Burnie Vlog: Machine Gun Helicopter
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Burnie Vlog: Machine Gun Helicopter

October 14, 2019

B: Alright explain what we’re doing E: Are we still gonna do it? [Song: Go to Sleep 6 – Gareth Johnson] B: Alright, well right now I’m backstage at the- GameStop managers conference which is a big- Uh ,national show that you probably gave some managers in Las Vegas So this is what local Las Vegas looks like behind the scenes this massive, massive auditorium that has like five or six thousand seats. I was the host for the first day. My hosting duties are over. Today the host is Troy Baker and then tomorrow [Shh] It’ll be Kevin Pereira. They’d like to try to keep it a secret so- But Ashley and John are here. They do the interstitial hosting segments between all the big stuff. and I was coming out to support them, but yesterday was a lot of fun It’s uh- It is tough. You can see how big this room is Going all the way back up there to the stage It is interesting to you know do monologues and hosts for five to six thousand people It’s stand-ups not a thing that I did very early in my career Actually I started it just a couple years ago The first thing I did for stand-up was for kind of funny Live 2 and really enjoyed it It’s really weird to be on a stage and not have anyone to play off of except for the audience and there’s like this dynamic with the audience of like winning them over Losing them winning them back. That kind of thing so it’s it’s fun. It’s really hard I got a lot of got a lot of respect for people who are able to do stand-up on a regular basis it is a scary skill to develop for sure They’re about to let the GameStop managers in there’s about 5,000 of them And they roll up these big barricades and when they do that It’s like everyone just comes storming in it’s almost like with a dam breaks, or a wall comes down in a zombie apocalypse [Song:] E: So here I was thinking that we were going to a shooting range -that my first experience of firing a gun would be like you know your regular handgun B: Sure, you’re gonna start with basics, right? Yeah, no, we’re going to take you up to the levels. E: So we’re going in this guy?
B: That’s right. E: Just in case like the apocalypse we like managed to get a helicopter to pick them off on the ground. B: Right So Ellie is my assistant and I determined after I hired her that I didn’t really assess her skills properly I realized that she’s with me all the time so she’s the person who’s most likely to be next mean they’ll aim for the apocalypse So now we’re taking Ellie through all the training she will need to protect me as a bodyguard in the apocalypse Other: Got your back, huh?
Burnie: Thats the plan.
Other: Nice, nice. E: This is amazing Thank you to Machine Guns Vegas, for giving us this experience. This is incredible. B: You guys were talking about me, right? E: So petite, Burnie. So small I like this like little training helicopter. Pilot: So we’re going to help you guys get in and out the aircraft. If you ever have to get out without our assistance for whatever reason, try to use the side with no doors, it’s a lot easier. Other: Just get out.
Pilot: You’ll get out. Whatever way, you can kick the windows out if you have to. You guys definitely want to stay away from the rear of the aircraft The rear have some of the most dangerous part of the helicopter. You got the tail rotor that spins- So fast you can’t even see with the naked eye, so that’s the most dangerous part. Definitely, if you have to get out without our assistance, stay away from the back- try to go forward. Try to stay within my field of view at all times If you guys are exiting, try not to walk up slope, you can close distance between your head and the spinner real quick If you want to see an example, look it up on youtube. It’s happened before. Other: I’ve seen it. B: Really? You’ve seen it in person? Yeah Pilot: So gun’s gonna be kind of right here And there’s a little step you guys can see it’s gonna be out here these Lanyards that are gonna hook to your climbing harnesses are ready for over 6,000 pounds of falling force They’re hardwired to the helicopter so Get nice and comfy you lean out put your foot out on You’re short little Pop-up it’s all out of gun you guys want to shoot full auto just do a long You know long what pretend. You’re in a- I don’t know- B: Pretty cool E: Ready B: So we do a lot of stuff that’s a little nuts But the stuff that we do sometimes is dangerous and Ellie Actually when we were coming out of the helicopter. I’m not sure what happened but She ended up on the ground and it like in her head on these – you know- Massive rock, so you know the stuff. We’re doing is definitely fun luckily these guys are trained, one of them particulars a combat medic so she’s in good hands but they’re going to check her out You know, it’s serious stuff so- Let’s go see how she’s doing E: Did you want to keep going? B: Yeah, she hurt herself so it was just like- B: You okay?
E: Yeah B: I’d been saying- I was talking about it when you were where they were helping you, like when we had to clear out Other: You’re one little less than you used to be.
E: Ew Yeah, look at you have a mole B: What?
E: Gross
B: Well, you’ll see Coming out- coming out the thing is… E: That was so awesome
B: That was awesome, right?
E: That was so awesome. E: I-uh- it was like a point of no return where I was like, well this is happening now Other: Yeah I was starting to turn around but then I saw you like stuck to the ground and I was like ‘Oh my god’ Other: Let’s do it! B: How you doing, Ellie?
E: I’m good. B: Are you good?
E: Yeah I got a bump… but- I shot a machine gun out of a helicopter. So that’s kind of taking precedent right now B: Yeah
E: Yeah, that was so cool. B: That’s a- shooting the machine gun out of the helicopter is definitely the takeaway from today E: Absolutely

