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Business Project Management Tool That Grows With You- Wrike – Free Accounts

August 12, 2019

Hi Taylor here with Financial Potion where
video is your Financial Potion. Every Friday at 5pm we provide you a new video
marketing tip video to help you be more successful. This week is a general business tip to help
you stay more productive and on top of your projects. Utilize a free project management tool that
can be everywhere you are. We personally use For the level
in which we use it, the account is completely free. Each client, and that means even ourselves,
you need to be your own client to get internal work done, is given a project, and then inside
those projects are tasks or other categories. In there we always have a contact information
“task”, and “follow up” tasks. Inside the follow ups we always note process
and then in bold leave notes for the next steps. You can star your most important or most active
clients or projects so they are at the top of the list. As you grow you may choose to purchase one
of their higher levels, where you can invite more users, and even track their project work
ours with “timelog”. It’s a really great system that can grow
with you. At Financial Potion we’re here to help your
business grow in an effective way through video, and Wrike just lets you stay effective
with your projects. Please subscribe to never miss a quality tip,
visit our Patreon page for more perks and stay engaging!

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