You can’t come after my booty. Uh oh! Ah, I got hit by Mars. No! Oh, so close. So close! Yeah! I knocked Mars off. Oh! Oh, two against one. C’mon! Yeah! Wohoo! Orangy he’s the winner, winner chicken dinner, that’s how you do it! Woo! Man that Pirate man he
was driving a thumb boat. (laughs) So how you guys doing today? Elmo, tickle you! I’m gonna tickle you Elmo. (laughs) Oh, no no no, don’t hit me! I’m doing so good, hopefully
you’re doing so good. Don’t even try to knock me off Elmo! Don’t do that, I’m going after Elmo. YES, I got Elmo! (laughs) You so ticklish! Rubbin’
your armpits with liquorish! (laughs) Is that what everybody does? Hmm, that’s what Elmo uses for deodorant. (laughs) Alright, who wants some? You want some? C’mon Rainbow. You goin’ over, oh Rainbow! Yes! I got Rainbow! I didn’t get any bigger! What? I guess I must’ve
bounced him off somebody. Whatever. Failure! You’re wow, okay nevermind. (laughs) Uh oh! Legenda-Oh no! No! Don’t bounce! Knocked Failure off. Oh, I’m so close! Everyone is teaming up on me, because I’m the big guy on campus! Yeah! Oh, you like that huh? How ’bout these parkour
skills! You got parkour skills? Nope? Yeah! No! Oh everyone’s going up against me! Oh! That was so close. I gotta say, that’s the right idea guys, but you’re going up
against the wrong orange! Yeah! Look at that! Lookie, lookie, who got that cookie! (laughs) Man, I could play this all day! I love .io games! Don’t you guys? I mean like Bumper.io,
Snake.io, Flip.io, Burp.io! Oh! That’d be a good one! Where you just run around
burpin’ in each others faces, and knock them off the edge or something. That’d be awesome! If there could be any kind of
.io game that you could pick and choose, what would you pick? What would you want it to be? Why hasn’t anyone made Orange.io yet? I mean c’mon! You’re sitting
down on the job, c’mon! Everyone want’s to be an orange. (laughs) Hector. Oh! Hector goes off the side, and now he’s merely a spector. (laughs) ChickenDips! Yeah you’re
going over ChickenDips. I’m ‘gon get you! (laughs) Oh, I almost got him! Oh yeah just keep staying in
the middle of these two here! (laughs) Just keep bouncing off each other. Yeah! I like this tactic I got going on. C’mon Jimmy you’re getting my way Jimmy. Jimmy! Jimmy ruined it! Geez! Aw, ChickenDips won. Aw, I let ChickenDips win. That sure ain’t fly. (laughs) Actually ’cause chicken can’t fly. See ya later buddy. He went over to the side. What are you thinkin’. (laughs) Oh, Bugz are in the water! (laughs) This is pretty good, this
is starting up real good. See ya later Pirate. That’s right you’re not getting my booty. Nobody is BRO! (laughs) Hey BRO! WOAH that was awesome! See ya later BRO! Whoa, Waffle’s. C’mon stop waffleing around,
and let me hit ya in the booty. Yeah! See ya later. Oh, Waffle’s just as big
as me who’s gonna win? Oh he’s running away, Waffle’s scared. You runnin’ scred Waffle? You crazy! Ah! Yeah! Orange is the winner. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Yeah! I got excited that was awesome! Bring on the next round,
’cause orangy is ready! It’s time for another fantastic (inaudible) NO! Why? I was killed by Lord Horror. Why? That’s scary. (laughs) Well cool, it’s a figure eight. Oh CrunchyNapkin is over, yeah! I love that screen name,
that’s a great screen name. CrunchyNapkin. What if I just kinda sit in the middle? Ah nah. Oh yeah it’s an Ewok! Whoa, almost knocked an Ewok off the side. C’mon, oh! Baguette! You know what you couldaguette. Baguette. Oh yeah! Oh yes, got another one! (laughs) Oh my God this is crazy! I can’t believe I haven’t fallen off yet! Oh yeah, c’mon! I wanna get this big guy out of here. C’mon! C’mon! Yeah! Whoa! Tightrope walking! Oh I can’t believe I won! I love it after I win just spinning it. Keep spinnin’ it to win it ya know? You know how it goes. Ah, this is so much fun! Oh! See you later Empress. You definitely didn’t impress. Me! (laughs) Bacon. Bacon in the booty. Oh I got ’em too! Oh c’mon Bacon booties! Oh I keep missing him just barely. Silly Bacon, he’s baking in the heat. Bakin’ in the heat what a tasty treat! Oh see ya later, No! I knocked myself off. I was killed by meat. It’s not everyday that, that happens. (laughs) Alright, who wants some, you want some? You ‘gon get some! Okay, nevermind. (laughs) Let’s try that again. That last time did not work out so well. Where is everybody? Oh you’re all going over here huh? Oh, we’re having funky fun over here. C’mon start knocking people. Okay, finally hit somebody. Geez took me a little bit. See ya later! (laughs) Oh you’re going off the side too! Yeah! It feels so good! ChickenDips! Feels so good! ChickenDips! ChickenDips has chicken lips. Hey! Oh no!! I was Killed by Bouffon! Or Bafon? Or purple nurple! (laughs) Hey it’s Katy, Katy Purry! (laughs) I was too busy laughing at Katy Purry. Alright let’s try this one more time. We have time for one more game. Unless I get knocked off right away, then we’ll have time for two more games. Yeah! Hey, hey Bouffon. You got nothin’ on Orange. Get off! Whoa, whoa, no no no! Oh no, look at Bouffon. Yes, I was the one to knock Boufoon over! Now I got all of his powers! (laughs) Look at this guy, he sprung a leak! Legendary! More like
falling of the ledge right? Am I right? Oh, I just keep stacking! Uh oh, where’s Waldo. He’s over the edge! (laughs) Wohoo! Orangy winner, winner,
chicken dinner once again! Alright, this is a
pretty fun game you guys. Thanks so much for watching. Make sure you do everything. (Inaudible) Till next time, lata pataers. (Techno music)

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  1. I would like island io it would be were you try to stay alive on an island against multiple people and you try to be the last person alive

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