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  1. So Burnie clearly had just had blood drawn at the start of the video, and at the end Ellie's elbow looked like she had a bruise from having blood drawn too. Why would you need to have blood drawn to shoot a gun and fly in a helicopter?

  2. So you're basically going on all kinds of awesome trips with your young hot assistant, and your excuse is we're just preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I don't know how you pulled that off but kudos to you sir

  3. Here's my probably unpopular opinion. I don't like seeing Ellie in every vlog video nowadays. I preferred when there was some more variety to the vlogs. Now it's just like someone who commented before me said the 'Burnie and Ellie Show.'

  4. Ellie's Apocalypse Plan. Step 1, knife Burnie (you don't need that dead weight). Step 2, use skills to become supreme leader of the waste

  5. Is Burnie hunting for a potential husband/wife/smizmar for Ellie?? Just sayin' because I can't see how anyone wouldn't fall for this girl!

  6. Guess who got lost in the dark side of youtube when the guy says you can find "those" videos on youtube. My adwise: don't search that stuff

  7. I'm a good ol' southern boy who was lucky enough to make friends with a gunshop owner so I've shot everything from an m80 to barret 50. cal but damn if it doesnt make me a tad jealous you got to fire out of a warbird

  8. I quit on the wrong year… It'd be fun to see you there, but good Lord is that company terrible to its employees now. I beg you to disassociate yourself with GameStop. They care nothing of their employees.

  9. I can't wait to see what happens at the 1 year mark when she asks for a raise and the look over her "job skills" again,

  10. "Some times we do danger things" – so if you own a helicopter equipped with a machine gun, try not to fall over.

  11. I feel like Burnie secretly has the rights to Ellie's biography and all this hype stuff they've done is to boost sales when it comes out.

    I know I'd buy it as is now!

  12. Oh dear. Burnie been putting on some timber again. I blame Ellie, probably finding him too many good spots to eat. Good assistant… bad assistant!

  13. Her falling from the helicopter made me think of Black Hawk Down. Blackburn super motivated to go to combat falls out of helicopter before ever getting to combat. Glad she's okay though.

  14. If Ellie ever wants to get American citizenship, I'm pretty sure she can now just submit this video as her official application.

  15. Burnie you have advanced one step further onto your your demise. Ellie will kill you with these newly acquired skills one day.

    Game of Thrones has taught me much.

  16. Loving the Ellie Upgrade series :p so cool – glad she was ok in the ed (Y) number 1 thing. HOWEVER – shooting a full auto machine gun from a HELICOPTER is freaking AMAZING!!

  17. Is that a Chvrches T-shirt? That's cool. I kinda get the vibe that Ellie and Lauren would have the same kind of personality.

  18. Man, i wish i was your assistant/bodyguard lol. Now she needs to learn combat rolls to avoid anymore falling injuries 😉

  19. What makes Burnie think Ellie is going to protect him when the Ish hits the fan. As soon as the Apocalypse hits, Ellie now has the skills to kill Burnie and take over all of his possessions. LOL

  20. While watching the video: Eh, pretty cool. They get to shoot out of da choppah.
    After checking out the package on the site: IT COSTS WHAT!?!?!

  21. Damn, that look that Nat is giving Ellie is intense. 8:27 If she were super girl she'd be burrowing a hole into the back of her skull with her laser eyes.

  22. It's "Dangerous & Serious stuff" what a joke ha ha ha. Dude she is clumsy an fell from a 3 foot step down… Stupid dramatic Burnie is a girl lol. A heli is less likely to crash then a car by far. It's not a combat zone, targets don't fire back. It's all very safe just don't miss step…

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