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CABIN CREW Q&A | سؤال و جواب مع مضيفة طيران الجزء الأول

December 12, 2019

before i start the video, please subscribe to my channel and press the bell today is requested video my fans talk with me about video Q&A VIDEO FOR CABIN CREW if you have any question about cabin crew you can send it to me on my facebook page so today i will take some of your time to answer the questions if you want to understand more about cabin crew life question number one how to join aviation academy ? alaa answer him said you have to pay i can’t read it ahahahahaah I think he says like monopoly this is totally wrong if you want to be pilot there are so many schools in Africa , USA , Jordan in Europe depends on where u want to study and prices between 50.000 euro to 60.000 this is to be pilot not cabin crew for more info, i will post another video i was talking with aviation academy i will publish the video soon i will make you see ur self what did the school said to be pilot and what are the rules which airlines accept veiled ? in my website you will find all info you will find this topic with all details you will find the link in the description box the second question is should I join academy to be cabin crew and what if i wear glasses no you don’t have to join academy if you don’t want you can apply directly to the company but if you want to have more info about this field before you join any airlines you can for sure join the academy and take a course about the glasses don’t worry you can be cabin crew with them no problem mira: ask when i will publish this video Now , i hope you like it how to apply for legal banshee officer in airlines or accountant it’s fine you apply online in the company website you will find careers every airline have 2 website the official website for booking and the second website for careers you search in google like the company name+careers search you will find all the careers in the company you will apply and then the airlines will send you an invitation or interview is emirates airlines ask for an experience to be pilot of course yes , minimum hours 1500 so if you just finished ur studies and u want to be pilot or you are pilot but u don’t have the hours you can’t apply norhan ask , is cabin crew wearing veiled not having many chances what are the problems faces you when you was cabin crew yes veiled are not so much for cabin crew job but it’s not impossible which is good bec at least there are airlines accept veiled so it’s not impossible, it’s possible the problems at work sleeping , to organize my sleeping time sometimes i have work in the morning , sometimes at night so that makes me tired and it’s normal and also the training, is very tyring after you join the airline you are studying a lot you study too much info if you didn’t work before you being cabin crew and then you left your work as cabin crew can you find another job after? this is one of the hardest things you will face when you leave your job as cabin crew bec after you leave it will be hard bec you don’t have any experience with any different jobs that’s why we say as soon as you are in, you will never get out she ask the same question my hight is 170 and weight 80 you need to lose weight bec you are 170 so your weight should be 70 or less how to do the resume , when when i can apply the resume i will leave link so if you want to do a resume you will find samples you will just take it and edit it and this website name is canva they have so many samples for free you will find the link in the description box i speak Korean which level I should be to be cabin crew i don’t think Arabic go to Korea to be cabin crew it’s hard I never heard it before but if you think like that good but i don’t know Korean airlines rules i studied in aviation academy for cabin crew and also i take courses in human resource can i apply to be cabin crew ? and Will I get priority for work? can i work in dubai if you took course or study that not gives you priority the most important for the company is to pass the cabin crew test and exams anyone can work in dubai there is no problem apply online for emirates airlines and check when they have an open day can i work and study at the same time? yes you can but try to apply for national airlines airlines in your country bec when you join international airlines you will live abroad it will be hard to study and work in a different country plus it will be so hard to take vacation’s to take ur exams bec they only give u 25 days per year , and sometimes they are not after each other so this will be problem to finish ur collage but if you want to do both you can in ur country study and apply for airlines in ur same home country and ask them for exams vacation, they will give it to you and before you work with them tell them this condition i want to take vacations in my exams if they accept work if not don’t work it’s up to you i did the same when i come back home and they accept my condition and i was study and work how to improve my English i took courses and it’s still weak i never studied English in my life that’s why I had grammar mistakes you have to train ur self to be in ur english zone and to learn it ur self listen as much as you can for me i i brought english song’s with lyrics and hear them and i was trying to speak and always listen to them and now i can speak English like how you saw me in my previous videos try as much as you can to hear the language you want to learn i am in high school studying to be a nurse can i be cabin crew if i am nurse yes you can be cabin crew if you want but my advice for you being a nurse is good field IN EUROPE they need so many nurses and if you learn german and you apply to work as a nurse in Germany and you have B2 you can work there you will have good salary and benefits if you don’t want to and u want to be cabin crew u can as long as u pass the company exams u can be cabin crew if i want to be pilot how much money i need and what are the conditions what about the installment system for pilots for pilots The applicant must be paid first for the flying study, and after that you can pay the amount according to your circumstances the minimum The applicant must be paid first for the flying study, After that you can install the amount There are aviation schools with this system and others that reject this system in usa they have this system if you don’t have money to continue you stop studying and you start to work and then you try to pay for ur study the price per hour from 100 to 200 dollar we will talk about pilot’s in different video your feeling for your first fight and how you deal with customers my feeling was my first flight was to Amsterdam and i was so tired bec i graduated the say before from the aviation school for emirates and it was my happiest day in life bec i achieve my goals and my dreams and i was very nice and friendly with the pax and i was lucky bec if its ur first flight especially international airlines your first flight you don’t work much , you just enjoy it you are on board just to be happy the crew serve you , give you food and drinks and then you go visit the cockpit and stay with them so your first flight you don’t work and that’s what happens with me on my first flight and this is one of my happiest flight i will never forget and also the party crew did for me in Amsterdam to celebrate me being cabin crew old days can you tell me good place to learn English i am not good with english so what should i do and if i am not in private school is that effects me i want quick solution i can start with so i can apply soon to know what you miss in the english you need to know there is a difference between accounting English and English for cabin crew so my advice if you want to know what you should learn apply for cabin crew job in any airlines don’t worry if you failed but you will know how the exam looks like so when you fail you will know what you need to learn in English so you will study regardless to the exam you took bec most of the people study different English not the one for cabin crew and private or publish high school there is no difference the most important is to pass the cabin crew exams i have sensitivity but i took medicine and now i am ok for almost a year it’s a chronic disease is there any hope that i can be cabin crew can you tell me of course, i can’t in the medical they will tell you if you can fly or not go do medical check for cabin crew and they will tell you if you are fit you can fly and apply Egypt air only accepts international and language school? yes there is a question they ask me in the final interview what you will do if pax disturb you ? i couldn’t answer and i want to know the answer for this question’s there are stages for disturb and we call it disruptive pax first thing we do when you find this pax on board first we have verbal abuse and then physical abuse and then the Threat of plane security so if it’s verbal and he said something you don’t like when he do this look at him and smile and leave you will go to your supervisor and tell him or her what happened tell him this pax seat number — did that she will deal with him bec if he didn’t listen and went to physical abuse or if she or he touches you we take different procedures and take witnesses and we can put him in jail so we try as much as we can to avoid this stage also the pax knows he will be in trouble so it’s rare if it’s happening and if so don’t take action with his on the spot first talk with your supervisor believe me they will take action’s this is the answer to your question

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